Friday, August 24, 2012

A Time To Tell

I have a few books that I am in the process of doing,

1.) An Independent Mind, Knot Logic ~
2.) The Nine Understandings ~ In Process

Meanwhile, I enjoy blogging on my Google Blog, The Secret Of The Universe Is Choice, .  I have found that expression of thought has given me strength of mind and reason to continue my vigil in this life.  Google has provided a venue to allow me the freedom to express myself without interrupting or taking from me, my own and very personal freedom of speech.  My gratitude towards their ability to allow us to post as we please without the worry or threat of censure, is overwhelming.  I continue to write what comes to mind.  First in a, or on a piece of paper or most usually a Composition Book.  Then without much editing, as I am sure most can tell, by my numerous grammatical mistakes, I re-write it onto my blog.  So, not only do I have my hard-copy but I have been able to share it with the World, all within the confines of my own Home.

Some would call this due-process, I will just say that it is in preparation for what I truly would like to do and have wanted to do for the entirety of my existence on this planet.  Speak.....on subjects that I know are important and that most find uncomfortable.  By taking one step at a time, I will prove to accomplish that which I set-out to do as a very young child from the '60s.