Sunday, May 3, 2015


This AM tears drew to the trough of sands in the time of pause to screams on slant,
the written in the down Up to the sides of the shawl touching speech in the Oceans land,
all Swath tell to the sink of dead to Wards of the spilt on glass G_ds that have scene,
in dids to dones the crawling winds fore ebb tithes on spades to shoveled bye's,
plight of infinity of the submersion of eternity on cope`d.

Grace in the cheeks on sleeved to swells on the seas of waving charters to smile the lime on the grass froth,
see foam to blessed by Sears lane to tier the rocks on the pebbles shroud,
role`ing on the blankets of timbering slept old are the hours of religions on the dogs howling leased.

Reason able decided to castle short the Man shuns to know that it takes a slide on the slippery door,
to Dunes on spice the Ages on method of Operates in the Sole to lone the riddle as poise in tell Lect.,
a branch of the dresser to mirror on waltzed from the shine to the classical bronze.

Statue of limit take stunned cold the boss to charge the Electrics as a keel,
steer quilt to stitched with Sheets and add the pad for The Row Manse,
written worth to Torque the chase as math all subject a cluck.

Chitty chitty Bang bang a good fashioned Fuck to present the wrapping paper a key,
imagine for the moments pea that every foot top is dancing the plank Ton,
a beet with a garden on the trees that have discussed the rib Bawns fire art A Flame shivered,
squirrel to the Side a Nut to An Asset as the I in Aye a Nan knaw is the Creek to rivers preach.

From the glacier to the Earth as the melds of gradual Graduate to the Outer burst,
spackle on the plaster to spread like the Stars again!!

In the glimmer of this dimming switch I post to the Swamp on the bogs that have sunken Treasure,
the leap to the dadder that facts the days to a good Funny as this World has laid burning rub burrs,
the chills on the Yards that tomb of Tiles to longer in spent to duck the Quack as a goose in the ka.

Spear it Shawl a cloak & dagger to the spokes of Wrights on building the Hi Rise to brawl,
in simple know shuns I spur the legs to thunder the Riddle to the Poems of Captain on a founders law,
in list of the Vernacular to the twist in the Tobacco of the stew Gut talk that Ton knoll.

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in canter on the bath a Toke to the Inn and a break for the butters Rumped,
scope to the has Sole in the coordinates I sigh a barn a copious to still it route!!

10 things we didn't know last week News snippets Sliced and diced for your convenience 1 May 2015 From the section Magazine


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1. The sound of rustling tin foil can give cats seizures.
2. People underestimate how much fun they'll have alone, and overestimate how much others even notice.
3. Printing out the entire internet - not including the dark web - would require about eight million trees.
4. Children confined to the middle seat on car journeys grow up to be more successful.
5. Wearing a suit encourages people to think more broadly and holistically.
6. You're more likely to have a "female" brain if your right thumb is at the top when you clasp your hands together.
7. Smart bullets curve their trajectory in mid-flight to hit moving targets.
8. Humblebragging is less effective than bragging.
9. China has more vineyards than France.
10. Tattoos can cause Apple's smartwatch to malfunction, as the ink interferes with the device's sensor.

Payguns Recital Half Ride Hard; The Other Writes Harder And Puts It The`uM Up Whet

The fossil wreck collection on the files of the cat a logged in bash,
towards the lift and the Speak of the thunder in sight,
of for the fire in the cream Nation to car lurch,
a knuckle on the brass for the polish of brass Owe!!

Few turned to recording that Ever made a sound,
on the echo of the forest dead,
clearCuts to groves of shred,
paper trails on the enter Web of loft!!

The breeze be tight the birch as the cliff edge dream,
skate not the frost as the fee is the fiddled cost.

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in the Steeple gone fleets a Soup of potatoes and laughter bugs,
in chap Pelt respond ask the root of the oath,
is the scenery the Worth of the Vain!!

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eye browse to touch and spell Banks that drop lets a gurd,
faxter to tee time well,
a buck for the symbols to the gathering of the dimmer of kites,
floating the burble to Bubble leaped!!

Bling bong a Caustic Tong that bough to the ladder bring,
climb Hi to harvest of plants that soil to door the brake,
in thrush of green to wrought It trousers the Pant A Sticked,
deep into the Vine a wheeze that shatters the severed cleat.

Cogs the drill to Suits that sleep sending galloping Crawls,
vie knoll scratched to the needle in A hey stacked,
behind in the burro of a ride to Tick get Fenced!!

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a crown of Nails with the would on the slip,
arm of Simon said that Voice oh for that Siren on alarmed,
spoke to the tread of the watch on a X to factor the aisle dish point!!

Sentenced to the Micro phone of the brain to the Mind of deep seed,
spreads in the leg to ooze the Come as that is the much on layering ploy`m,
empty to fold Yet skilled with know delight on the bragging Wrights,
ridden in sludge to slacker on the brig Guard of pry Suns flout,
whisper the Wind asking the Cue of the Peter on that bach.

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skull to Cross yards thus a Wig to Nah pole Eons rubic of Cubed.

