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We begin bombing in five minutes

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On August 11, 1984, United States President Ronald Reagan, while running for re-election, was preparing to make his weekly Saturday radio address on National Public Radio. As a sound check prior to the address, Reagan made the following joke to the radio technicians: "My fellow Americans, I'm pleased to tell you today that I've signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in five minutes." The joke was a parody of the opening line of that day's speech: "My fellow Americans, I'm pleased to tell you that today I signed legislation that will allow student religious groups to begin enjoying a right they've too long been denied — the freedom to meet in public high schools during nonschool hours, just as other student groups are allowed to do."[1]
Contrary to popular misconception, this microphone gaffe was not broadcast over the air, but rather leaked later to the general populace.[2] But the Tokyo newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun reported in October 1984 that the Soviet Far East Army was placed on alert after word of the statement got out, and that the alert was not withdrawn until 30 minutes later. An unnamed aide to US Representative Michael Barnes (D-Md.) confirmed that the Pentagon was aware of the alert.[3]There was no report of any change in the DEFCON level for the United States. The Soviet reaction, and mild confusion it created, was covered by NBC newsanchor Tom Brokaw, which has since been uploaded to internet video hosting websites.[4]
This was not the first time Reagan had joked prior to giving a speech or address.[5] The Soviet official news agency, TASS, condemned the joke, declaring that "The USSR condemns this unprecedented and hostile attack by the US President" and that "this kind of behavior is incompatible with the great responsibility borne by heads of nuclear states for the destinies of their own people and mankind".[6][7]
The quip became the basis for a song titled "Five Minutes", as well as "A is for Atom (B is for Bomb)" by Monte Cazazza's band The Atom Smashers, both of which began with a clip of the recording.[8]


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See Ranch Dressing ~

The Post Ranch Kitchen
My Culinary Explorations in Big Sur and New Ideas and Inspirations from the Sierra Mar Kitchen
Tuesday, February 24, 2015*

In January I was able to spend a few days in Oaxaca City studying the local
cuisine and mescal production. The city exceeded my very high expectations,
not only in its incredible cuisine, but also in its cleanliness and overall
level of hospitality. As expected, the various Moles and Tlayudas were
fantastic. I have always been a fan of chapulines (crickets), but was
actually amazed at how much I liked the cooked agave worms. (I don't think
the agave worms will make an appearance at Post Ranch- but I do have some
ideas for crickets- which I suspect will become a popular item in terms of
sustainable food options in the coming years).*

I had dozens of amazing dishes while in Oaxaca, but one of the items that
really stands out was chewing on a piece of agave straight out of the
earthen oven. The pulp of the roasted agave had a sweet and smoky
complexity unlike anything I have experienced. I want to see if I can
replicate this flavor using wild Big Sur agave roasted in coals and then
reduced into a smoky syrup. It is always exciting how traveling to a
faraway place can inspire new vantage points on ingredients close to home.*

My Culinary Explorations in Big Sur and New Ideas and Inspirations from the Sierra Mar KitchenMonday, January 6, 2014
The Trick To Making The Perfect Chicharon*

We finally figured out the trick to making light as air chicharone.  To start, we remove all of the fat and meat from the skin of the pork belly, leaving only a sheet of translucent skin.   Next we slowly braise the skin in stock with garlic, chiles and bay leaf for four hours over low heat.  After the skins are fully cooked we transfer them to the dehydrator overnight.  The next morning we bring rice oil almost to the smoking point and drop in a piece of the dried skin.  Using a spoon I gently push on the skin in a rhythmic pattern until it begins to turn white and puff like popcorn.  Next I use a small ladle to pour hot oil over the top of the skin that is now out of the oil.  Once the skin is completely puffed and light brown I season it with sea salt.

Mangalitsa Pork Belly, Mulato Chile, Crispy Skin, Finger Lime, Pickled Mango, Cilantro
Posted by Chef John Cox at 3:33 PM 
Friday, February 20, 2015
In two weeks on March 6-8, I'll be participating in a wonderful food and wine event taking place at our sister property, Cavallo Point Lodge, up in Sausalito at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge.  The event is called the Lexus Culinary Classic and it's bringing together some of the finest executive chefs from around the country, including those from Blackberry Farm, Cavallo Point, Pebble Beach Lodge and many more.

