Friday, February 21, 2014

Glacier Steam

Watching the World die,
a tear is in the rain,
the shame of what will be,
lost in eternity.

Love is just a word,
people spread it like an infection,
a disease without a cure.

Never showing,
it looks like ice cream,
melting in lives of,
only dreams.

Better Said

The compliment of another human being,
lends credence to the existence of life itself.

The walk of humanity is a lonely one,
when your hands are the only ones you hold.

The hug of the breeze,
the shimmer of the trees,
the balance of the surroundings,
this becomes the identity that you rely upon,
to even attempt to breath.

Life has gone so wrong,
we have swept away connections made,
alliance now a phone.

An icon or reflection,
there are no eyes to see,
when the example holds your read.

Negativity streams so hard,
the words with faces never touch,
as if the anonymity releases rush,
the storm of their energy is CRUSH.

Conversations eye to eye,
ability to listen or to say hi,
the handshake now fingered swipe,
destruction is the same,
just like a puppets trade.

Collective Thought? or Internet taught?