Wildlife drop 'may empty landscape' ~ BBC News

Wildlife decline may lead to 'empty landscape'
The threatened black rhino
The threatened black rhino
Populations of some of the world's largest wild animals are dwindling, raising the threat of an "empty landscape", say scientists.
About 60% of giant herbivores - plant-eaters - including rhinos, elephants and gorillas, are at risk of extinction, according to research.
Analysis of 74 herbivore species, published in Science Advances, blamed poaching and habitat loss.
A previous study of large carnivores showed similar declines.
Prof William Ripple, of Oregon State University, led the research looking at herbivores weighing over 100kg, from the reindeer up to the African elephant.
"This is the first time anyone has analysed all of these species as a whole," he said.
"The process of declining animals is causing an empty landscape in the forest, savannah, grasslands and desert."
The threatened mountain zebra
The threatened mountain zebra
Prof David Macdonald, of Oxford University's Wildlife Conservation Research Unit, was among the team of 15 international scientists.
"The big carnivores, like the charismatic big cats or wolves, face horrendous problems from direct persecution, over-hunting and habitat loss, but our new study adds another nail to their coffin - the empty larder," he said.
"It's no use having habitat if there's nothing left to eat in it."
According to the research, the decline is being driven by a number of factors including habitat loss, hunting for meat or body parts, and competition for food and resources with livestock.
With rhinoceros horn worth more than gold, diamonds or cocaine on illegal markets, rhinos could be extinct in the wild within 20 years in Africa, said the researchers.
The consequences of large wild herbivore decline include:
  • Loss of habitat: for example, elephants maintain forest clearings by trampling vegetation
  • Effects on the food chain: large predators such as lions, leopards, and hyena rely on large herbivores for food
  • Seed dispersal: large herbivores eat seeds which are carried over long distances
  • Impact on humans: an estimated one billion people rely on wild meat for subsistence while the loss of iconic herbivores will have a negative impact on tourism
The biggest losses are in South East Asia, India and Africa.
Europe and North America have already lost most of their large herbivores in a previous wave of extinctions.

Graves For Rent ~ BBC News Tau

Graveyard overcrowding stokes cremation debate in Greece

George Vlassis flew almost 500km (310 miles) from Athens to Corfu to bury his father, Alexander. His bones had been packed in a tin container after they were exhumed from a graveyard in Zografou in the Greek capital.
"I had to explain to the airport staff what they were going to find inside," Mr Vlassis told the BBC.
After a long journey, he arrived on the island and buried the remains in a private grave in his village. Finally, his father had a permanent resting place.
Mr Vlassis's story is not an unusual one in Greece.
Burial in the country's largest cities has long been a temporary measure. A shortage of land means cemeteries in Athens and Thessaloniki are overcrowded.
There are no crematoria in Greece, so grave space has to be recycled. Authorities rent out plots, and a typical lease lasts three years.
When that period has passed, families are recalled to the graveside to witness the removal of the body from the ground. Although grave rental is not entirely uncommon in Europe, Greece's approach is unique.

Burial in Greece

  • Proportion of population identifying as Greek Orthodox: 98%
  • Graves are rented for 3 years
  • Some permanent plots cost€100k
  • Cremation was legalised in 2006
  • Legislation was amended in 2014
Some of the tin containers used to store remains
Some of the containers used to store bones after exhumations
Relatives can pay to place the bones in a communal storage area known as an ossuary. Others choose to take them to a regional cemetery for reburial, as there is often more space.
If no family member is present at the exhumation, the bones are dug up, dissolved in chemicals and the remnants placed in a common burial plot.
Mr Vlassis sent a representative to oversee the process for him. What unfolded was an experience familiar to many Greeks.
"The body had not dissolved. Can you imagine? It was very upsetting," he said.
"So they said they were going to bury him again in a light layer of earth. When I went back months later the body had decomposed.
"They then put the bones into a plastic box. My own father, in a box."

Strictly forbidden

Mr Vlassis said his father would have preferred cremation, with his ashes scattered at sea. However, Greece is the only mainland country in the European Union without cremation facilities.
Although the practice was legalised in 2006, attempts to build a crematorium have stalled because of objections from local municipalities and the Greek Orthodox Church.
The Church views cremation as a violation of the human body and forbids its members from reducing their bodies to ash.
It means those baptised into the Orthodox faith must diverge from its teachings and travel abroad to cremate their loved ones.
Antony Alakiotis set up the Committee for Cremation in Greece after witnessing his own father's exhumation at the age of 14 and has led a campaign against the country's strict burial regulations.
"For a young person to lose your father and then have to go through this is a very bad experience," he said, speaking from his home in Athens.
"I am 60 now, but that is still the way things are done. You remember it."
Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras greets the leader of Greek church Ieronimos (R) and other orthodox priests before a swearing in ceremony for Greece's new lawmakers in the Greek parliament in Athens February 5, 2015
The role of the Orthodox Church in Greece is enshrined in the constitution
Yiannis Boutaris
Mayor Yiannis Boutaris says he hopes the Church will compromise on the issue in the future
Mr Alakiotis believes cremation would not only alleviate overcrowding in graveyards, it would also reduce financial pressures on families.
"It would be a cheaper option for people. To pay for a grave for three years is around €2,500-3,000. Cremation would be half that."
The BBC approached the Greek Orthodox Church for a comment, but it has not received a response.

Final wishes

The Mayor of Thessaloniki, Yiannis Boutaris, is also keen to see an alternative to the "unpleasant and inhumane" rental system.
Last year he successfully petitioned the environment minister to amend legislation and remove restrictions over where crematoria could be built.
"The latest version of the law makes it possible for crematoria to be built outside graveyards, paving the way for their creation.
"We're looking for the suitable plot of land and, of course, we're looking for ways to finance the whole project."
The Church's governing Holy Synod condemned the change in the law as an attempt "to remove faith from every aspect of life".
Priests have been instructed not to conduct funeral ceremonies for anyone opting for cremation.
However, Mr Boutaris is determined to press ahead with his plans and says Thessaloniki will have a fully functioning crematorium by 2016.
The mayor lost his own mother earlier this year and decided to cremate her abroad. He sees the construction of a crematorium as a democratic issue as much as a practical one.
"At stake is the freedom of disposing your body," he said. "A choice, a freedom, similar to donating your organs."

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