The weekend starts strong with a four-course dinner with dishes from four amazing chefs, including Chefs Joseph Lenn of Blackberry Farm and celebrated Pastry Chef Ethan Howard of Cavallo Point Lodge.  Saturday is jam packed with an interactive Italian cooking class, a wine tasting event with Master Sommelier Carlton McCoy and finally a trip up to the wine country  for an exquisite four-course dinner where I'll be preparing a course alongside Cavallo Point Lodge’s Chef Justin Everett and a few others.  The weekend culminates with the Grand Tasting event where I'll be joining the other 11 chefs along with over 19 local wineries to serve up dishes and wine.  You're more than welcome to attend in any or all of these events.

Thursday, December 13, 2012
Stinging Nettles Nettles are frequently harvested in the spring when the rains have stopped and days begin to get longer.  Big Sur does not always comply with conventional wisdom and its unique micro climate is constantly throwing us seasonal curve balls.  About two weeks ago we noticed a small patch of nettles sprouting from by the redwood fence in our garden.  As of today the plants are about a foot tall with small tender leaves - perfect for cooking.  Even though their appearance this time of year is unexpected, they have inspired me to cook sformato, a dish that is perfect for this dreary December weather.

As the name implies, stinging nettles can in fact cause quite a bit of discomfort if brushed with bare skin.  Some veteran foragers, with calloused hands and the knowledge of which direction the spines grow, can handle nettles with little concern.  Personally I prefer the added precaution of wearing gloves when harvesting the prickly leaves and stems.  Once the nettles have been cooked, their spines disappear and the plant is rendered harmless.  The flavor is reminiscent of spinach with a more earthly flavor and vibrant green color.  Nettles can be found around the world and are alleged to have numerous medicinal properties, but for me their flavor alone makes them a worthwhile pursuit.
Sformato, a classic Italian dish,  is a cross between a savory custard and soufflĂ©.  There are numerous variations including: potato, dandelion and spinach, but I have found that Stinging Nettles give the dish both an incredible flavor and appealing color.  Once the batter is prepared I add a puree of stinging nettles and some freshly grated, aged goat cheese from Sweetwater Dairy just down the road.  The dish is finished with pickled cauliflower, crispy cauliflower mushroom and a fondue of Sweetwater Dairy cheeses.
Posted by Chef John Cox at 9:33 AM 

For more information or to purchase tickets, please click here.  I hope to see you there!

At the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge, Cavallo Point is close to everything but away from it all. The lodge, located in national parklands near San Francisco’s urban center, offers 68 historic and 74 contemporary guest rooms and suites. Many have iconic Golden Gate Bridge or San Francisco Bay views. Cavallo Point also offers exquisite dining at Murray Circle, the world-class Healing Arts Center & Spa, the Cooking School and diverse meeting spaces.
The Big Sur Arts Initiative is a non-profit, California corporation formed to provide cultural and artistic enrichment for children and families in Big Sur.

Big Sur Woodworks is a custom woodworking shop located in Big Sur at Post Ranch Inn. We build the highest quality furniture, paying special attention to design, wood selection, joinery and finish. We work with clients, such as Post Ranch, to meet their exacting requirements.

This is the official, complete and definitive travel guide to all lodging, camping, restaurants, gift shops and art galleries in Big Sur.

President Bill Clinton launched the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) in 2005 as a non-partisan catalyst for action, bringing together a community of global leaders to devise and implement innovative solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

Established in 1960, the Esalen Institute is a school for self-improvement in a variety of areas. Built atop hot springs that seep out of the cliffs above the ocean, Esalen has long been a home to those seeking enlightenment.

The Hawthorne Gallery represents the artwork of the multi-talented Hawthorne family, as well as the work of selected outstanding artists across the country.

The Henry Miller Library in Big Sur houses notable writers’ works. The library is open to the public every day.
We’re delighted with our new Lexus SUVs, which shuttle guests to their rooms in style. They are more comfortable than any vehicle in their class we could find. Like Post Ranch, Lexus provides quality amenities, attention to detail and luxurious comfort. It’s a good fit, and we are pleased to have Lexus as our preferred vehicle. The next time you visit the ranch, we’d be happy to drive you to local restaurants and on your off-property guided hikes.

