Wednesday, April 18, 2012

To Consider the Shock of the Light and the Dark

Lightning, Thunder, Nature Rolls,
a natural riddle rhymes.
With salt & pepper, a super wealth,
no country desires this stealth.

I glide into humanity.
The view is of a Sty.
I look to see it is not me
and guide myself from thee.

In such naked exposure,
a shot to never take.
Will my life turn over
or does the Clover make......?

Prepare for bedtime stories,
of flights in life not made.
Dream at night of what you'll be,
while I bow out so gracefully.

No Deed will go unpunished.
No Song will ever play.
In what a life of strife has done,
no interest: I am threw.

An easy and a planned escape,
look out for past mistakes.
Don't point the finger at each other!
I heard four point you.

I'd ask for an opinion,
but, so many judge this road.
Perdition was a Movie.
My life, I try to live.

Although I seem to just exist.
Do not knock this path I'm on.
I do believe you must do this
before you try to row.

To try to do or complete such feats,
will prove to be a song.

Getting on with all you must,
I levy,
"Who do you trust?"

Questioning does not beg itself!
It's the indifference that is in between.

Spouting out your next move,
"Do you play Chess with Life?"

So easily you count; You do!!
Make sense to me?  "I don't think so."
The noise between us seems to grow,
while yelling out the score.

Do you stop to smell a Rose?
How does this plan strike you?
Complaining words is all I hear,
it streams across everywhere.

To end the madness one final time,
will cause most skin to crawl.
Spout out the reasons to listen to
on how it's treason due.

Be not the voice that needs to speak.
Leadership is more!
The greater a person walks to be,
the less the fight in Me.