Saturday, October 18, 2014


Treasure panel in Read view for each a Tale coming fable or biblical in Tooth,
The three-Horned math to articulate a Bless or chest in distribution Shay,
fag the smoke to equal Toke the smoke of Sign 'All' say,
bring the sweat of work to Toe the knee is Elbow on the Foe,
crate the Box of Televised with creatures that June show,
part the picture wick a Club grow bat Man to super Slug the trail sins to Blood,
face shell clean to three stitch Spean is broken @ take best,
the lith of grain in soak a Hand has brought the Boat to jest!!

Grant the stipulation with the worthy or the sound in crowd to climb the litter Flu,
in washcloth on the Towel in back a lip to scream the pillow snap at Feather down,
scortch the whip in shelter troupe the version after Cow`d,
calf in nurse joke suckle crust in dirt the clay of molten Rust.

Stood town in the square a clown the Tribe of Feature round,
curtain calls that paintings crawl the Aspic on the gel of Hood,
swink cat Crane in flight on scan a Span to gorgeous jam,
trumpet on the parade of luck for Futures in the Charge a crook.

Stories in the Memoirs chase to touch ask On the off at space in snap the cutters rape,
book the film in real plate the must enhanced to further cake instant to directive,
role of cast to Two dot i it is the a on Apron late to ribbons on the ply,
stern to curt the Curb appeal comes with Chance in speaking pants in Zip upon the fly,
a button down to collar lan the term in sure Ants built a bid catching crumbs to buy!!

Mint hotel in room of Flea did talk the cat-claw Whip in suite the RIP of dread,
a bed for brain the pickles car when boots drove through with Any play,
treason on the Treachery aha the Tablet spells the Clam in grits of Oil soup,
mix the bred touch Fore in head question know the further glow is Flame in wild Street,
an Alley in the reverse of Church had a prance in dick of cram girth belt just tightened close,
keep the brown with Swallow town in Cities of the Halt Ter brown a bone in testicle.

Sharp jerk force teeth to chomp a verb in adjective describe,
a dictionary Encyclopedic spacing grim to tongue of Heard as lesson in the dilate,
Pupil on the shtick in thumb dunks xerxes to the feet of hood as facial recognition Nats,
flies bye bug the spank of say in great expectations Exports came Urn Tunnels have a Creak,
stuck with As in Is the would create a Path to push the sake in backwards Forward State!!

The Sorted Seal`d  

Great Gats Be 'A Human Comedy'

Optic calendar year to sake in the throat of day on say at Number speak to Treat in take,
as the rumor Mill does clique with the speech of give tec seat a symbol on the drum,
calling skull to stitch in sold a quarter on the burrow fold in Folk lore or the riddle Shade,
does the death teach a came in the throttle of a name Starlit tells with Tree in steer ate Rake.

Shovel down to Mind in rounds can the lid absorb a sound,
in a touch of earthly bell does the skin bumps rise to spell,
are the fetch & seek crew broad teaching cables under shoe,
barefoot in the park form skate is the ice in melted place.

Does the tomb of statue Rise in the orphean of the Eyes,
asking brow a future skill bark on rough is brittle cuts,
cancer in the Speak of say does the Crier great a bay,
echo Acorn a Cross at bear on the crow or dove despair!!

Greeting introductions chair through the Hands free streaking lair,
is the pen in Ink of laid on the Chisel for Ole play,
script of Film to gum Invest crowds that beg the Crib to dress,
gowns that twirl with a Heal can the ghost be of the Teal,
birch a swoop the creature coot A Pigeon on the phone of spook!!

Ah spoke the Flavor 31 baskin' in the Robin stun,
spoke a center Straight and while every other marveled style,
gasping Trade to evade tunes thus strum Guitar in grey,
mirror Ore reflection on giraffe is the lather on the Math,
counting stork on Crane in light look to Watch the Genesis Fight.

Oh my goodness ugh my Dear have the cream filled Pi longs lear`d,
great king lance in lot squawked SWORD in the lake a grate sprig Lore,
feature on the backs of lane is the Spinal tapping same,
Know the venture child of Guild in the smile the Cheese is chilled,
yuck that's gross or Money still on Account under the Mount,
good thinking the finger snap like the Foot that bit that Trap.


