Saturday, August 12, 2017

Music Is Not Jazz Or Rock-N-Roll Plus An Octave To Equal Orchestras As The Drum

The read Onion oh forth the Facts,
a good stop to the start,
great fashion on the Barbary Coast to the reality of the Butcher in the Tenderloin,
as what is the trend of 'Walking the Beat' as a memory Feat,
it is the truth of navigated and that is just too!!

To Downtown from Union Square,
loving the best and not the best of is to understand life,
treasure is that hug,
the conversation,
the dream!!

How I wonder that speak to The Rock,
a fantastic walk 'round the halt made a Man the communication today normalized for my Mind,
it is the country at a Tent of what is the spiral,
to that is the facing of what is a song,
sing lyrics and the list of listening made tears run my cheek inside,
for it was that chin,
I know of those that have been Shark'd by society so well that I still cry in real now,
be of nature and not design.

This World is full of judges and the courting has blistered curbs to say the corner,
side waist is not an oh shin to reach,
for me it is the real eyes that pain drains from each step,
I coffee and the sugar is not the cream of what the United States did,
it is just conversation to the blind and healing to the lame horses,
a bit of rest touches more than that double bridle with rein,
is the girth, the saddle and mostly the event.

I am a three-day Eventer,
I have been a Hunter-Jumper,
I ride Dressage,
and the roads and tracks that were taken out of the eventing world is still the conditioning,
without that the horse is unable to do Cross-country,
for the hills are not mountains however the step to hooves makes riding,
be of that in the nature of work,
success will not be,
as the self is the steam in no mirror,
it is the breath that a cool morning delivers,
it's the mist.