Monday, August 22, 2011

New Religion, Old Belief! "A Zealot"

A Zealot

A Zealot is free from worship. A Zealot is encouraged to study both "The Dark," ,"The Light," "The Good," "The Bad," and  "The Evil" in this world and the next.  A Zealot accepts that Creation is the mother to us all.  A Zealot believes Evolution is our Father-to-be.  A Zealot knows that evil begets evil and that good may be it's guise.  A Zealot strives to be neither good nor bad but to be what others cannot or will not be, Tolerant to others.  The intolerance for freedom of religious belief and/or the lack there of is why a Zealot exists.   A Zealot will support, stand and believe in for the study and interest of that which is different, cutting edge, turned from, cast out, unaccepted, frowned upon, condemned, pointed at, laughed, feared, ridiculed and considered to be evil or a sin.  A Zealot believes that discretion is the better part of Valor.  A Zealot believes that there is Honor in standing with that which is not stood for.  A Zealot believes that self-deceit is the biggest crime against humanity.  A Zealot believes that Freedom of Religion is second to Freedom to Choice. A Zealot believes that the Impossible is the Possible waiting to happen.  A Zealot believes that Christian's are the real Atheists of the World.  A Zealot reserves the right to judge.  A Zealot believes that freedom from any one thing, from any one belief and from any one religion retains the highest cost of all without any promises.  A Zealot accepts that belief is the innocence of Life. A Zealot accepts sin as a strike against your life.  A Zealot believes that selflessness is quiet compensation for personal growth and greater integrity.  A Zealot believes that the acts of today are the desires for tomorrow.  A Zealot believes that there is truth in lies. A Zealot strikes with execution not malice. A Zealot believes that tolerance to intolerance is a path of the destruction itself.  A Zealot believes that the exposure of an accuser, abuser and/or intolerant bully, without regard to religion and/or belief, leads to a peaceful existence with that which we may not be able to see, nor name, but accept as existing as we know that we would like to be accepted.  A Zealot leans towards neither good nor bad, but retains both as powerful tool against what will boast assumptions of right.  A Zealot believes in righting the wrongs for personal gratification.  A Zealot believes that death is the nectar of life. A Zealot believes in neither Heaven nor Hell, as an absolute, but rather, in the judgment of the court of Death that could invoke a lifeless existence as our final chapter.