Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Shadow Council

Sadistically Cruel,
 the Narcissist will pursue,
there seems 'No Rescue',
targeted for Life,
just creating more strife.

Know Fight

I had hoped that silence,
would end their relentless attack.

I thought Distance,
would offer me that comfort,
I thought Time might Heal,
a Lie!!

The Malignant Narcissist,
continues to harm,
they just do not like to lose, 


Long before I began to write,
I sat down with my Mother, 
Stepfather in tow,
I made this request;

"Please stop your attack, give it a rest."

I spoke frankly,
in their Drawing Room,
I gave my address,
I proposed a mutual ending,

"This is your Life. These have been your decisions. 
I would just like to 'Get Along' and not suffer what I believe was wrong."

Composed and without thought,
my Stepfathers Plot,

"Your Mother and I have no idea what you are speaking about."

Such a common Theme,
for so long,
denial has been their song,
it used to Steam me,
as my Stepfather spoke of such things I.E.,

"I never beat you.  We never hurt you. You have just made it all up, the Devil has you!!"

Freely I Seek,
what I know to be,
the Evidence is inside of me,
I embrace myself so I may know,
someday I'll be O.K.,
maybe all of the shame will just go away.

Free of their lies,
I am left with the truth,
'My Lives', 'My Why's',
and all of my goodbyes,
intact I'm black.

I try to find 'Reason' for my Life,
in the 'Difficulties' I embrace a Challenge,
in the strife I engage Change or a Choice,
in sadness I see ability,
in 'Thought' I find relief,
a sort of meeting with the Mind.

I 'Know' that I chose this Life,
I wanted to know something;

"What is Evil?"