Friday, December 11, 2015

Would It Come As Act^Tore, Act^Shin Or Inside A Speak Easy Of 'Why Does A Horse Crib?'

The text on the Preview of a screen on the lets See tell A Phonics on the observance of Truth,
watched a Movie with the basic Land ping on the NASA fraction,
a term of steer from the Moon yet on that the song went to touch the People from,
at the purpose of Introduction was the thermal on the Theater to that compass of directive on Scripts.

So as the Threads ran with a language that described a state of Identification while questions flew,
lab Coats and doctrine.

Does the Tunnel Vista of Hover Craft on the tube put to the plates a license of ad dress,
square to the Para dawn to bring the Enveloped,
letters to plural a reality in the Hand??,
not the bells and Whistles just the Fax to signs of glory Fills.

In certain Panes on the RR a station of Training frost,
as the drive to the sit Tee is of placed Form,
on each take to that Reel Film on the Projector,
is it Mirrors and decks or that arm of the 1970's Route,
subject matter of commercial throughout that bread & Circus of Crickets roost??

Decide delivers what is Nautical??,
that deep Vineyard or the taste of the Wine its Self,
should roof Thought be of lane does the echo bellow Chim chin a Roo??,
can that language of the simple burst Complicated for that Toll??,
across the great divide is no jump just smashing divide on the English of act Cented on seep.

Soak in Hosed to swim the nigh Lawn??,
Water Fountain branches,
willows and Frogs??,
told Stools with that Barside Pools napkin??

Truth be known the sell phone today has had a New venue cold,
van it Tea with a sauce^sir serving Trades on choice Been dure,
the drink of a vocal Shake^Key shifts to the Times,
plus that Extra Extra hot Chalk lets Symphony,
flights of Freeze or Tripe on baskets of Feather??,
is the Muster over the Sit^Tee??,
should the Opt^shin be little the Cause is a Library of filing,
course the Tax ease of a bolt of light kneeing the gracious have what type Front??
the burr owe is Well scene in a per Form hence Silents of the lambs,
gee Whiz call the Question and the Answer is a skittle??,
or quiet Possibly the barn of Stability saying that the Crib of nature is speaking Clue to Awe tsk Tick whispering glued.

Coca-cola Defines Pep^Sea's Ingredients

Lob^be language Arts the fact page to the Picture on the words to Oh Shins of Feat on the Times,
in these multiplied Mugs of the cough In the grinds are Hour to the Clocks of hand Doles,
slip Per read on a Script Introduction of the Dock ewe Mints,
what is Truth once rust Tee on the Awe^full Now that Common,
dialing the Sigh key.

Should the Shake key Farm a suit a Call,
is the Pigeon on the burr Owe??,
ask the Mill it Tree??,
just an Opt shin??,
the Some of worth may Ad soap to the Per script Shins at That speech,
an In Vase^shin??,
but that would be the Pronunciation on the Guttural. 

Ewe Knee Verse Sole??,
whirled Piece treat^Ease?? mountain Valley on that burst of Treat^Tee??,
quite possibly its the tend Dent see.

In strum Meant toll for the bridge that Building on the corner Count of Are pea IM's,
what is It on the Need^Dull??,
must be simple Once a Pawn a Story,

More ask Que`d finding that the Game is in Back to basically the Product revolution too final^eyes, 
tax Ease to Checkers owe for the Fair with Humanity on the stair,
inks that write the A knock Ewe lei Shins??,
muster for the Flew??,
saying Chorus brae of Dye ug Knows Is the Flute??,
read Wine barrels & Pick calls.

Just a Taro bowl these Days on the Tear^A^Bulls of am bass a Doors,
dip Lo Mat tick with a Proper state of Watch on the Timex of the Wayne's Coat??,
skill Saws shifting gears talking to the blades of grass on the Moan??,
trades on the dye A beet Tease thus the dye Ah bet Tick to that Flash Bulb head Lamps and Tune!!

Cheers! Touching The Mill^Yen Year Context Of A Lend To Eh Sign Kneeing!!

What a dreaming night in the Mid of this Oracles love of Understanding the vs,
shallow graves Rain and the cuts to a Life full of Men whom thought to Comprehension,
the City of San Francisco is the best of the lust to Know,
words & Carriage the shoulders of reality to discuss the Conversation of Park Road on daisy lake!!

The Flowers that bulb of the daffodil to the Hollywood lots of busts,
theaters that scoot a sync,
without the regard for an Honest asset to Approach of the Pen in Stow!!

Flags and Miles inches And Clocks,
hands to the theme of Cruises in the Multiples,
for the thanks of a shore to that Atascadero of a simplicity to the Mind on Works,
grace in that Found.

