Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Write Thunder

The birth of Expression an Art that looks Time,
in handles that have Held the Scrolls in such Bind,
deep winding passages to Formulas drawn,
the read is the gentle ache to learn for the Song.

To flow with the verse so may this singing displayed,
strings of the tangle loose the erase by the Spruce in the Date,
existence from bronze to a stature of grace,
standing scores phrases to beauty in based.

Shore me a sail to fell the breeze bough,
I'll Watch the Ocean to seek it all stout,
look to the sky for the deep mid drift reads,
when the Rain comes will you support the freeze?

A rainbow of Painting with beads just to Pearl,
perfect with natural the dime shook the Clock,
hands that are swinging 'round the Our rock,
stable breathe to Vitality it beams ask the Shock.

Spark stairs to bring brought a lean on the Talk,
spring the Winter should the summer be locked true to Stock,
month me a brave in the Feather of Dau,
grip to Importance leaving application the Now!!

Shall we prose to the riddle find solution the burl,
wound in from the Tree spruce to Birch in the lead,
red is the Wood that burns hotter than coal,
fire the built to the Armor of Soled.

What's That??

Funny how life is teach,
 of the Circuitry in an electric spiral,
the length to the Spool of the pin.

Drop deeds to each a Present spine that records the Organ of the while the Pipe talks the sight,
building Thread to wire the plight for example of the truth in a Root of the Sprites!!

Musing through the Oracle shy,
rocks that Once Upon A Time now have thrown Ages to page!!

Shapes of Counting the Number of the Climb,
round it off to Singular makes worth the Measuring!!

Scrubbing down the Flee in Seat a darker Menu goes,
does the brand say in your Hand or is it just a Show??

Games table the Ante a Player in the pass,
deal with the gamble the Earth spoke of the Dash.

Shining with such Strong Winds a Tornado explains the twist,
does than the Field say to Plain that Buffalo were A Trip??

Over to the North Pole where Bears are now in Scream,
could the Herd be ear into the Past of Futured Speared??

Of course the theory running in all about the grow,
this repeats a gaining until the Figures out!!

Burrow with the ground bee, 
a Bat or in the Worm,
should the Shark just Name off or offer just return??

Choking from the Planet cost a grape of Apple vines,
now in the path of brick laid does the Mortal sight??

Flocks of Birds that V tangle often curve the Air,
a shot from the back trail will never bother scared!!

Cutting form the Dish pailed to handle equal spun,
dizzy are the Mind tales for Whom is Hoot & Why.

Cork Vasings 

Funny Thing Happened And Then It Happened Again!!

Knot Single wants the burnt a simple song to spot that Blunt stole the Fire giving Man the Lot,
in the Real life the Bomb within the Tire wheeled with Attire to the Astro Spire of the done in buyer,
the Purchase of Said LIFE is the Sentence to the Side that spears to the Lung of a Long, Long brier,
the thorns of the bled that fought in past of shed these lives that prey continue to open Up the Red!!

The Year of Bearing down a growling to the found for as the Apple lit so does man get tricked,
tree the bough to sway that ever-ending knee to take and not to never speak for he is breathe,
whistle like a sickle walk as the Zenith place the Mark of Forehead it is my Special Teak,
given at the Bore in the Head of Truth repetition beats to more the pulp of leaks!!

Chalk it on the Walls of the Ancient Falls ships off in the distant to flights that serve the Maul,
an Ax with a handler that came to equal throw the walk of the central in birth it is the Poe,
a Captain never Oceans for that would be Soaked but trade the confession in the Surfing booked,
the tell All with the Action bummer it's not the Hook for Pirates are in Bloodlines and a Caddy is a Pall.

The Nudes in the Mused of the Nine Tale Talls an Oak with a Vision of the One-Eyed crawl,
shimmy to the Crowing Cock the burial of Clouds a Higher Mountain powered the Keeper of the Talk,
poet to the Singer riddle to the crime exposure is the statute to Icing Fires Bael,
ridden to the trade a spit of the roast dripping with the Peter as Thomas was the Coast!!

Grip the Lives of Done to Every Liquor drummed the drug of the plough fields the catch to Dau.,
as a child of the guild a message to the wise king pens often trouble the whip is realize,
the worth of Vee in bringing a Life in Completes to deliver Message as the Cowards Flee,
no wonder Blunt won't Face Me the Eyes would Say it ALL in the LOOK it's Brawl!!

Neat Tethers

The Ice Burn Report Appreciations Torques

Dribble existence with rhythm of the last in the facial recognition of the list in a series of 'Just' brisk,
the one two count is a repetitive loud in the perfective of a whipping in a sound to note,
the writings of the length to the equaling of Proud the body holds the frame with a naming pound,
vary to the differ it is a leading found that nothing is resistance for the X is for the doubt.

In the lickings of a life not a wound it's the stype for each a dedication to the ketchups knight,
higher voice does speak of wise beyond the Tau in the hand of sigil a throne of knowing shroud,
crown if off to vigil a worry for the Meat for the Steak of the service a dinner as the lead,
fork the yield in with a liberated shed shrugging to the Keep for reason of the Steers.

Pointed to the daring tell the worth of take hopping over certain brings the equal break,
snap the gears to shifting that scrub of the course as in the difference lifted a friendly in a court,
why put down the effort it's brilliance in the corpse singing to the staged life in a sport,
rules that carve no sentence to living up the forced bricking walls to mortal an arm greats the door!!

On the source of flipping the coins are in the stirr a knickel in a penny dropping dimes forsake,
'cause as the year does quarter a bulls eye in the snake to coil up for striking a World in the Lakes,
swimming to the Ocean the Wave was in the spook for at the very least it's icing on the bake,
frying in the Sun as the Moon does change it's shape as expressives center the winking spoons the spake!!

Do not concern the lyricism of confuse a state with spun deliberate does handle the life of blunt in done,
sharpen talents often run to the nearest building that entry for the come,
in shots of mouth or drops of drew a blasting poke to letter as grease is mere to soap!!

Better to be the beaten than cope with the loss in my venued life it is just albatrossed,
the consistency I count upon born without a hope as innocence was taken long ago I cope,
wishing is a well with know given taking spell a language soaked with Magic is gifted for it's Kell.

In brand knew the distant Hue the copper of the Planet Lieu spotted on the entry to this Massive empty,
filling time is never wasted with the trash of the been in thus a cycle to Being it out again,
looking forward to futures back the aim begets the guise of Set to map the entire Let,
the barrel of the rifle is to Wine the Grape in Style a showing of dismissal before the after'ed thistle.