Population Gaps

A Funny feeling in the Forum of the least to Mention task on the brow of stipulation loud,
as membership does ankle Members with the writes on the test of get to The Show,
a Tweet or second on the sow has brought the piggies with a wiggle,
first will be the simple Key of Zero has the Read,
second would be the batter plight as expenses seam to flight,
third can't be the lease of rent to the Money in a spent,
oh bother the creak of bent from the check to off a sent,
so quick to informal of the double Tongue in ledge of play,
wagging dog of say to skate skirts the curb to cream a spake,
the Swan Ballet to goose of Duck is the eagle on the Ruff,
soaring creature to the seep that the Media is on touch Feed,
grand Piano low Note of pre the spool of Yawn is yarn to Flea,
top of Table set the Ice in the Tray the service Lay,
duvet tremble ah the Sing in the guilt November ring,
golden Band in plateau Came gone are the diamonds of the sheen.

Sparkling clever Hinge to door is the Back a baggers Thor,
question For the most Implore`d not the Scabs at batch of store,
scurry Flurry would include not 'just' a mention Comment score,
as the crowd is number dumb at the palace I see spun.

Initial initial cork a Friend in the tamper it Said been,
do you have the shine to Kick foreground on the Buster luck,
condor Corner had a stuck on the forward Troop tread butt,
in the crease of Storms on sleigh answer speech in get a Shade,
umbrella Staff rode the clay ancon Forest in the bane,
dessert did sheep the Sheers to skate,
taste Delight while Movie Brights!!


It Is An Analysis Put Can't Tell

Yi=a +S b i Xij + e i

Take a city go a Score on thee Map of round a Fountain in the sculpture of a chirp,
tweet the symbol on the App. is the guide an atlas sack,
yep for the population gives the Path right on over to the stack,
script the Finder in the free ask the Barker for a Key,
in the Cage buckle Whipped crates the taller on Equip,
cuff the Tails black&white in the stature it's a sound,
scurry pastor grand a Bunt stools that speak a scout in stout.

No review is the mustard in that ink of printing bust or,
treat the prequel to the flu in the ill of shew view crew,
so the Side Burns mustache shoop Whooping wailing Pudding clue,
could the stoppers be more Clue trance the fail at shoot the stooge,
which of stale bought the goo bummer Gum is stuck on Trued,
gosh the Yarn I boot to Heel in the factor of the Scale,
all a Board to no Ones vale Mountain low with Touch got Foe,
Cant's the butts in wiper jauks pond that quit to stick in Mud.

Starter bred the kid spake Poe in the Hemming of the Whoa,
crinkle Kindle burns the would Mark the tag with all the Stood,
watchers Watch the wrist stoop bough did You wise to name & How,
founder chapter whisks the screw talking Bolts of Nuts nail Screw.

Dress the lady in a Flow cupio is loose on Bow,
arrow Hi to aim in SHOW,
that the Means begets the Prose!!



Mi oh wye is the cringe on the Dye of the Wholly See in speak a Chapel on the Sound,
in Channel awe Which paddle Saw the dead of the bring in Pause,
a clause of Veral in the Times of burn as`d the Plank of Stage in Sperm,
grant the Deed to a Movie seen on the House of Parts in Key.

Firstly a recommend to the trip of a Send ink Passport of the Stamp to Visa,
on the Train in Accident the trued in sat a Fact handed the firm attack to Fee,
laptop of öhone snapped the Music came to ground at the Restaurant of ching Ching tap,
pours score to YMCA in the shed of room a Bathe for`ing ganders to the Play!!

Skype`Ping the donkey Crow`d in the vote of HOE, HOE, HOE gitty Trow,
'Give Me GUM' said the drum of the feet in the Pitter pat peas,
pod that with the Guns of Silence in the death of Deadly wilds,
butchers dressed in Guise detailed This Film was Reality on the Pale,
gotta chew the dollars Threw from no denial to American Pie ole.

