Thursday, March 31, 2016

It Is The Seen As A Picture Rein To See What Is The Iron Age Of A Parody That Ironic To Know A The Truth Of Parents Whom Know The Horse On Course Of Say A Unicorn Was Said To Be More Than A Cave Once A Grasp Like A Drill Its Now A Sill; like Wind doughs!!!

How exciting McDonald Found day Shin in the China Peoples,
very exciting for the first borns that will enjoy the laughter & leans,
to drive the chorus of that chortle of parents to the comprehension of skill.

Touch chin the shoulder to comprehend the Package as beautifully loved in scripts marriage Toned,
ringing with Love Inn I cent that kids Train,
to station identification of the rippling see!!

Learning to balance those bouncing balls cart,
karaoke WOW Feat telling prose Well of fun ole Sayings too The Blues!!

In My Country the Monk^keys have been of a certificate With sleeves to Shirts called to be braced,
how Ever the traveling Pants on a tagged,
The United States of America on Constitution off rote!!

Writ stream of Creek the River 'Grand Canyon' describes gently Men have had a bridge Swallows,
birds of Eagle to flight of ba^Rae bread wide the Butter which Popcorn displayed,
big bends once Known to the hop of the brew,
tea leaves on shingles thus cobble is strand,

pebble to sand the grains of the Hand on weird in technical difference is queer.

But in that procession of parade Dean the scene Grade X^Port^take^Shin to ever gone Faxed,
Y is the Palm demonstration to Fern in the fossil of rocks as the Sun got a tier,
lanes of the Chart to cork Bottle Message,
change is the speedometer of lives on the Shade!!

Sew congratulations China Country with Wall,
may grace be the finding a wonderful sand,
draw^Wean this church`d to chill of call,
Numbers to Sole U lore with loving the Fan!!  

Its a Real Universe to a galaxy that Cosmic Orion,
fill in the beams as this earth is of Turf,
cent to Tibet that ticker tape strange,
remind the mind Clock of the pulse beet Ten Men,
collect Shins of Trust become Watts explain From dial of Box Is the basis On Tubs duh!!,
so as the Mountain Wills breeze Zee of US cap a Toll eh is brick bye bricks stoned to recover a grub!!