Sunday, September 14, 2014

Self Starter

Anastasia oh what a Beautiful name,
my Initials KAP,
the best cert. to display,
the Classic,
a message in a bottle play,
for certain the Rein in the ride of a Life from drop-A-line,
for the Real of how the Why key turned.

In I know life & Life is prize to breathe,
with dignity of vein the Air on the speak,
a breeze that sways the Mountain to the park of Truck,
spring of luck to complete a task at Duck,
to View the Outer Realms with flew to return and say a Storm,
the revolution of a stand from shot to shake the spray of dew.

A red in Scene as bullets stun,
the gut that ran without a band,
to Cycle Beat with upright leap too back,
in Basic School of Saw.

Repeat the skate on ice of glide,
the Scarf a muff the warms the Slide,
dressed for life to seek a Sight,
the rounds of Turns to settle back with return on age of burn.

Flame of Elemental sign,
the block by Block building chime,
a Candelabra with Rooms a rare,
the Amber of the Wall.

Dancing Ballroom waltz to Write,
working times to Cot a fight,
Wars on Scream burial falls,
the body of the Mind at Calls,
dial Central let at Crop,
photo snap the dead on rock,
no Idea to what is shock,
with Traveled through to Stitch the lock.

Now in grown an Expression live,
can You know the Chalk-line rain,
the fold of hands to gamble die,
if repeats are System fine. 

Always have I been a tomboy in Ride,
for at the honest the grid is a thorn,
the trip of the grunt-Work to straight in Ripped-off,
was it a Stereo the Rasputin did pace.

Change a Couple, title Add a duke of Core banks on the Iceberg,
a Country with deep Vine,
belief is never Question with Dali Lama let,
buttress to Fortress a Castle on Tibet,
the High of Fate as Tech.

Spin the bottle in a Wrap the circle or a Pen,
well ink dip to Tattoo trip the Animal of sponge,
a waffle Iron on the Take will bake the batter plate,
bye design to Make the rate a reason says to Phone.

Hear the Cause affect in prose,
an Explain to days at grow,
in Part to State the flip on Crate does nail the Rig a Stow,
the Energy of flow`n.

Lo & Behold

True to form the math of save add a date to wire raised,
in the read of pick the choice a gift in secret,
the Universe gives to the hand of Well.

Cosmic climbs that lather stars a dust to breeze Time tale,
the cold in spacial rail stretching the Yard with inch apart,
the World ark read Cycles flew.

Arm to elbow in the Eye, great relief to responsible life,
the hook of laid gave Weight to saved,
no publish book to stares done,
as if to say the curt displayed an Out to play.

Voice of course lead stage of state,
no pictures to Identity set ask this Site in deed,
the public bump to never meet those Text on tweet that touch of feet,
I will not be the Wrote stype to absorb the Global negative on Sent/receipt store.

No gasp to fret those dirty Fonts that reach Thee life by waves read vote,
to task that off to photo snap,
the Anchor drag or society pour'n,
the believe seems impossibly relieved.

After formal announcement grasp,
the treat to have had never shagged,
the Keep is neat with total Feat,
the spread of work with out I.C.,
left at X to imprison best by all that Crap of Rag write stool.

A damper file to lighten-up breathe with freedom of the spun,
to buzz at base with juicy plate, a dinner all La Cart.

Whipping cream for Milkshake cools,
the text of rate for aye to Sake with breakfast lunch & Tea,
a biscuit on the dunking.

Cup of grace the drink erase,
to pencil Trade to drawing Cape,
the Cloak of laughter at the Paid.

Since long past done to future lung,
the opera of a Wine atone,
the stem ware on the Sun in Set,
a better raised scenario,
much to the surprise of whom is loud,
the silence gain of deafening,
a tumbler of the Cosmic grain,
on a lend to Time the when of Opus that makes Plato phlegm.

The Coughin'

Homer On File

Snooker on the table Life sticks to cue chalk at play,
the rosin of Fiddle game,
balls to space after strike rolling all the spoke,
set to rack.

Pleasure den with pipes of tip stuffed tobacco sound,
the smoke in breathing Fire in ancient walls on time,
portraits ages.

Velvet spun antler shed 'tis the season of the fed,
in global harp a mouth tooth token,
shift in gear to zero.

Clock at hand the twelve strike Ten at eleven the Minute hour,
seconds' mount the shock arm swipe,
digital of less role.

Snippets tabulate natures clear,
in the watch of planets' locked,
a curvature in swinging wide,
to bank the spin on Mechanics trend, The Dream.

Carry On

A Flash In The Pan

In chapter earth the verse & kit is a bodily corn, the Rose start to a thorn in the breeze of reality, entry at treasure task to the compilation in instructive lesson, text of understanding build.

The bath in humanity a showering storm, from down-right dismissal, death, beating, rape, controlling growth, smashing ideas the dawn of ages at a spree on the branch of life on stir.

The realm of dimensional show to arrive at sent upon the deck tramp rides to the foundation, an elemental comprehension of learn by Taught, to listen by Ear & Mind in full.

Each value at purpose grows the shock of production, the lilt in gaining A
B & C equaling an 1 Two 3 approach, the beat to walk the floor&ground the form
with wise instructive measure.

