Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Acoustic Truster

Teaming in Time where Life is why,
produced a full featured true,
to provide things like Innocent Belief,
with stating Faith happens in by.

A Trust to a View enhanced the blue,
to strive for greater means,
the ones that can cause the sum redeem,
not bury people in a suicide theme.

This is not a 'Carrot-on-a-Stick'
the verse is rather a sip,
to invite the lost in fright,
a road to path return.

The World at Large determined far,
from embracing different could,
to lock away not just a key,
the burial is burned for wood.

Cause and Affect 

Difficult decisions are made by whom,
 does chose to guide a boom,
allowing words to come,
at rates of natural speeds.

Imprisoning a person, place or thing,
it's true I am familiar,
however all that's given,
are gifts that came with being,
the nature of the scene.

What Paints Make

The didactic of rhyme contained,
the complexity barreled with kind,
the Commons Mind much like mine,
began the after in handed time.

The grasp of a Story for,
reality to believe,
brings many into life's relief,
that opportunity to choice of meet.

As rotation of the galaxy,
knows the cosmic strength,
without the wheel turning,
the rest becomes the sink.

Creation evolves to a wash of falls,
empowered from the driven Suns,
that anchor Moons in stay.

This Circle of an Infinite line,
is known to be a sign.

Reveal brought with only dream,
the numerical valued streams,
to educate or to relate,
the bigger eventual living state.

As most do know that people throw,
the towel does represent,
folded well to be a Tell,
that priceless is learned not spent.

A favorite Show now does play,
What Dreams May Come today.

Blunt Myth Bornes

Oh for the whale of a Tale,
owe-be-One's pride to flow,
in words of prose as confidence grown,
to ask the question that sum dotty knows.

The Sees 'our' rough,
the rumbling must,
release the be to for's,
the mention of the pour.

The stanza built up to deem,
that Life is simply complex to Theme,
the populous of World new!!

Grappling shaped the tune to make,
a cast that would produce a sake,
to better Mankind's lead. 

The rise of the settling come,
enter the beat of the branding tongue,
a language laced in Mysterious trace,
the evidential line to taste,
that Time does ripen due.

The flats that looked like the end of the World,
came Men to find that it's a burl,
the safety of the floating lark,
opened new lands with wondering parts.

As Captain shipped the built to sky,
a Compass found the Needle tie,
a hay stack full of many my,
the concrete now are riddled by,
a different lost at sea.

The pounding now our Feat.

High Brew

People Come and than they Go,
Yes the History tells of Beau,
the shot to Talk and not just Speak,
the Common does such similar Flows.

In my Home the laughter booms,
take the thought 'Continue' lives,
the Prints in Larged for more it's Par,
the Tea in Coffee creamed approach.

Life is weird I often cheer,
that even I do joke this near,
as words a float to quick a boat,
the oaring of a Peer.

The built can knew,
that sometimes blue,
Shows with Venues love and truth,
no same mistakes would ever do,
for the jump is coursed anew.

With such luck the hit will be,
like the Radio is actively,
a bit behind a heady lead,
that once was felt and now is read.

The Toast is glasses that be wares,
to see right through the brightened light,
the clique remained to be a Site,
and Google maid it so.

Thanking from the tops of Star,
the twinkle twinkled for a Par,
the wish so granted in the littlest our's,
to enhancing days of romanced to Plays.

The Opera wrote such Lyricists phones,
a symphony to score the settled tones,
the drumming Cello or Violin grows,
the Trumpet said it blows.

A Flautists Read,
wets the piece,
to prepare for musics chair,
the Metro Dome to Lair.

Deeply seated a Piano Grand,
Baldwin played Chopin came,
the sound so very much the same,
as years ago when Men did know,
that sheets of music got them shown.

Streaming in from sides of trend,
the Bass did string the pull,
as Acoustics leave the sound to roam,
it is electric to know the Stone.

A Single Foot Lock

Melting Glaciers Stars afar,
Planets speaking explosive spar,
Suns in lasting ever shine,
Moons to be the friends in shy.

Chiseled stones to granite loans,
metal melds of Armor known,
Swords for precious few in soar,
Knights present the Past of doors.

Hardy built the Cosmic tilt,
Galaxy hear this mighty roar,
I speak to you the Universe,
your sight amazes true.

To believe 'The Big Bang' said,
Hello to Worlds not yet made,
be strength of light and boisterous tights,
the Mural of those do.

Embracing Cosmos have such scenes,
ever shown the Pass to be,
more than the quick and streaming fee,
that all things die to same the Deed?

Weather storms of rain to thunder,
a hurricane in absolute is wonder,
the outskirts torn the energy plunder,
but in the Eye it's Calmly spry.

The Asteroids that fly from somewhere,
the speed at times seems so slow,
miscalculations often show,
'cause when they hit it's crash and know.

The Elemental form of Life,
is the breadth in touch or rife,
can living be a surprise,
does interest draw upon the Sky?

The Well of Depth to Stepping tells,
is balanced with such gripping shells
throughout the Story there're sending told,
to Post the best so Man could chest.

Life's Hazard

Tiger stripes to been and Scene,
the first of what is all in seams,
in bones of human the body deep,
at the more of a Cougar's door.

Pamph address a trio test,
the One, in Two, in Three rise True,
older than the News to tail,
reporting offers scripts to bale.

Hey to packing the back in fro,
flyers of the Mind did some,
the sweet in Honey a tuning come,
as the thinking blinked the thumb.

Hitch the fact to nothing lacked,
from beginning the Fire's track,
the Pact so freely written shared,
almost as if I had been there.

Strangely the Frill creeps up so Still,
windows create the view to nor,
which will provide the height to Cry,
or is it left as matched in case.

Have such greats the profits stay,
revelations port the entry prey,
as to Notice a smile may pave,
the road of goodly words to save,
the bring delivers unallayed.