Saturday, March 15, 2014


Composure of remand,
a cautionary scale,
the assumptions that are made,
the you and not what's gave.

Presently served plate lets,
the ever remedy with no regret,
the casual of no show,
produces only seed.

The growth of what is planted,
a potted sort of tree,
the roots of merely spoken,
created what is soaked-in.

Should the whale whisper,
I'm drowning in the pain,
would the drill be drifters,
that drove in further disdain?

As what differs letters,
the Poet or the Debtor,
a point to only listen,
crosses all the better.

Retention of a memory,
the Ancient pact of semblance,
does not regard the guilty,
as more than just what's filthy.

An avid reader places,
understanding on the faces,
what is never seen,
defines more than erases.

The Bar Of Post-Tenders ~ Computations

To support not complete,
each life should be a lead.

The Answer upon Anew.
The cycle will sort the do of breath,
an In & Out or Exited Plight,
the bitter taste of Ancient Days,
no line to follow through?

An aspect Cause,
a chill in pause,
the Rock -n falling stews,
why the trip of Pits & Falls,
if Deuce was such bad news?

The fumbled Mass of Life or task,
a thousand years reviewed,
millennium packs and sewn into,
the stacks of shale Blue.

A far off mire,
a met require,
the question never asked,
the purchase of the math,
will add to every laugh.

The chuckle in the corner,
behind my back in pass,
the glares of disapproval,
I speak to owning that.

A cocktail in mixed,
the Olive soaking pickle,
the cream in every Chocolate,
the bitten had sum mail.

Red hots in read,
by posting cards of sent,
the beckoned ocean filled,
with raindrops of just spilled.

Beginning will not waste fragments,
define the signs within,
the Book of Tasks revealed,
that I had only been.

A World from start to finish,
discovery welcomed cage,
the bars of days still offer,
the turning of the page.

Music heard was not a verse,
a fanciful introduction,
a quantum leap to only be,
the receipt of an earlier seduction.

No guarantee in what I see,
People love the failure,
the jest or smirk of you're a twerp,
an easy way to symbol,
impossible without a Kindle.