Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Take A Leap Of Faith

To be an example of what is a forward march, I'm off to the Barn.  With my britches on and my boots in hand, I say to myself, "I will go on."  I will greet what is to come with the cheer of, life is weird and I am more than just here, I am alive and I will not live in the fear of the unknown.  I will embrace all that takes place and remember it's called, the Human Race.

I love to laugh, I love to smile and I love that I may have the opportunity to meet and shake your hand today.  I love to know that every day of my life has been a leap of faith, it keeps it real for me.  It makes life an adventure and not a sentence to be lived out.

The Optimist Is Todays Ray

I encourage each individual, every person that would like to go on.   Put down the immediate and stand strong.  Turn about and recognize, life is the breath that is not dead.  Look into the eyes of another and say "hi," be that mirror of no fear.  Encourage a smile to come around by just simply saying to yourself, "I am a human being that can change the most amazing thing....another persons day!!"


The paper breeze,
the muddy ink,
the sentence blinks with questions.

The length of time,
the passing second hand in life,
missing the touch?

Connections serve a numbered learn,
absurdly used,
the Minds have forgotten,
Societies dues.

Powering towards the change, what for?,
it will be important to remember,
conversations presented individuals,
the interaction brought choice,
looking someone in the eyes made you realize,
words are powerful but the human touch,
well.....that saves more lives.