Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I Believed in One other person especially meant for Me and that he was here on Mother Earth just waiting for us to run into each other!

I dreamt of a boy when I was a girl.  I believed with all my might when I was a little girl that there was only one other boy and he was meant just for me.  I knew, that just like me, he came so far through eternity just to hold my hand and be my mate as an adult.  This very simple and I guess what most consider, at least they consider this type of thought these days, to be stupid.  In reality this was really the idea that saw me through to where I sit today at the age I am, a long, long way from being four years old and so very alone. 

I lost so many friends to their own hands. My friends committed suicide and I could not stop them.  I could not do such a thing for myself for I felt that I would have cheated that one boy.  I guess he would now be a Man, kind of cool when you think about it.  As simple as I may sound, I truly felt with all my being that there was that only one boy for me to love. 

I never found him. I tried and I discovered that laughter drowned any hope I had when I made any inquiries into this dream of mine.  For all of those that say, "Men are like buses, they come along every 20 Minutes."  I don't believe you. Men are rare and are very unique unto themselves.  I know that I may be lacking what it is to understand why I have never been able to find my mate, but, I do believe that at one time during my life, he existed, he was here, walking at the same exact time I was walking too.  I love him for making that journey. He came all the way from where those of us that must believe in such innocence of magic itself reside.

I love you, whomever you may be, you will always be my Man to me.  Thank you so much for showing up to be the One and the Only for Me.  Forever and A Day!!