To be Out with no closed Sign a export of a Signature piece,
parades a Round on this plan Its scale is the Box office of Popcorn and The Drink.

Fountains that provide the stunts making that oblivion thee Freeze to laughter on the tracks,
know blunder,
the Actors on the Shins bring an Envelope sealed and Kissed,
cheek Key is the Film on a Clip it Tea clop!!

Hoarses and Locked,
the combo of the Marathon on the For Hun dread Yard dash,
meet Turn to Met value the Pass of script,
in with the more's,
from that In cents to the collect,
what brings to station shale,
the Bends on depth or the Depth of the bends on strung??

Whisks made of Hey stock to Ponds filled with Stride bloom Whispers,
a chorus of edged in trees whilst Read to provide the bounce of that red Ball on dealt,
cards with known on the Pitchers of the knock Knock dice eased to game the Rook,
pawns Bishop plains Boards chest Pulp frictions gimel of the Thicks on the come.

Rote a rare Read??,
heard on the radio of Choice listen that its the bakers dozen on a cork percent to scribes lick,
that chin of a spike to done Overs putting course to Feat in that each a brae`d deed,
Hare with Hops,
Turtles bell Shell??,
the saddle and the bits pea says tack is a Girth or Horns use of a Cinch!!

Lean-go to a years Skate??,
ice with a Tum blurr,
shall the build Ding door to Thrush holds at the Frogs crane??

Play an Appropriate to spot the Skeeters or is it Sneakers??,
chalk boreds that line what ankles live in natural Each a day`d,
all whilst the Hidden packs Shoulders to drive Eight Tin stout on the pork bellies Priced,
cast Or Troy, Pi rates the Noun panes to run the Kettles of Humanity,
sew Much to Space,
the decade on the Spice,
Or ray Ga know a long Verse shins blank Its of Routers lathed Once a Shingle all Ways a Roof Firs pine Knee nut to bolt,
like the bench & the Blade,
whet the lips,
E! clairs with Fried paper shades Tasting bare Oles of Venue`d steins.

The Froth on the Temp. in Termed,
digs on the swells of eyes that privy a toy lets handle Bar,
yet I can't help but feel Oh so good about the changing Tide,
as the oh Shins roar the Waves get Hi..burp #@$! oop's on the VEN ewe's Yard!!

*Did the World know that Yen defined the following also??


[yen] Informal.
Spell Syllables
1. a desire or craving:
I had a yen for apple pie.

verb (used without object), yenned, yenning.
2. to have a craving; yearn.

Origin Expand

1905-10, Americanism; probably < dialectal Chinese (OAGuangdong) yáhn, akin to Chinese yǐn craving, addiction

Synonyms Expand

1. longing, hankering, hunger, appetite. Unabridged
Based on the Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2015.
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How Does Writer Letter??

Breathing in the beauty of life on the blink,
it is that special found a daisy on the Mountain of a realm,
in the Mind is the fountain on the Connection to this wonder of a Sphere,
as the Morse Code derives the Tend to that League of Inks,
quest Upon the story is a gallery to know the Compass!!

Travel the bells on the Twinkle of a Chart to conversation Centrally steady on the shore,
sand and Waves to that simple artist to produce the ease,
speaking to the fresh of a breadth,
in with the Oxygen to know a Tree in the Best of an Oak on the shiver of the Handle,
treats to Porch the Talks given on Reciept,
that perfection while the deep stills the frame as Cause is challenge on extra`d.

Oh course of People does not the Climb to the stereo bear the lane with bright Types??,
do the roads to enjoy not make the day a marvelous entry draw,
these portions of chortle to the laughter that lives really do blare the channel on depth,
touching classical Opera of the Figaro to peak Pinocchio to state of Peter and the Wolf skaters,
I wink the truth to trust the business as What is in the Increase is often the Process.

Coarse chores to make the Pancakes bacon just lead with that Sir Up and that defines the throttle as Pistons home,
mark skill to Task desk with organized spin to Topic grant,
links trip on journey,
the lathe shingles a language of a skit,
find Ding and the Press sure is to answer a Quilt with that Pending.

Forest of Harbor piers with a Tide,
as the Clock is of Hands so is the Hour on the Time,
Watts count to bulbs And that is the light of the Brains capacity on the Appreciations skull.

Ayes On The Dough Burr Means The Angle Or The Pear A Deed^Did??

Hill a Reed ore Dawn Ole the Horizon this AM,
as the speaker is on the stats US its the Key to What is a Drink,
is it The vain on the Or a Coal or Once the IM burr of Reality??

Does the Roster file to the Fed??,
did that Cab In Net spoke to Wheel in The sky Lights Mountain on the grain??,
dew in the Morning of chase the Dragon??,
talk a fiddler on the roof!!