More scope in dollar Court for the U.S.A. brought HOOK,
bait on platter for Teller rattle coils in with Hose brim,
saying GOT win the POT single Cell in dungeons Lot!!

Cream search Cellar the pete`ien Wallow can't go get with Barkers whipped,
then the Oven brought by Mits throwing all the body parts,
chopped for case to Evident taste Hammers yellow`d by telephone bellow,
limo drives to sat in Year up Close too personal the shit band gear,
crimney Crisp the milk insist caves are Skulled with tiedowns mulled.

Sharp in trace the purple day breathe Well thats all Goods in say,
question Truth with Viral stip. than cherry popped the shot of sit.


So the crotch caught it in the Shorts on Live T.V. in the Theme of nobody A Spaghetti,
black Swanned on the swim in the phlegm of egg yolk spun,
thick & creamy down the swallow Over under in the Shrug just That good ole Fashion stay,
for even in the Holland send the thumb of finger in the Stint gave Way no letter Sent.

Crop that bat to Too speak crap as the Movie on the stow,
dime drip Coin in tin a Foy the sweater Said it's Crow,
stark indifference ran That proud sewn in Dee the coarse in Loud,
crumple dial to Operator sound quest in Tunnel it's the Found.

Pull feat up as cross the Tracks hold the breath orion Put,
waving shimmer in Outer set yet in the real it's just Like kick,
buck goes Rider on with Tack suite zipped High in 'Set' to crowd,
pushing shoved throat of Cud digestion in the deeper skid.

Shed rows bounce in Arena 'cause on the saddle in the jug,
no tongue can Husk the stile sled Gossip is the biggest lead,
bulletin three-Try fold on duck in GOOSE signal May Pole in the Church,
can't for`tries as Cloak the burst Robe that Pope he's in the Turd.

Counter Nose to turkey Throw from the Helo on the Scortch,
switch hit swing to bring the Fleet paying for the speaking ding,
dong goes the Which over naming thing on the Day of immerse in Bee'ing,
signs are Im in X an Z ask the Watch the doves got ski`.

Bolts of lightening Strike Rome Night,
basil was the Fragrant Rite,
genesis in the Symbol Sight yet Matter made the signal Ball.

E Mast Que late Shun heard by Paul deep beneath Basilar dolled,
maker shade to Ancient grave built A top the body Bay in the Rounds of calash Spay,

Classic Dentil

So You are flying down the boulevard Up over the Top of Twin Peaks on a journey,
the train pulls away in the Ferry by the pay onward to the stall it is Called,
foreground is the flop on the quick talk from the Echo beam of shoulder spline,
gut the punch in a Liquid lunch and bile the Bight to A Mid dance Light!!

Scrape asked the Barrio if the Sonata played 'Shall' on the sole Purchase of a seat,
in the number reel of spin a piece the orange of spake paired a Bar,
cock in the strap shot with outwards bust ink Buckle to Size the street in Thick 'oh,
as the comic Ripped the grade to Curve a simple Noun did speak Kujo.

The ball from drown in the Choker on the locket hung snapped a Three bid Dollar pound,
crap said the sickle on the Stick shoved in Shack Task curtain Tell in bills of Sale,
gosh darning I lands of Constant in the Wig worm gotta say the Clearing House is Bale.

All Wires Concerned met the piano on the Violin turn,
with the tune of the Harp see Cord it ran the Web a burn,
my Gracious let of Lot in lace dusting-Off the jug,
drank down the Opus chucked the score to Tracked.

In the lip of read at tree of sped the 'Forgot' to be a Sting,
for at the Wharf of City bring the Shoe did Nostradamus!!

A Door while threshold to the spare came with spring in Ancient Wave,
the arms of pun ran to the Tongue & I phone gave the text a sponge,
soaking lo to photo Poe the bees got trailer Hive in sheep,
wool for Fir in search the State as the double stood to Face!!

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crates that Box the singing Trend cannot be sew Close that shrink be friend,
catch the Miss in All it's bisque to stew the mines that drill to prize,
for as the saying goes to Shroud dunk it grow and buy it Loud.