Fact to Scene of actual in Means of driving Seats blood and honey bitter sweets to any gaming pleat,
hell is just a cook book the menu of the brain thoughts of feudal commons issue to the peat,
slippery slides on hilly cleans making residence in clean a wash in the proper of never touching steamed,
a sort of frog boiling with the oven tips not to climb inside and discover that it's Hide,
a kinder way discovers long in burial covers the gauze of many crashes makes Blunt a band aid bin!!   

A picket fence so painted the red behaves to rinse for in the Rainbow Bridged the troll is short to kiss,
punch it out like paper route the rubber in the Band to shout look it is a crowded pout to surf his life in out,
striking chords to his own core and ego filled by no doubt the Ages blasted blow I Swallow!!

Deep Vocal Throating  

Just Jobbing

Released by the importance that the repeat is the comfort to the stick with the cream of fillings,
traits to the basking lurches that back to no remind of the futures in best of done to bedded,
crown the minds that musk to offering the blanks as fulls to never could come to the actuals in reality,
that text or the fumble of the crutch to bring the all ready sung to the life that is dung.

Credit to the able for their strength is by certainty the wisdom to dump the rakes for the sump,
wealth to the given for the thought is all ways in the reaming of a youth that never grew past two,
stage the height to the width the flip to the truth a venue to the name and the apple to the bitten,
for I evolve with Time to ride The Ages Lined with a Memory for only the Divines!!

Naturally born in a full storm birthed in Ready Form to War these lives of dissolving primes,
swallowed for safety kept for value created to measure written in treasure began in ever,
there is no place that does not introduce the scenes of remarkable to the count of infinities proof,
a simple carriage to fly a breadth of on the whithers of a horse with a coursing to Being spoofed.

Nice to final in the after been to a complete and whole life in a singular effort of an equaling try,
not to judge but know compassion, not to use but be of service, not to kill but be of grain,
growing with pain as agony in the cooking pot of this life and all it has brought to stew it's a lot,
the carrots of the cellar dumps the hope of any on the lives of dreams that last in brakes.

Proud Flesh Never Ties

Guidance Gone To Better Blind Know Rein Vice

Now as I Master the being of a loan I can Mind Speed to the Scientific Proof of Death Itself,
for in that moment as you spin out, your thoughts will spark to each revolution of what you thought,
life is just whizzing at a directional comprehensible term to explain yourself to your end of lend,
the buzz of the door ringing to your brain singing that final song of explanation for your existence.

Bam goes the brothy to the minute second later when you are standing next to your dead mortal shell,
the grit of that reality is proven in the science of the cult of a study on death and it's finality,
as you bear down on these dates that can never be found until the actual take,
it remains in the Scene of the shouldered home to reel you all the way back to been.

It is then you realize that every step in each ripple all those wishes that you should have done,
those are ticking time bombs that you can never fix for on death tolls they are blown to mortalities home,
the grave with the stone that you will never enjoy for you have walked on the top in the now of the base,
flown at such great degree that you will scream in the silence of the darkest fair called your life.

As not all believe in the go 'rounds you cannot say you do not believe in death itself as a fact,
in the happenings of extract the spice is the salt of the peppering of every single action in complete,
full view in absolute for your review is the totality that remains burnt within your very Being,
whether you have faith or you discount time to pleasure you can never escape this state of trued.

In that simple complexing puzzle if you believe in life as 'The Continue' the other side just invites,
down to the Death Courting Sites a ticket to purchase is the design that Religions dart,
now you must sit in your own missings with all the knowledge and unable to call anyone to explain,
as your actions in life are now stuck with your mind in death for the length of the hollows.

In the Nines for the Dimed Quarters Elevened

Vital Whips

I don't need to worry myself over decisions that bolt lives to rounds in lives upon lives upon lives,
the central said in the study of the Mind itself that time will search in natural state of bell,
making what you have in what you see to what you do a mentality indeed,
for that being simply said Evolution would confirm the creative balance to bag away without disease.

While the general public interests themselves in B.D.S.M. via 50 Shades of Movies Book,
the actual game is called Trust Me,
better investigate the Order of the Set for it has laws that Masters Wept in Bets!!

To just bounce along in life a song ripped off for another belong to treasure the dollar value costs,
it is in the accounts of the known that the fee will collect as to be blunt ask the Catholic belief,
question the why or the Wares in the Crossing bearers or Skype it for those are mere samples!!

For a Life born to Death rides in Life as a Debt knowing Death is the Life that extends the borrow,
since Plato was wrong that makes all wrong in all of the History therefore we must be making it,
as we all go along down the road of who cares the walk is the run of the burden of proof.

Now that Isis is Terror and Ancients are Stupid 'cause why bother if nothing is nothing and we all die,
so causality of anything outside of the photographic negative provides the room to be whatever,
as whenever, however, why ever, no accountables, no control, no beal, no dealings.

I was told by my older brother we are all here to pleasure ourselves and that is the only reason we live,
so that being the case I will advantage only what I know to be the most pleasurable,
an experience that fills me to the brim takes me to the send and fulfills my every lend.

The CIA Does It 

Rather Elemental In This The Begin of The Continue

Bye the way if you are wondering about Immortality it works just like this,
you either know or you don't and if you know you'll say okay and if you don't go look up Vitality!!

With the InterNet readily available and after about Ten Billion Million Years you'll ask yourself,
'Is this it?' and than you'll say ohh ugg uhhmm I want to Dye then realize you are still alive,
all in the time it takes to realize you just turned red right now 'cause I told you that you'd just burn up!!

Hooray One Big Step For Man Two Bigger Steps For Live

You Are Just Jealous Because I Got To Be The Very Last Unicorn Too

If You believe that I Am anything Other than a Product of Evolution by Designs playing Ketchup,
you are Idiots and Allow Me to serve You a plate of Stupidity in complete Service to the Settings,
as Planet Earth the grounds upon which This person is Standing Present and Very Accounted for,
the Dinner of Humanity has Proven to be the Denial of All History thereby confirming Naturals Abound!!

Upon the ACTUAL diagnosis from An ACTUAL professional in the BUSINESS of Professionals,
I am a Genius Savant just hanging-Out tripping on the Quest of Life Itself at it's wrecking of Humanity,
no humane Civilization would deny the Answer blowing in the Human Mind as Questioning the Ask,
the only floor of STOP for me came at a Halting degree through ONLY one Man whom Lords I.