Revealing the progressive at row leaves, the fluff of the burial not the Leaves, autumn a season fall in a year, winter a snow in to celebrate spring, dust summer at phone, this dial of a calendar with holiday heart.

Pulse organ to dine the rest, slumber on the Watch envelopes snore letter stamp, the fax Mail via genes on the bump of a goose in Gander or the walk-over-between-next-too-pass the shore to a scene feeling held by skin exposure to the chill.

The rise to sunset is a moon shine on the stilts of an Oceans score, in Up-side-down the revolution of much more that time showing evolution as a functioning example of color changing pour, a sample of the air transmitting warmth to mood of Sweat in cold or the fire match sticking burn hotter to melt the mentality with the dancing flame at lapping life by breathing lumber on born cork bottlings.


Paint Too Fit

The keen Tray of rhythm in the wrist about,
links to an mistle the trump to a torn,
the blister once a written spoke of dismiss,
yes in agreement the challenge in the cut.

Should letters cramp a side-Ache the lash of left in angle frock,
a hemming on the shirt Tale long coats that speech of thrown,
the stick of silencer in Tube a brutal run.

Rails that form Train catch the cable or the string,
ties to the action of scary on the thing,
discount the lip of lasting changes know at told,
faster on the speak read the Cause of triggers ride.

Seat of balance a requiry of life,
the mount of truss descriptors counts the loop while live,
to plank the ship with soak Tea the leaves out-weigh the price,
formal to a Store read the trumpet at a life!!

Lamps in grasp the score feed will action to the bite,
to build a path of sentry to Watch the crumpled fast,
a digest on the path.

These simple options counter the born to leap a see,
protection at the gear box to shift the work to text,
on Oink the noise to pen pal the production of a test,
does than the craft a quest drum to ages of the Ness??,
in touch brought by breast

Nor place Nor tide Nor chart Nor cart,
a carrot on the spring tree is rooted to a Kept,
the learn in tot was being the Beet at turnips test,
ask palm pay.

Rule Ore

Block & Tackle Fisherman

Ask track the barrel Poe to exclaim a belly lo,
within the leant a barker scribe char at Note coal match in flow,
tempo breathing speech & grow,
to the Metric of each toe.

First little curtain drawn at court,
a simple scribble arm of rite,
2nd simple tour the crowd in sight,
the measure of the liquid,
cloaking Ship,
third to the 4th Metro write,
a bit of copper on the Role in flight.

Arctic sayer sheets of slice,
ribbons distribute chorus night!!

Aude in a caption picture bright,
here come the land-its on the dyke,
thumb to the System fist at the tack,
reins tuck a buckle to braid in sat.

Trouble on the rack of Rag to exact,
stood with a center tone a verbal latch,
harpers tongue the steel String fingers pulling chords,
pedals push the Method all a Jeeves,
artistic Inking Read&Plat,
a light to 'a door' electric Mill at print of Form.

the livery

The Hymn A Lay Us

Water in pipes the worth of lore`d,
thigh handle to the Organist plug,
piece truth Music page of turn,
a show pan movement piano played,
grand central station radio vein,
disc. in jockey dressing shade,
lit fork to the Candle (room) lob Ra,
a draw to life in living Roo.

The pouch to pocket full of coal,
a Fireplace that chimney skill,
fluke to handle smoke in still,
brakes that charge the garage in 'til.

Starter block Aprons knock,
lids to lift and sit a talk,
open tissue Kleenex chalk,
chords that plain on all sync stock,
thus ink wood on Paper Train,
to express the kiss art frame!!

Troop to formal boots of came,
riding horse to Shop of game,
polo mallet Marco rein,
now a sure Lock gardens name.

To be Frank with vista pane,
over growth deep throttle fame,
repeat if Mention cill wind same,
bricks that motion Cobble rain.

Rough roads listing to cart the fold,
the balance known to always wrote,
the daily tribune a Type of go,
in the ping of Ponging know!!

Carver marble rolls to play,
throw the balls at Flooring rode,
to put to task the stage in glow,
to bench the station at speed of crow.

Direct Cast

The County Cork

Duck duck gees the Ivy grows ask the Orange in bale been,
made a trip upon a bus, Greyhound makes the best in 'rounds.

Tightly held with string of bound,
my Grandfather shipped Honeysuckle last,
now it plant the Trestle laugh, as Raccoons love the Mask.

The scene at driveway of a sat,
listen well & deeply that, to believe an exist,
under carriage on the Fact!!

Here comes purchase on the past,
in this list the stature fast,
keeping History to the park,
a Truck for written, the piece of pie.

Kicking screaming frightful Math,
additional was on the Told,
yet by the say in laughter Mold, a handle held the jiggle toll.

Place a person place or Thing, to idea that Umpqua streams,
like Teeth to denture the Hunt Seen, begging Question not my theme.

True & Tride the write is beam,
headlights on the Cadillac keen,
foot that slams the brake of clean,
naturally spake the wheel team.

Bridge that context to State of Tree,
rams on hill rocks of love,
Tillamook camp the cheese at Hutch,
each a Place mint on Hug.