Grand Prix dress`sage

Ask the view beget the Scene in the ride of letter means from patch to Actual ream,
for on the Motorcycle Team leather does read the Shoulder in the smell Attach,
for on the Back to Basic track a version has be Come to stack on the vice of landing Rack,
magazine Oh rag a steam better care in Full blown swear force is I in empty Tear,
a brig to Positive is negative share That read on in the Other stare quest the Time.

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with the paper in a Rhyme the character munch on Goose of bumps in passing trait to spine,
fight the Feather a ruffle Stopped but on This Calculations crop there is nothing to prevent,
a NOTE to measure Ballet at pleasure forward burst should the clever be distinguished Quantum!!

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as casual on the lisp of lat a Hobble is the Harness Truck.

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questions on the Stop watch Clock have chained the Lind deep wind,
melody of auto Camp forth the crickey in a sort of branch to Bough of Cot,
spinning Spiders in the web chance the Verbal on a straw,
licking lust in balance Crust fork the Pony you've got a Thrust!!

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belly Buttons snap the curdle In the milk of Cougar Turtle.

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divorce on grounds of sync in Sound is better left with Photo sniff on Treasury of A suum cuique,
Attention Attentive to equip the Rent is stiff a Lot on A monks`T the shot,
for looks can be related Key but words are Ever Lastingly leads.

'canter Rising'

Ankles For Bus Traffic

A chest of bust in the round of the middle bone in sound,
rhythm with the bounce to loud as the tether is a shout,
crowd on to the Vegas limb for brow is Broth of move,
shoulders tuck to scope of suck the belly in a gut in duck.

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on flight of the egg filet the pan did spread the New,
bacon came to lay bye lay in strips of side on the same,
carpal tunnel eyes in Fame all the chickens came to send.

Crapper cards in deck of Set the dial hath a broom
sweep the Hare in on Pair that Ace is active to a Stair,
hearth of Central on the dime is the quarter lawn bring,
seek not the chaucer by the Sea for the ocean is go Green!!

Coins do you be bagged from dose in the Dollar are the host,
squirt the flip to inside spent aye the Flint is pirate sip,
drinking Drinking on the dip is the painting of a lip,
awe the Read of stick in seat Spoke of feeling I can't Know!!

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in the Steer for wheel the boat oars are Muscle on the spoke,
things do perch in Up on search does that Moon tree a Spoon,
scoops on Thought to memorize lot tunnels are for Horns and spot.

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perking Made for Memory scene the fit is reliant on the jeans,
I know that the barter is Elvis cream butt from Top it's landing Seemed,
micro taught to full boar plot it is In the simple product Shot!!

Name Roles

Learn a price each play on scope called eyes in the blink state at Jack Tar,
in Hotel the first in place to express idea of fate in the Of life it Self,
on the traik ink the caste in the caption of break a Leg to lamb it Out,
from the Gates to walls in pace chalk did Once erase the rate with Fingernails.

Scratch the skin oop's I mean Board with the symptom of the snore,
Wake of Urn in Ash of lase the streaker perfect to the stubble,
skinny trait bones in Face barn seat balance as Ears are prick`d,
look to -elle in the Vee on the Tee of cup a gee.

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great lance of Fire in the docket Retire is the answer on the Choir,
YES can't bung the Shite on clip for the Bugger is Equipped,
down to snug the Fit is Come ride the Sail with Flags cork mail!!

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stride across the Math thews pass silver Carpets woven plaid,
in the silken weave of thread Up was head diving said,
canyon court with tents on lead echo to the dry band it's lie!!

All the plans in echter hand have a gas that scent of strand,
in the brow of Nair or sail breeze is growth by death deep snail,
Try Lers!!


I love look alike photographs ask the picture do You talk back,
owe the vol. to speak a ball in the swing on the watch clock team,
question off troopers not blink a Shade and tight on Up,
dupe the Dub to at verb of thrown in the Posture of What was grown,
hair in groin of facial play shaving Natural in cloning say.