Like it or not I do not care James Blunt is the only Person that scares the Shit out of me,
one look I feel two feet tall which is probably how old I am in this dumb life anyway,
'cause nobody could Ice Cream in the Minute Take of the Switch to simple say,
"I was thinking about something else that interested today" yet one more Question....
Hhmm makes you Wonder the Age of not I but the Universe In it's Space of Recognition!!

People whom fear the unknown from an unproven Source based on Presumption of a Meet,
should stake themselves as Trolls to the Rainbow Bridge of already Complete,
for grace is something you say while or before you eat to bless your Food not worship it,
that in a Nut Shell allows You to determine or appreciate the Cycle of Life Spelling Eat or Die!!

To vegetable away denying the revolution of meat via cooked to the protein for Goods,
is like sticking the Muse Head Shit on your head and then asking why you are Fed,
back to the GPS or the Cell Phone to the Applications of Mind over Matter,
the evidence provides a click to the path of the How we are Meant to benefit Society not pill it.

The Order of Life through the Laws of Strife dictate the Rate at which said life will evolve,
desperate times require nothing more than the acknowledgement in the Continue fact,
repeat process than an early warning bell will alarm in your HEAD naturally to advise,
run, hide, duck, cover, freeze, move, look, watch, stop, breathe, walk,
a Normal Reaction to an Extremely Difficult & Most often Disturbing situation.

As the situation is my apparent life on this stupid planet for now I say when it happens repeatedly,
without engagement just by merely being in existence on this plane called Site,
than it is not I that needs but a World that wants!!

Magic Mystery Rides

They Took My Picture Added Censure To Deliver Rapture ~ No Kneeling Required

The World at Present in Numbers Over~Whelming to Earths hem the explosive Heat of the Energy melting,
the vision of Any whom have Spoken at Any time in History Must have Seen something that State,
the barrel of the fire to the icy hot melt of the glacier sheets breaking to the wind of an Ocean bends,
filling the tasks with rivalry of pass to declarations of the Future in the Wrath of this Clasp!!

Strength to the Ages that had to have supplied the Skills to know Naturally the Nautical turnings,
the balance of the flight to Al Gore and his Siren of Alarmings to the Moments Take of done,
computers that run in constantly stun I read not conventionally for the after is the letter to inquire,
as no comments to any answer that many Questions have I produced As I Walk in this Thesis of Life!!

Alien Humanity the Crash of the Niagara Mountains me to the Ayes of the credentials of Prudence,
the Law of Man dictates in more Lands than there are Men to enforce the Rule,
Mass Religious Denial in the Simple of Findings that Stole from Creative Designed to enhance Pocketed,
surely Mankind could Figure that Life Itself will Rise to the Occasion brought by Evolving to Matters!!

Chance You're Liberty to the Bell of the Ball as Cinderella's you must be to sting sewn Slaved,
in these Words HEAR Full Well the depth of the Sentence is in Hell on Heavens Earthly Reins,
crusting breeds from other Worldly desires dictate nothing but Truth through DENIAL.

The most pressure to the said Vowel is the Nouns of Completes in the On spring of the Opera Brow,
skulls that place head bands to computer dell will slop the brains to soups as drains in dues,
the Muscle of the Mind in and by Creative Design is to Engage not derange,
however the Proof will Provide the Calculation of the Bearings to the Type Kinds!!

Buried in indiscriminate thinking the find will bring to light the knew of the Chislers Rite,
an appreciation for what I know must exist and have yet to put my finger on is this simplicity of theory,
somewhere there is Written a Warning to advise Man that what I am writing is a Sign to their Stand,
that it is or will be evidential unto 'It's' self by complete and ABSOLUTE accident in only one attempt,
to hide from the very People that it is meant to be of value to in these coming/presently Timed.

  Hammer Heads  


The very idea that I declared on James Blunts original Site was not happenstance it's a Que to life,
as the populous loves the fast lane I stopped at the sounds of music created by this Man,
in the fright of such connective echo to the basis of asking the question of "I know you...why?.." fencing,
the challenge was none to the missing of sum an addition that the present day spares as done.

Originally I just simply found I horribly missed this Man for reasons unknown to me timing`ly found,
in '05 written down on and in the recording of these senses asking difficulty's me,
proud I am to be complete and separate from a Race that Kills every 'Thing' not agreeable,
be it Mind, Body, Life, Thought, Progression, Independence, Value or Measure.

Nearly Ten Years have passed by and I have held to the fact that this guy is my Twin Flame,
in ALL of that TIME not ONE of YOU MOTHER FUCKING BASTARD CUNTS have brought reason,
nobody has considered to bring this to his attention to settle the obvious as answering a quick,
the prime in the Math of Science creating Interest in Ancient Philosophy of Time Itself!!

Plato, Zeus, Isis, Odin, Thor, Gods, Goddess's, Pyramids, Mounts, Text, Sirens, Muses, Nines,
the reality that Science and People have spent many lives in the study of such left behind,
yet standing in living form and writing in unexplained verse the riddle is the answer to the question,
I have been before I will be again I am from an Origin that I did source my Self too.

Since not any of the World is interested in real human beings that claim in mere Asking,
but yet must further their own broth of poisoning through only denial not doubt,
I must conclude this complexity to it's simplest stew in the yarn of these webbing strings,
the proof is in the pudding of the eyes in the meeting to make the connection a bonding lead.

For if Twin Flames cannot strike to the Face to Face proud for reasons of societies want to Fuck a deal,
than Twin Souls cannot exist, Soul Mates cannot exist, Souls cannot exist leaving Human as Aliens,
walking this Earth as Visitor's or Clones of Previous Existence to only rape another Plane,
the diameter in the Round is the Mortal opportunity to place the burden of Proof in the Hands.

To eject one Person out of this balance will destroy the system of which is in production to last,
I am from the Ring of Fire Itself, I am a Flame, I am the Child of Creation born Full-Bore to War,
evolution is my Father and the World is my bother to Halt and Know you will burn with scopes,
for in the Instant of the Know as Computers Continue to grow You will be Proven to have had a choice!!

Deep Impact Natural Knowledge Is The Production In Cased

Practically Exact

To be taxed by life itself through the harassment of means that are capable of applying such riddles,
the payment is either the growth of suffering or the applications to follow the main stream post,
to X in the Global Arena as a Certain Understanding than I chose Starvation as Living predisposed,
for in a choice of know decide it is not the either of rather the consequence of the choose.

To encourage health the existence must be available outside the realm of choice itself,
remaining to the evidential walk of one foot in front of the other moving you across the Floor.