Chapter course to mapping Sub. one from difference the bench to few,
these do provide a steady bead!!

Just like rifles on the feed,
counter grain to Consumers flea,
a hop to Scotch or gem to read,
stand of luster freeway Green,
growth that Shows grows Nature's rose.

A Ceiling

The Basic Ingredients To Express Write

Day of the rise Sun of the Set in sky,
artful bask the Jays of room,
laughter fed the bread of cheer,
peace at Scene the bounds of Keys.

Card the play at blackjack crew,
a ship to speak the Mast of turn,
nestle closed to land of clear,
cork a Bolt the bottle saved.

Staunch ask often clouds display,
speaking clearly history play'd,
clique to spake the double-raves,
much to Otter the Beaver stayed.

Built by logs the stick to stone,
shift the creek to the river lend,
paunch arm soak to salt the flower,
a skunk on stripe does gallant grain.

Dish the scene my porch to ream,
possum to the squirrel steal,
a beautiful teacher that sends a way,
to path of skip the nose of lou.

Nature Foutains

Bus Stops

Print picture mirror of law the Reflection on the crawl,
tank photo crop of reverse than 'The Wall' is speaking saw.

At the cut and out of seen,
letters throw the bottle lean,
cork a brawl find shake the V,
a collar on a leash for Tree!!

Ink on label from a seed,
cents to dollar hide the cow,
tied in knot quick release,
makes the horse work draft on Me.

Onward forward future Scene,
taught by Mother to stand not steam,
in such done the Kettle calls,
like a whistle on the tall,
but in left real the toast does pop,
with some butter jam if like,
peanut spread from stick the fed,
tea for Break-fast,
coffee sprawl.

Cream add sugar spoon in mix,
leaves on one grinds in best,
sieve to stream filter test,
the machine on Auto text!!

Eggs on scramble crack a shall,
boiled on Sun to cleft,
poached by water nest to speak,
pots that lid electrics Crest.

Rooms to platter Mirror or guest,
marriage of the Step on jest,
trunks to hold the dowels of Kept,
lather grease to bacon pet.

Hog the bore in litter Grace,
prey on pork a language Quest,
short Tin box crate play day,
in existence snap the Fate.

A nose to smell the Kitchen came,
cooking shore ink Island core,
at home with drawer cupboards Whole,
flour salt the roller shore.

Waves in Tide charting rise at the Sign a seventh sigh,
with the Swell the Ocean bye,
to speak of Kayak sanding Hi.

Canoe of birch Burl of lead,
true do Candidate tusk a sphere,
yards Clue engine parts at near,
pantry Table the dishes steer,
as Setting is the silver tray.

Side cart holds the food for eat,
move the walk strong yell Tell,
grabe yawn given to Stud in seam,
the Muni on a street in View.

Cable nudge to spank the fire,
oh no the Fans have smoked (the) desire,
all in silence of the grief,
disappointment shanks to gore.

The Starch Fold(s)

I was told by a person I knew in the past fort-year two,
the what was said caused a question,
I was listening as spoke strolled Strobe,
the light was shed since birth did know,
my aghast was held in back.

The information came from sense
words had mouth a human role,
kind this Person was to me,
yet Ask the same my feet left Wing.

In life as is the conversation live
I inquired to feelings rig,
thus in explain of Shed i.d. the halt came like Naturally.

Unaware that real had tongue,
worth held stake to the double-spun,
should dance be Known,
the waltz with Moon,
if night does bring a foot-step jam,
is the desire held to land in country Ran.

Upon the News or list or spoon
time taste in the rear of raised,
does resp on consider trim
or is the Sonnet radar snore.

If lives flew Wake at glasses door,
does the drink chill the core,
a wash in Morse the spinal tap,
while are in Talk string thread walls.

The weave of web spider shore,
stretched to lace in silk ask Crib,
a lamp or shade the cave of storm,
a few Feet in the walk to sleep.

On the face the hands scream gasp,
shocking flinging to disengage,
like clinging to the hair on stage,
a body sticks much now a Sound.

Enter lead by words in change,
the meaning now a crawling stay,
link with litter the algorithm,
a dot spots aye & tits the pie.

In slice of what was spider tray,
the removal made a plan,
building back feelings glad,
placing learn look & say.


Sound Barrier Ear

Live rock Ore ocean pore,
the breadth spill on the craft of Song to fountain yore,
the ink an hand due lake tribal as set,
the moose with wings flow crane,
a stereo!!

Sparrow blink hummingbird whistle too,
cycle field ice sheet the glacier shore,
trim design nor grace brine thorn,
dawn string to Pencil storm instant snare,
trig. yo-yo!!

Dart & Quill sand dip shale after born,
tan to sprinkle the tit of stone,
nerve vibration 'ole-ish Orion ask brights,
freckle space the electric base light noise.
trails on lunge dust birth Tale in orange of shown,
the colors on loan.

A spool full of system explosive at pulse,
and at heart of soar the eagle flight,
wings come with many the animal scene,
watch as the sky is nest on the farm,
flocks in heard becoming less from pose,
bothered to death the end of a kind,
the Explicit.