Sunday, May 28, 2017

Durr Not Duh As Spelling Is Know Optional

Should the United States Post a course throughout the event of only the curb to a stop sign, the average alley would be where on the block?  Or, is the Map of the counter on the seat to threshold?
What there from is the breeze to the smoke on the ceiling of that draw?  Trip to journal.

Trip this journal to the paragraph that just records without a vinyl scratch.  Deep groove to those and grease their balance to the fame that their after said in such grasp that I shore.  Then bounce this to their desk and tell them from me that their idea of what is beyond is so studied that IM.plants are the cell phones in their hands.  As those that cannot be named can do the best show and not have to worry about being gleaned by the which craft of each every clover guest, the clear and persistent is the doubt that push is pine and hymn is so full to piece of calm that I always draw comfort to the learn and acknowledge and yet I treasure to the curt see of time on raised.  As it is really the posture of ballast that marks this day a saddle for humanity, it is the rift, the bare note, the tires that never die tread that have made fathom of nostril to stream.  For far from any is the hug of Marconi, the love of my dawn and certainly the life in and of what is known by me as the real.  Not a film, nor a clip, it is the berth of such magnificence that I know love is more then a pause, it is in infinity.  The rail of train to this measure of seen is more to the library of that grown just the other night in a wonder of Worlds, I etched and did not scratch in a thought of what I never wince, as what is love when singing is graced.

Worry I do, however the breeze in the wind is the harness of the saddle that bridle of the bit that the ones that cannot be named rein.  Therefore so glad that happy is be said and that the ones that cannot be named are and safety becomes rather the continued leader of confidence and strength that hugs my life with warm love for tender sweets that have not swept under the carpet of society the man in the blindness of what marked as a planned on the News this evening May 28, 2017.  Simple; that bring of solace to wonder is no more, as sobriety to clam chowder, as the sourdough of Midnight Gallery, this day reminded me now of those drives with my mother at the helm and my brother and I in deep listen to the radio on I-5.

The gravity of station to the galaxy of repaired is the distal branch of no fish.  To belief of faith is a joster ring that brings nothing but foolish doubt and debt as be dealt.  Grasp to the rim and know that these are the fathoms of Universe to Universe and this planet and it's dark hour is merely a note to remind myself that this is Hell and yet as I travel the bell free the suns are in the found and life is not bound by shifting shards of thresholds door.

For the ingredients of what is bread, it is the sway of the wheat as the gentle salt in the air is what is the rise to the sun and announcement of the Moon to know that there are 24 hours in a clock.