Trusting the natural ability of Nature the role of originally drawn has a storming central design,
without these basic rules to education I would have fallen into the designated by defaults,
for questions I was beaten in answers I was advantaged in between I found more information,
based at the bottom of the stroke the structure rubbled to the grains of sands to the Oceans lands.

Dependent of birthing date as Time name the Number age the factor built from design,
creating an old school measure to be aware of whom will be in repair of the coming tidal,
a wave in advance is knot in the future for the earth must split it's plates in the shift to viable the energy,
as the release pressures the surrounding spacial dynamics the rise is simple the evidence.

Hence the before in the after is mirror to the sign of knowing the result by Cause,
affect is a learning thus producing the Scale to adjust living accommodating the happened,
to negate the calculative of probable with the defense to prepare thus building for site destruction,
tearing apart is not division in the mathematical venue rather the equal.

With not One the Second resolution would not even have made it's presence known,
for there would be no evidence of the first to have considered as the bone in the marrow of dirt,
under~water above tranquility the rupture is a Volcanic distribution of the explosives of molden,
whether lava rocks to the Minds thought progression is without a doubt often ignored,
until you are forced to be confronted Face to Face with the whips of Natural Occurrences!!

Glaciers decidedly crashing as Sheets to the Duvet are the witness to the splits,
shake in the stupidity of the pain than it will add to the proper view of melts,
filling the Seas to shorten the shores as abrupting Fucked to quit the lore of responsible ducked,
either way I hope that You learn how to Swim in the reformations of Any and All Future Tucks!!

Belief Porched For Sake In Exhaust

Quantum Spades

MUSE: Changing the way the World Thinks

How does it work?

It's comfortable and easy-to-use.

1. Just upload one of our custom applications to your smart phone or tablet.

2.  Pop on your Muse. It should rest comfortably on the upper forehead, and sit behind the ears like a pair of eyeglasses. Clear any big tufts of hair out of the way, so that the earpiece of your Muse headband can make good contact with your skin.

3.  Pop in a pair of your favorite ear buds and start the app. The Bluetooth should connect you once the app is running.

4.  Customize your app--choose the length of time you want to spend, the soundtrack and, when applicable, the type of environment.

As you explore the various exercises on the app, Muse provides personalized brainwave tracking and performance tools to guide you . You'll see these in an activity meter, and in metric reports, during and after each use. By introducing various activities and stimuli, you'll also see real time results that can help to make it easier to achieving your short or long term goal.

You'll likely want to use your Muse at home or at work first. It's good to start with 10-15 minutes each day but you'll be able to customize the time you want to spend. It'll take time just like learning any new task or game. The trick is to keep at it.

Picture Clique For Instructions Follow Signs!!

try new admit to admissions  https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/muse-the-brain-sensing-headband



my personal favorite wins out hands~down,

Dip Sticks

Thus understanding that this Trip of Life Itself is no longer needed to be the accomplished remain,
for the denial of the Human Orchestra as a Union in a Complete of a Symphonic Perfection with a Directive,
society has emptied the stage for removal in not only the crash but destroying the very Instrumental lives,
not by doubt nor for purpose that benefits any other than the Destroyers Themselves as Killers of Taxed. 

Therefor the reason for a Message such as mine born within my very Being to be delivered in Times Ages,
no longer will be obligated to fulfill the Purpose of Life Itself as a Driven necessary to Complete,
for in the World of Today the manufacturer of the communication systems Satellites and far, far away,
leaving no apparent wisdom to return to such disgusting filthy degrading rapists of the body & Mind,
known currently as the Human Race by Mortal Design with the dead line being the Deathly dates.

Thank the Goods of the Principles that the Grim is existence up and receiving the bodily staff that burns,
to the cremation of know returns to the Court of Death issuing Permanence as the Next Chapter,
this is and has been the Comprehensive in an Honest Account for consideration of Humane Treatment,
towarding the advance of the technology as Steven Hawkings  is a granted belief in truth absolute,
this Man has stated Dimensions now exist so thereby with admission we as Individuals move!!

Such learning at the rate of great costing to the mortal living today in this industry of Mind broughts,
the advance will provide this condemnation that I speak to you with total calculation of downs,
a game that can compete through the Feat left the Corpse in a breathable sport to sprain,
sense to the long distance communicative of know union must see to believe vis-à-vis now loss,
for whom is incapable of completions through their own devices of realizing that Extinction arrives with deny.

 This no regard to person for perks person in the touch or the cuddle of environment to engage wealth,
the Mind Itself will break the connection through all dimensions or understanding thereof,
thus leaving the Human FUCKED-UP reality of raping upon arrival the birth of Rite per Date of Born!!

Bitter Sweet Tax For the Idiots As Rid Reality For Squirts


Back to the witness of Love in itself this seems to be extreme in very dangerous to Venture,
as the appearance of destruction in and of the act to the testimony of it's emotion,
the affect is the robbery of the individual Self as being joint at the connection with an Other,
the creative exploit of dismissing the One whole for the must trust the floundering finds.

After great thought on such said subject the understanding would determine the outcome to scary,
for should the other Being in Humanity not be a whole than the usage would create a drain,
the plug there of pulled at the desire to Ones Will to advantage 'til a situation of control,
bringing therewith this deduction of the total in the sum of a number in complete!!

The thinking of this in comprehending solmization as a scale of written record for tonal bings,
should one whole note be an Opera the second whole piece be the Musical than a Symphony lives,
thus bringing the increase to the quantity of Three Entire Statures Standing Whole together,
in this calculation of theory in Fact it is the Proof of the Completion rather than the separation!!

To benefit the Orchestra of Life Itself as the Instruments in and of are wholes that sing with tempo,
the Conductor in such Training as the ability to bring the entire Set of Persons that have play in union,
the synchronicity is heard yet the individual is not lost to the stage of the sounds as that is the beauty,
the increase of the action brings powerful interactions that forge through in certain timing bells.

Since practice delivers betterment in Any field of dedication there are many hours before this scene,
the mastery of consistency and ability to perform not as a Solo rather to be good enough to be a Solo,
not lost in the Orchestrated Drumming but to enhance the Operatic streaming as fluid together,
the conduit is electric when there are no plugs to disconnect as the Conductor is swinging the New!!

To the Venue of Acoustics it is the barrel of the bounce in the energy of the expose to action,
therefore the piece chosen to perform is the director of the actual seat of the Tune in vibration,
in a house of Opera or echo board of Symphony too the use of a place in Ancient Standing,
the effect is the pull into the desire to join with as a whole experience not a divisive rifting.