Point Sur Lighthouse and its supporting lightstation buildings, now a California State Historic Park, stand atop a dramatic volcanic rock just off-shore in Big Sur, California.

Post Ranch Inn is proud to be a member of this prestigious group of international hotels.

Ventana Wildlife Society Research and Education Center was established in Big Sur’s Andrew Molera State Park in January 1992. Inspired by the desire to reach out to the public, and with support from the California Department of Parks and Recreation, VWS expanded its programs to include bird research at the Big Sur Ornithology Lab, environmental education and habitat restoration. Today, our current program areas include Species Recovery focusing on California Condor reintroduction, Conservation Ecology, Conservation Education and Habitat Restoration. The mission of Ventana Wildlife Society is to conserve native wildlife and their habitats.
Go to Ventana Wildlife Society Research and Education Center

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Cavallo Point – one look tells you this is a very special place. Look deeper and you'll find an innovative partnership.
Cavallo Point – the Lodge at the Golden Gate was created by the Fort Baker Retreat Group, a project of Passport Resorts, Equity Community Builders and Ajax Capital Group. The Fort Baker Retreat Group is working with the National Park Service and the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy in a unique private/public/non-profit alliance to restore, enhance and preserve Fort Baker as a National Park for generations to come.

About Our Name 'Cavallo Point'

The name "Cavallo" is part of the San Francisco Bay's history. It dates from 1775 when a rocky point near Fort Baker was named "Punta de Caballo" by the commander of one of the first European vessels that sailed into the bay. Wild horses once roamed here, and "caballo" is the Spanish word for "horse." Early California settlers started using "Cavallo," as the pronunciation of b and v in Spanish are very close, and the name took hold.
Discover Cavallo Point, a San Francisco Bay area luxury lodge in one of America’s most popular national parks. It’s one of the most romantic destinations in the area and a great springboard for Northern California adventures. In addition to being a member of Historic Hotels of America, this San Francisco luxury resort was named one of the “Top 10 New American Landmarks” by Travel+Leisure and also received LEED Gold Certification for its environmentally sustainable design and construction.
For Immediate Release - 1/14/2014
San Francisco’s Inn at the Presidio Receives Distinguished Honor Award from AIA and Accolades from Top Media as One of America’s Best Inns
​​Presidio of San Francisco (January 8, 2014) – American Institute of Architects, San Francisco Chapter, recently presented Inn at the Presidio with their distinguished Honor Award for Historic Preservation. The award “acknowledges projects that have restored, preserved, or rehabilitated a part of the San Francisco Bay Area’s historical, architectural, and cultural heritage.” The Inn is owned by the Presidio Trust and managed by Waterford Hotels and Inns.
2013 was an award-filled year for Inn at the Presidio, receiving upwards of 10 distinguishing honors in total. Travel + Leisure’s editors selected the Inn at the Presidio as one of the World’s Greatest Hotels for their book published last year, highlighting it as one of the world’s historic and best value properties. Conde Nast Traveler’s Hot List, the ultimate insider’s guide to the hottest new hotels and spas of the year, ranked Inn at the Presidio as the #4 Best New Hotel In The U.S.
“The Inn combines two of the Trust’s key goals: rehabilitating the Presidio’s historic buildings and welcoming the public to the Presidio,” said Craig Middleton, Presidio Trust Executive Director. “We have been very pleased with the response, and to know that people love the Inn and the Presidio as much we anticipated.”
Additional 2013 accolades include: Sunset Magazine’s Top 10 California Coast Hotels, Vacation Idea’s Best City Inns in North America, 18 Essential San Francisco Hotels, Just Luxe’s 10 Best New Luxury Hotels In The U.S., SF Business Times Deal Of The Year Nominee, Delta’s Sky Magazine Editors Pick, and was one of only two essential San Francisco hotels named in the Wildsam Field Guide.
Due to its popularity, the Inn at the Presidio recently expanded to include an additional four rooms in a nearby historic house, the Funston House. Rooms at the Inn at the Presidio, the first lodging in the Presidio, have been in high demand since it opened in April, 2012.
The Funston House is adjacent to the Inn at the Presidio on Funston Avenue, also known as “Officers’ Row” and is lined with wood-frame homes that make up the oldest intact streetscape in San Francisco and one of the park’s most beloved landscapes. The homes were built circa 1862 for U.S. Army officers and their families. The Funston House opened in July, 2013 and may be rented in its entirety starting at $1,000 or as individual rooms priced at $195-$245 per night.
About Inn at the Presidio
Inn at the Presidio is the first hotel to open in the Presidio of San Francisco, a National Historic Landmark and a national park site at the Golden Gate, one of America’s most beautiful and renowned locations. The Inn is owned by the Presidio Trust, a distinctive federal agency created to save and transform the Presidio. The Inn offers guests an authentic historic experience and exceptional recreational and leisure opportunities. The Presidio is just minutes from neighborhood shopping districts and only a short distance from downtown San Francisco, North Beach, Union Square, Chinatown, Fisherman’s Wharf, the Ferry Building, and Golden Gate Park. Marin County and the Wine Country are across the Golden Gate Bridge to the north. The Inn is a member of the Historic Hotels of America., Contact: General Manager Terry Haney 415-800-7356
The Presidio Trust
The Presidio Trust is a distinctive federal agency created to save the Presidio of San Francisco, a historic Army base, and transform it for a new national purpose. Since 1998, the Trust has worked to catalyze ideas, partners, and resources from all sectors to save the Presidio as a public place. In 2013, we reached a key milestone established by Congress and now care for the Presidio without annual taxpayer support. The Trust is guided by a clear vision for the future: To ensure that the Presidio will forever be a public place—vital to life in the Bay Area, valued by all Americans, and celebrated as an international destination. The Presidio Trust actively shares its knowledge, promotes leadership and service, and fosters innovative problem solving. For more information on the Presidio please visit:

And YET just on The Edge of a literal Five minute drive from ........

Two anchor tenants leaving Gateway Shopping Center in Marin City

Anchor tenants Best Buy and Babies "R" Us at the Gateway Shopping Center in Marin City will soon close, the center's property managers have announced.
That two of the center's major retailers are leaving at roughly the same time is purely a "fluke," said a representative with the Southern California-based Gerrity Group, which owns the shopping center.
"We have another tenant for the Babies 'R' Us building, and they should open in August," said John Waters, who manages the center. He would not disclose the name of the new tenant for the 25,500-square-foot building, but described it as a "major national tenant" that will be a "significant draw and job creator."
Babies "R" Us — which sells clothes and other baby gear — will close at the end of March, Waters said. The store employs 30 people, officials said.
Electronics store Best Buy, which occupies a 48,500-square-foot building, will close Saturday when the lease expires. Best Buy decided not to renew the contract.
"As we have said over the past year, we will close or relocate stores from time to time as a normal course of business," said Best Buy spokeswoman Carly Morris in a statement.
Forty-eight people work at the store. Negotiations are underway to find a new tenant for that building.
"Best Buy sort of cannibalized itself by opening up in San Rafael, and they have stores in San Francisco," Waters said. "This one was sort of in between."
Exiting Best Buy with a pair of stereo speakers he got for 60 percent off the original price, Mill Valley resident Christopher Nassopoulos said the imminent closure is a move in the wrong direction for the local economy.
"I'm sorry it happened in Marin City," Nassopoulos said. "If anything, this area needs an economic boost, more jobs."
And, he said, the shopping center could see less automobile traffic as a result of the closures, which would mean fewer customers for the other stores.
The center, built in 1995 at 100 Donahue St., still has several tenants: Ross Dress for Less, CVS Pharmacy, Dollar Tree, Starbucks, Subway, Sleep Train, Outback Steakhouse, Burger King and Panda Express, among others at the 182,030-square-foot site.
"We are optimistic the vacancies will be filled and that the right mix of retail will come in to meet the needs of Marin City and the larger community," said Johnathan Logan, general manager of the Marin City Community Services District, the community's de facto city council. Meanwhile, the Marin City shopping center will see some upgrades this year in its parking lot, including new planter boxes.
"We want to create a nicer feel in the parking areas," Waters said