What is the rosin??,
glycerin on the Dye neigh Might??,
horses and factors??,
saddles and bits??,
reins with the directions??,
why State chew Toe back Owe??,
can that Sir Up be the stirrups Leg??,
over the Top to the Computer of the Nations pad Door ah Haw!!

So in the process of Congress and the bench it ankles the Corn A Copper,
the pen Knee for the Word in that Constitution,
a bathing dimes Hi owe Sill to View the Windows of the Scotch??,
is the ice in Cubes or in the Shotglass??,
it is the Multiplication or the division to Ad a Vent in the Volcanic stride??

Change the Watts,
the Glacier tells of the Slides,
the Ocean is Rise sing,
a vocal Work to build a Can knew??,
of Course the avenue is life on the Shock??,
no it is at the real It tee of a pour shins language to the Truth.

As I have known the Hi Tech in a Laptop of conversation on the Venue of frank,
being of Can Door is the best of the Recording as Any preen can Feather a see deeds Supplication,
to evolve with Creative Design is be a Writer,
the lands of the Compass to receipt,
directions speak,
registers skill to the Ports of Wine or Sherry,
as the Magnet is a display on the Venue.

Thought brings An envelope with a Letter to the Scribe,
production is the paper that would say the sync,
touching the vernacular with a smile or a sprout,
for the field on the Brain is the Synapse at a Tau!!

Rollers, Keys Or Toggles Reed The Rain Is What To Whom Asking The Question Of Bare Feat In The Rein

Chains on the lives that Ship with the News meddle on the Thorns??,
trades to the Winds??,
banks on the chores??,
challenge to the Tongues??,
language and those barriers??,
tides on the charts on Human Kinds??,
base clay to the Dice on the Sky lights Moon??,
wares in the done of what is Magical on land??,
discussions of commerce??,
charged for the Bone??,
what is in the Inc. Cannery??,
houses And Holmes??,
feathers of Quilts??,
stitches to the Hands of Time??,
a way or the Path of such simplicity to the doors??,
wise is Tree??,
or is in the Sun in the Moons shadow of a day Play??,
where is the Fountain??,
the Rain from lakes??,
underneath the binders??,
reams of Seams??,
Awe that Must be America by Berth.

What's A Hard Mouth??

How is the form of the Stipend with a bit of Pen and Stow on the Once in the Sky,
as the found is in the great export,
whilst the games,
play on Scripts Producers and that Mighty Production,
list touching Films Movies and the a Say!!

Matching with that share Its a value of the Scene,
did that get a big Ole branch to stun,
was the Sun struck with a Moon??,
valley Up tack on the Mountains sight,
Vista a View with a Wonder on the Bridge??,
night the weather for the storms!!

Oh weight its the chasing out the strum,
guitars on that travel with a journal on the Method of Operator??,
dial that to the Content & strike Up the Feather,
flights of the ships to discuss those fantastic Flavors.

Deep in that Picture is a breadth,
breathing with the ease of just Divine,
from that to the drop Dime on a Penny's Copper,
the Roof of the Sealing clapping to those Climbs??,
well that is for the Water on the Waist singing Chastity,
what is that score??,
just lead to that bank of rooster Cold burns on the Crews!!

Heave this Wonder Bread 'cause Sourdough Rules the boost,
what is the sign as the digs shake a Pepper to Sneeze??

Try it on like the clothes fittin' those bones,
talk Eh an Entry than turn a Whim,
the back Lot of Haul a Sway,
big Venture to that Song on the Matter lark,
forest to Groves what is the scout to the Cat in the Hat??,
why is reason the Chorus??,
must have been that Noun on the grain to shock Ra!!

Open eyes Shades with a Card playing Fast,
torque & Wrench,
speaking and not talking,
conversation Field??,
ditches and drains!!

Being of that round Wealth its a World on Rye,
the drink in the Fountain of Mend,
now at the Mirror of Face,
say it Clear stand UP for the Fax of Quick.

The Awe Bull List As The Sway Of That Simple Swagger Sings A Type In Compassing

Loving the parade Oh for the cherishing of dear on the ears of a sound,
deep in the Swallow a Whistle touching a journey I know I'll go to the themes in Times age,
round the bends to say Hello,
gentle in the grave takers stand Rain be my send,
depth to taste the Mountains through,
valley will the bridge be My Echo suite,
speaking on the Sides in the dial of gut to Shout,
singing on the fountains lathe!!

Stay this song of Miley,
be a great Port to lyrics Harbor,
cable Cars and gears to laugh,
driving those Outer turns be of the Brightest star,
sing as the Sun spots,
a Moon in the best of a earthly talks.