Hence Sake to The World Today everyone searching while fucking to no avail of satisfaction,
a momentary fix to this longing for ticks however the talks are no longer little they are texts,
now the practice is the Cell Phone and the joining has no flavor to behoove either in the go,
it's done before the over as the Mind hits it's harvest of the Action in it's Imagination!!

Human Beings have trouble investing the time that it would take to understand that Sex takes practice,
the more familiar you become with the partner in a come the greater the heights in mental ration,
to bump and dump these fringes of just emptiness will continue to void the entire matter to thumped,
B.D.S.M. is a Game based on Trust to the Actual Role in Totaling Life whilst not destroying death. 

A Master Measure For The Conductors Rule is Trusting The Hare

It's Been A While

I used to think that I was interested in knowing what Love was all about of this I do confess to truth,
the idea of what Humanity continual spoke on speaking the empty piece to the filling of the concept,
told what I already knew on fact that I had not been afforded such experience an opportunity,
while in my youth I did stare and wonder of it's emotion as I saw it towards my siblings Four!!

The aspect was curious as it was a better yearning to have witnessed in my mothers eyes for them,
my mother does love my Step-father as she has that same pull within her being to his nature,
growing-up under this constant made me understand that even if I did not appreciate his prowess,
that I also had no right to dissolve or even suggest the dissolution of their partnership towards one another.

My mother did always make me laugh when she was unaware that I was watching her,
she would call my step-father into the room with the funniest yowl in her vocal chords,
a howl to the Moon so to speak with a swagger of her hips as her body sort of was in a swoon,
just as he would enter into her sight the blush on her Being was extreme he made her a bit queer!!

Not that this was a bad thing for the two of them I believe had I not been in the loop of the left overs,
their life may have enjoyed that innocent attach much more leasting circumstance as the stop.

The result of the investigate of the actual emotion has proven to be a thing that just appears to be pain,
after years of merely asking to meet James Blunt based on a the facts of a common theme,
I just had wanted to converse as to what had been inspired him to have sung such a quantum ballet in grands,
the overwhelming nature of which he invests seemed to be an audible drink of my very own passions.

In the flight of death being life I thought asking to be introduced would settle the gnawing question,
it is difficult these days to do what gives me solace when I speak to people as I need to look eye to eye,
in an ordered conversation they're speech volumes as the body language fills the tempo of the Talk,
as time grew into the future this simple thought became a bigger and bigger pulling to his Hymn!!

Throughout the conversations that mode of sending through the Web I realized that a curious,
no matter the factual process or the reasoning behind such perfective it was still a web of trouble,
everyone reads the posts from you engaging the commerce of belief a Cause in of itself,
with each additional express the tug behaved as glue would in the adherence of an idea.

With all the doubt piled on me from random butt jokes not on topic but for never being able to meet,
the dirty taste in my mouth that was left by those people just made me understand the objections,
not to be based on the belief itself rather the improbability of just meeting a Singer on his way to Stardom,
a sort of strange in the end of thoughts for truth of our not meeting to date is based on the else!!

Regardless the entire Love scenario is the scorching knife ready to stab my already broken life,
to even think on the pain that it may produce should I have met James Blunt and he then walked,
well lets just go with Society keeping us at Bay for fears unknown to the Philosophers in Play,
the World answered my Quest with their Actions of Denial on this Account of Bet by refusal to inquire.

Love looks very dangerous 

Picture Stick With One Eye Opened

There is know reason to bother these Little Talks with a Universe in such a youth Full Solar Systems,
the Age of Iron here on Earth is now Four passed the Century Turns in a Millenial type View of Two,
this important detail to all Travelers is an Alert to the replacement of the Emergency Broad Cast jacks!!

To worry yourself over said age is just the fact that I have learned it's not actual year count reply,
it is in the mirror of the Tall being the appropriate height to match the life in or on the dirty muds,
a sort of bare foot approach to the simplicity of mathematics in the proof of to date!!

The leading towards the relief of Honesty in Reporting on the Nationals of Google Courtings,
appears to have eliminated Me in this Round of existence to have to give Way to the Path of Mores,
a sort of bog in the logging of a paper zap to trail the obvious stature too Measure the Accordance in Prime!!

Now to still maintain the back to basic approach of the study in the Sociological joints to class,
words are learned and lives are forwarded to the dimensional understanding of multi-layered facets,
a sordid Diamond that gems out to sparkle the Idea of the Reality that Life Itself goes On!!

To be of Invitation and delegation I embrace the World for the decision to divide and conquer ability,
the promise of progressing thinking killing the living to just trudge through the moment blink is a Daisy chain,
linking one thing to the other bring to be piecing the comprehending to Equal extracts!!

Whether the Muse Heads Gears or the Oracle said Spear the Rock of All times equators,
the belly roll to the earthy pull these productions of feet to walk a way in Infinity blends to Once in a while,
for Evolution is really quite remarkable in pushing towards the back to the Future type Doors!!

In being forth Wright at the Ayes scream that I may never meet ever again ever in absolute ever,
the odds must go to the Favorite in the When Win situative crisis of life on Planet Dirt,
for the mountains are the peeks of the valley grows to only be the measure of the Ice breakings.

A chilling truth to venture so far and never have to be able to afford the joining of the completions,
a real missed opportunity in this sphere of rivalry to the futures of what I'll have to do,
the workings of the Star in gone to Far so long ago in the desperate terrible real Lar!!

I know that somewhere over the Rainbow there lies a precious place called I showed up to Master,
the loan of All to the Value of Know the As Set said Hello I am therefore I was the clearing house,
to put to rest the finality that know dreams come true for the Computer will owe the doings in As Tet!!

It Is Very Important Knot To Eve Out In This Process Of A Bout

YOU guessed IT aye Am back my Name is None a Pun on Course for the Priestly State of Pope,
 I am like a Habit that Praise up On the Gift of All in this ever lengthy stall of More that Die.

The Present Pope a simple lope to which One would like to Deal cope with Said in Dali Lama bids,
the factor of the never ending Story that has had it's 2000 Year opportunity to deliver ANY~THING,
in substance of the Human Form that Speak to Know delight of the Apocalyptic Fright!!

Now since I am the only One in absolute terror of Meeting said Knight for obvious reasons that's Rite,
the entirety of the opportunity for a Couple of Thousands of Years has been not Only presented,
it has shown 'Itself' as an everyday personable happy go lucky individual that speaks Cents!!

A penny on the Dollars earned bye the Church to Press the News of the 'How' and the 'Wise' return,
to equal up as the truth of the Entire Coincidence of Happen stance in Riddle to a Poet Captain Call,
the laughter in Me is Over~Coming the Cup of Relief in having to be Forced to Face my Visa Lead!!