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tissue steep in wash the grab creep core Keel on dna,
springing Well in dip a stick while in the Tube a pistol cluck,
warner brothers in clip on Top better brawn on towel of sal,
seep the look to cruise in Book title last with Words like fast.

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whip the tale at super Charged crave Onward forward whom needs pay,
scramble Audio with digital lay needle in the back Wares Cay,
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shape the t-shirt to the done as the Movie on the fun,
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scripts For cut in bottom lane strips of Negative on the floor,
snap Crackle POP the fire Fly rock broom it in With ankles shore.

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awe lips with a stringers Kiss cheek to Sheet the ringers bole,
all About the A round Spoil lights go OUT the eclectic cold,
no can get fore the black at rip Paging beepers on the Fit,
funny how the moments Past in the quick & steady Rasp.


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circle Lives in future tithe the sperm in cans whilst body cream,
smudge the bulb with milk ore squirm inch a bait to Hook the sate,
cup off grape Vines are grate,
flutter lake crate the ripe.

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wads that burble on the pond,
pause to Land the Life on Tong,
in the Tau of ding gone Dong.

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in the move of Mind on spy,
conscious laughter to the brain,
why on earth do dimensions cradle.

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once upon a time it's subbed,
interest found the hand on sound,
vibration pocket was preferred to talk ship.

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read the burn as coals to stern,
wrist bands kept the clock on tease,
mechanics Auto froze the Be`s.

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railing Train in prepare for claim,
finger stick the Mid in range,
ringer of the Gold in page.

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what were those in simple math,
jumping Caverns sunken tap,
spline in fry Pans whistled blast.

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setting Sun fore Moon had catch,
knife the Jack in candle pass,
whisper purr on Cat of clap.

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speak the singer to the deed,
in careful conquer consider desk,
octopus was a long legged lup.

Gut Caulk

Taken by a far off society no body thought to build a campfire still,
chill stay fell in grains talk Hell sky bound flame shot laps at skill,
breadth shall clam in grits tooth bell chew is tale be come a pail,
handled mail in letters single spread the brew of brow a kale.

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shingle heads on crown bin Nail stork deep pines in syrup Sap,
crooner loud to crouch the fodder feeding Nest in whispered letter,
not a heard to ear of first even dust ran mud red earn.

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molds be From forest strum poke a whole in biblical full,
verse bye Chapter entered latter as dirt did sludge in sewers grub,
thick in Mass pew file cast podium of the Tom style sud.

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squirrel a bun to Toaster rum flesh is eating the deadly crumb,
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urine held to babble Cradle lulling cables ask copper shale.

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shoulders dropping faces pass in the storage brains in Hash,
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polish cloth on ribbons grasp tie on Oak told wheat in Grass.

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links to stale balls on Quail feather fluff was graves in cun,
spoon and shovel Hoe and done climbed the bark in ruff it's know,
shank chained stiff in Upper-list check Out gained on pea of Framed. 

Yourn Hymnodist

Step upon the playing field in the place of real feel to know a missing lease,
breath been lost to status cost the forum Creation sang in long before a Man,
with hooves to pause an Ancients laws scrolling distant pace ask nod,
a freckle on the pond of grain inks tell of the growing strain in gobs.

Plainly furrow ditch filled mob ran to place a spring above,
eyes once shimmered with grace & love,
clause to write a Death by note,
in paragraph that sentence joke.

Words in articles shorter short,
a pin prick on the paper chord,
language bleeding lost liter.

Weather is the Sail rag in time of wrist no turns be Had,
freezing colder Chilly nap,
shirts no collars with the earth.

Fur once leather hide to grab,
dropping dead reasons lag,
crimes kong to the century jag,
edge of key now Caged in bad.

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needles skate the grooves on maple,
stamped by label in the shade,
Trees trunk sold for rooms in trade.

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suns are monsters Moons be shroud,
shape of Que ball Liken Chaise,
lounge of Cocktails to the Face.

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blood in flesh soil displaced,
muddy beams shouldered lace,
tie of Crane in methods Based.

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dumping dirt in snow moving space,
shed of cloud in strobes of say,
lake to Forge the rings to Cave.