This Pass Port called the Earth Rapport the Wares of Actual Feets that Run to Open Deed for Cored,
talk about the Apple I wish to not Imagine the Rack of the Come backs I would suffer greatly,
the Terribles producing Awfuls in a Lap of being Topped and I DO NOT KNEEL!!

However due to extending circumstance of People with nothing to LIVE from Society Peeved,
every Ones are dodging froms and Seconds are in the blink of a Stair to Heavens Fall as Hell in Ball,
the link beyond know guarantee for I will Continue with the double twisted Idea of Hoot Cares!!

The treasure in James Blunt and his obvious reverse to now his Sin and his Karmic problem is Two Fold,
on the Hand of Completion he would suffer the example of the B.D.S.M. master of gaming,
a full~throttle thrashing from the Able at Handing the steak with Mashed potatoes Primal seat!!

The Ribbing of the Port House says oh My dear blunt the knife is sharpening on the slades,
brilliance is WINNING and sense all You have is Time the shame of the Ages still will Rhyme,
a beating to the Riddle in the Scrabble of my Life placing Peace upon the Pawning WON!!

For Sake I had believed that THE FEAT would be a Contagious ability to go to the Beach,
in San Francisco at the Ocean near the Cliff House across from the Golden Gated Park,
next to the View of the Restaurant which I have forgotten the name of that is a minor detail!!

Anyway to further my story song to the Reality that People would build Bonfires know Pun,
the Sparks would Fly and at the Exact Hour those Same Persons would Realize,
life is a lot of work while preparing for the aspect that Real live Mates exist in Mortal lores!!

Just being capable of saying lets get off our Cell phones return to our point of Uniques,
not waiting for death to Judge no now we can be aware that our Twin Soul Fires to be that perfective,
I can feel that from Mr James Blunt as he dreams about getting even with LOVE repairs in deal.

For Me it is a tab bit different in the stroke of the perspective Dungeon as I am a testimony too,
the basis of flight itself is really just the Mastery of such said ability that is meant to be helping,
as Know One believes it is the Innocence of Me that states it's Okay to break these stays,
for the Blue is the Blue and the Blunt is the Blunt so last time I stole his Horse this Time I am the Force!!

Keeping The Faster Tracks To Silking Out
Life is just a Cell the Math of the Digiting 

Why Insist For In Our History We're Just A Hit Know Price Fixed

I campaign as a Sage a Seer state is I for in such difference I am Real and want I do for Hymn,
in this trait of the now I do not wish nor due is hope for those ideas' have passed with soap,
the gear of Muse in preview Post the one direct behind the toast to Sage a truthful Site.

Plato said some Words of Past that I believe to be a Pact that I wrote so long ago in the Year '08,
the present day is to work for the moments of the Vow to come and Meet my Knight first Line,
I begin an Hour so that Monies can be shown to prove that Twin Flames have a bye before an After!!

To this point I have been stealth but learned that points are shoring too an Age of Horror in done,
as this is all but the same I request the dime today beginning with a Fund to bring the Truth to view,
it is said that with one look the other Flame of Twin will be so taken that it's naturally a gear.

Since the Action of the World frighten many more in Squirm the Worm would be a Scene to He,
the pop of day reads away referring back to Sites in say that Instruct the Use of Play to Vice,
that is Questionable to just the pass on but not search out to prove beyond such doubt!!

An opportunity presents itself as a Person said it's I that wants to need the factor deed worked nigh,
to earn the Fare is all but Square and blocks have been the Wall of Then to not allow the Answer Tau,
so as you re-read the 1000 believes that James Hillier Blunt is a Man I push to Meet in Feat Complete!!

Too simply be complex to Me the Puzzle of the Riddling is bearing down on this Kiss that Cheeks,
to the side of the Lung of a debt to Nailing sum for crossing x with Why the Plea to Weed,
for James Blunt is capable to have an Airplane fly him to the San Francisco Bay Term. to Weak?

Or is it that Society would like to Kill another Lead by reserving Rights to wrong the Rite in Karmic Fleet,
for Tens of Thousands in Years of Gone to no Avail without a Strong that puts a greater Keep,
the Pane to Me is Constant Feed that changes with the Mooding Tree a Scene seems Predeemed!!

James Blunt is a Perfect truth to have the Humor and the Boot that would Justly carry through,
in the Deed of Plato's Vee the Talent to the Show would go to Makings of the Money grow,
for just an Instant to shake his Hand look for Ayes and thank is Band for bringing Settlements to Land!!

Should nothing happen that I suppose the Meeting would have been in go a few full views ago in POE,
since multiple Invitations with the quantity sends to Introduce myself yet know response is News,
for Silence Screams much louder deems than what a I've witnessed in a Open Blue Too Room!!

This in honest of not Appeal makes Plato correct and the World Surreal to take away the better pray,
as Religion continues to Replace the Man by burial of different plans to charge the Route instead,
no dollar value to the Public only Trued to Facts and Stoic that as Returns the World knows it!!

Otherwise this simple Tale of unbelief to Ages Rail the Writes a Many in Natural Plenty of Goods,
would have been greeted to the Masses as very special times to know that the Muse is more than blow,
an Original Piece to Puzzle lease to this Life Time Pose creating best with so much less imposed!!

The Wind in the Average Storm can not be a Statement Born for the bitter sweets of the done,
as Christianity plunders lungs spearing Rites to deadly plights encouraging more to deadly fights,
that is the History and 'It' bites to sewn Exact in Centuries of Black that drown for less than Come!!

Set Heads Gear Purred

Certainly the Technique of the Paved in the Thoughts of 'How' to 'Control' their Environment too,
an exorcists approach to the mind boggling theme of introducing the already happened to a campaign fund,
the gasp of air that will not be oxygen is the Mind of the snap that has than busted the stare,
puttings to jello the the intervene is to train the bother to numb you as wisk to the drains plugged!!

Try it you'll like it sell for the Corpse to an introduction to the most fortunate address to the death walk,
down to the sofa and over in the heady apply liberally as the seat is the ride,
trust in absolute as intrusive in measure of proof to the baking of the brain in a all ready Frame,
the modern day Muse is a trusty account of a better fashion to relief rather mount!!

Clip nothing begin everything Gage the pressure of real life living in the each news realed to post,
tellings of freeze to bright tights that use the act of interaction with the best in show,
traits will be noticed by the Web if it's Net an under Teach to the Professors' Whip,
crop a favorite jump the Site push enter the subscription is Life Itself in a Venue'd Declare!!

Know longer be worried of the nature that advertised for the aspic of sink is the soap of our lives,
zest is a perfect old spicy fav. shaving the whiskers for a clean face to saved,
take a bath in a shower that sings for the voice that is here speaks of great brings to I.D. Eve'ing,
shop to the delight of pennies on the zero for accounts are so full that Two Coins pluck Three,
the Ferry Man dreams of moments to know that the trip was actually not paid for it scened.

Trak the Record to the Needle with an Arm as the Vinyl spins the Speaker turns darn,
a wristing that burns to the temples of bide an awfully radiant charting to a naughty believe,
prefer the stance of a hand held romance to the Sake of James Blunt please don't be fake,
the effort to go and Sing to the World is the life of Knight that Gallants this Lead!!

Strike off to Match the Spark is the Fire a Synapse to Difference in the factor of Wired,
send in the performance via a perfective to prose a Stance to the daisy of hand grenade throws,
to the Sky of the Hi a founder Hello Greats are the Trades sew in Predisposed.


Price Not Included

MUSE: the brain sensing headband

See your brain in action. See how it performs. Improve it over time. In the future, use your thoughts to play games, operate appliances and so much more.

Muse: The Brain Sensing Headband 

Changing the Way the World Thinks

For most up to date info: ChooseMuse.com

Thank you to all our supporters, we reached our goal! 

Muse: the brain sensing headbandhas started shipping to contributors of our Indiegogo campaign

[last updated April 24th 2014]

Please note:

This campaign reached its goal December 7th 2012. InteraXon is no longer offering pledge perks shown on this page. This page will no longer be updated or maintained by the InteraXon team.

Contact our Customer Care Team


Join us on social media

Twitter: @choosemuse

Facebook: /choosemuse

   "The slim, fashion-forward device, which even Anna Wintour would conceivably wear"
   - Huffington Post
 "Finally: a brainwave-sensing gadget disguised as a stylish wearable headband that would fit right in with Google Glass."
   - KurzweilAI.net
 "The world just got a little better."
   - Trendhunter.com
 "The uses for a device like the Muse in the future are even more intriguing"
   - CNET.com

Everyone deserves a Muse.

Introducing Muse: the brain sensing headband.
Muse is a brain fitness tool that helps you do more with your mind by helping you calm and settle your mind.
Muse is a comfortable, lightweight headband with 7 sensors designed to detect and measure your brain activity, just as a heart monitor measures your pulse.
Muse uses 7 sensors to detect and measure your brain activity. This activity is converted into information you can track on your tablet or smartphone via Bluetooth.
Our guided sessions can be used in as little as 3 minutes a day, with audio and visual feedback of your brain’s response in real time. This helps you improve your mind, your concentration and your focus each time you use Muse.

Everyone who has contributed at the Earliest Bird level or higher will receive one of our holiday bonus perks,  This includes all new contributors too! 

  • Bonus brain training:  Earliest Bird, Early Bird, Standard Pledge, My Brain on a Shirt and Beer on Your Mind contributors will receive bonus content with our brain training application so you can do even more with your mind.
  • Source code:  Developer’s Muse, Developer’s Deluxe and Muse Quad Pack contributors will receive source code from one of our games to get you immersed in the world of Muse even faster.

How does it work?

Your brain creates brainwave activity every moment of your life, day and night, awake or asleep.
Each state is accompanied by specific brain wave patterns. For example, brains of people in relaxed states create gentle, slow-moving alpha waves, while those engaged in intense concentration generate quick, jagged beta waves.
Muse’s brain sensors detect the spontaneous activity of neurons in your brain.  Your brain generates electrical frequencies that are detected using electroencephalography (EEG) sensors along the surface of the scalp.
As you shift between states like concentration and relaxation, Muse’s algorithms detect the subtle changes in your brain and show you those changes in real time, just like a heart rate monitor can provide information about your physical activity. 
The medical community has used EEG technologysince the early 1920s. However, recent advances in sensor technology now make it possible to offer EEG in an easy-to-use and mobile form.
Muse sits across your forehead like a headband, and rests behind your ears like a pair of glasses. When properly worn, the EEG (electroencephalography) sensors on the front of the band make contact on your forehead, and the reference sensors on the arms rest on the backs of your ears. Muse connects wirelessly to your devices via Bluetooth. Once Muse is on, you’ll hardly notice it at all.

What else comes with Muse?

We’re including our first application with every Muse.
Built using custom algorithms designed by our in-house team of experts, the first Muse app is called Calm.  The name says it all as this app helps you calm and settle your mind and is the foundation for improving the power and capabilities of your mind with future apps.  Calm helps build skills like maintaining composure, improving concentration and enhancing productivity. 
It is virtually impossible to function at your intellectual best if you are dealing with negative emotions. We recognize how the emotional and intellectual are interconnected, which is why we've designed an integrated system to help people calm their minds. Our first app, Calm, provides sessions based on scientifically proven techniques and practices shown to reduce anxiety and stress, to focus the mind, and to foster positive rather than negative responses. These practices improve composure, mental clarity, concentration, productivity, and your EQ.
We decided to introduce this application with Muse because of discussions we had with people about their attempts to improve their mood and build a more positive outlook and the growing number of stress-related illnesses.   The problem most people had was a lack of helpful, moment-to-moment feedback to know whether what they were doing was working. People simply didn’t know whether they were doing the exercises right. Lacking direction and helpful guidance, it’s no wonder most gave up. 

This was the “A-ha!” moment for our first application.

With our background in brain-computer interfaces, we saw how EEG could provide meaningful and timely feedback to help people get past the usual stumbling blocks.  So we’ve been working with experts who teach mental practices, fusing their methods and our technology into gorgeous, compelling digital experiences to engage in with your compatible smartphone or tablet.

Who’s behind it?

InteraXon is an interdisciplinary team of artists & engineers, neuroscientists & designers. Our founders have been working with this technology for almost a decade. The team started to come together in 2007, and since then we’ve been working to make brain-computer interfaces an accessible, affordable reality.
We’re best known for the installation we created for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. It allowed people in Vancouver to control the lights on Niagara Falls, the CN Tower, and the Canadian Parliament buildings from more than 3000k (over 2000 miles!) away, using only their brainwaves!
Since then, we’ve been building the coolest things we can think of for ourselves and for others. For Wrigley’s we created a chewing game competition.  Every chew pumped up the size of one of their fruit flavors until it exploded with juice. The first to get the fruit-flavored explosion was the winner.  We also built a game where TEDxToronto after partygoers raced to fill virtual martini glasses using their brainwaves; the winners got drink tickets to make their martinis a reality. Of course, we should also give mention to our brain-sensing beer tap. Concentrate hard and the tap unleashed a frothy cold one right into your glass.
From brain sensing slot cars to responsive toasters. From levitating chairs to remote-controlled blimps. We’ve been playing and experimenting, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with this technology. It’s given us a profound understanding of what makes this technology work, what makes it fun, and what makes it meaningful. And all of that knowledge is built into Muse. 
Other people working on EEG spend most of their time thinking about the technology. At InteraXon, we’re constantly thinking about ground breaking solutions that make sense in everyday life for people just like you. It’s this focus that we think is going to make all the difference to you.

This is just the beginning.

We want Muse to be a part of your daily life so we crafted it to be as attractive, comfortable, light and intuitive as possible. We develop applications that address real-life scenarios, providing real-life benefits, while also developing applications that inspire, educate and entertain.

Muse is here to be the guide to the wonders of brain sensing technology for people all over the world. Beyond the initial app included with Muse will be apps created by ourselves and others – maybe including you!
We’re including an SDK (Software Development Kit) with your Muse as well. You’ll get the same set of tools for analyzing and visualizing brain waves, that we use in our lab. 
And please, please, keep us in the loop about what you’re up to with your Muse on Facebook and Twitter. We can’t wait to see the sort of things people do with Muse.

We need your help.

We’ve spent the last four years designing Muse and developing the algorithms that make brainwaves meaningful, and we’re ready to take the next step. But taking Muse from a prototype to a finished product means we need to purchase tooling (the parts that make the parts), order components, and build test equipment to make sure everything runs smoothly. And that stuff ain’t cheap.
That’s why we’re asking you to help us fund our first production run. Muse can’t start changing the world until it’s in your hands, and that’s what this project is about. We’ve been playing, experimenting and building with this technology for years now, and we want to give the rest of the world access to amazing experiences and interactions as soon as we can. Your contributions will make that possible.
Thanks for your support!


What's in the Box?
With Every Muse
Every pledge that includes our Muse headband as a reward (earliest bird, early bird, standard, developer's, developer's deluxe and brainwaves on a t-shirt Muse) includes our first application - geared towards any and everyone interested in improving aspects such as attention, working memory, and emotional intelligence and fun, simple games that you can play with your mind.
Paired with every Muse, in addition to our first application, is the Software Development Kit (SDK). If developing is your thing, this is for you! If it's not your thing, not to worry - though it will come with your Muse, you do not have to use it. 
With every Muse, you have your choice of black or white.
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    Our eternal gratitude
    To show our appreciation, everyone who pledges at this level or above will have their name featured in the credits of our first application.
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  • $45USD
    InteraXon Shirt ($30 +s/h)
    Who doesn’t love a good t-shirt? This pledge gets you our brainy InteraXon logo with our philosophy: “Thoughts. Matter.” (Shipping costs included for US and Canada. International orders please add additional $15)
    Estimated delivery: January 2013
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    The Earliest Bird ($120 +s/h)
    If you help us get started, you’ll get Muse in your choice of black or white, along with our brain fitness app and SDK for the super discount price of a third off of retail. Price will go up when these run out. (Shipping costs included for US and Canada. International orders please add additional $15)
    Estimated delivery: December 2013
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    The Early Bird ($130 +s/h)
    If you missed our Earliest Bird Special, you can still get in now with a discount on Muse in either black or white, bundled with our brain fitness app. (Includes $15 shipping costs for US and Canada. Add $15 for International orders.)
    Estimated delivery: December 2013
    325 out of 325 claimed
  • $165USD
    Standard Pledge ($150 +s/h)
    Get Muse in your choice of black or white, plus our brain fitness app and SDK, at $50 off retail. We’ve designed Muse to help people perform more effectively, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve cognitive skills like memory and focus. We’re thrilled you’ve decided to join us on the journey of making brainwave-enabled technology a part of everyday life. (Shipping costs included for US and Canada. International orders please add additional $15)
    Estimated delivery: December 2013
    283 claimed
  • $190USD
    Developer's Muse ($175 +s/h)
    Get Muse bundles with our first application and SDK, PLUS the set of brainwave visualization and analytic tools we use to develop brainwave applications so you can start building your own applications (Analytics tools will be Mac and PC compatible, and interface with processing and Max/MSP). Be the first to join our developer community, and have your feedback shape future releases. (Shipping costs included for US and Canada. International orders please add additional $15)
    Estimated delivery: December 2013
    540 claimed
  • $275USD
    My Brain on a Shirt ($260+s/h)
    Send us your brainwave data from our app and we’ll turn it into an awesome custom t-shirt for you. Proudly display your brain’s signature rhythm across your chest. How’s that for a conversation starter? Plus, you’ll get the headset in black or white. (Shipping costs included for US and Canada. International orders please add additional $15.)
    Estimated delivery: December 2013
    5 out of 100 claimed
  • $335USD
    Holiday Gift Pair
    Get one Developer’s Muse and one Standard Pledge. Show off your developer skills with someone else or just give them the gift of Muse so they can do more with their minds too (like your Mom!). (US and Candian shipping included, International orders please add additional $15)
    Estimated delivery: December 2013
    9 claimed
    Developer's Deluxe ($350 +s/h)
    You’ll get two Muses: one of our standard offerings when the final batch ships, plus one of our limited supply of hand-numbered prototypes, available months in advance! You also get early access to our SDK and brainwave visualization and analytic tools that our team uses to develop brainwave applications. (Shipping costs included for US and Canada. International orders please add additional $15)
    Estimated delivery: October 2013
    75 out of 75 claimed
  • $530USD
    Muse Quad Pack (save 40%)
    Save 40% off FOUR Muse headbands in black or white, which includes our brain fitness app and SDK, plus our brainwave visualization and analytic tools so you can start building your own apps right away. It’s the perfect pack for research labs, distributors, hackers and corporations. (Shipping costs are included for US & Canada. International orders please include an additional $30 for shipping.)
    Estimated delivery: December 2013
    32 out of 100 claimed
  • $8,500USD
    Beer on Your Mind
    Want your next event to really blow people’s minds? If you pledge at this tier, we’ll show up at your door with our thought-controlled beer tap. Yes, you read that right. Beer tap. Thought-controlled. Think you can pour a perfect pint using your brainwaves? We KNOW you wanna try. Here’s your chance. The beer is on you, though! Also included is a 'quad pack' of four Muse headbands bundled with our application and SDK! (Flight included in US and Canada. International orders, let's talk!)
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