Saturday, July 30, 2016

Berth Marks Are The Ankles Harbor To Say To Life That Things Come And Things Go And Sometimes Luck.Key Makes It Balance Its.Self With A Simple Pause To Say 'I Have Something To Say'!!!

Do not entertain your religious bellow with this pass to those that have been fee.lean an Odd^duh^see....

The life of Means on what is the Truth to breathe a Compass,
is it the fact that there are strange days that say in silents a state of being,
is it the sleep at night that wakes you to what was that dream all about,
shall the shovel or the hoe bring to the weeding of reality a Country full of dumb,
well in the depth of this World the U.S.A. completely and wholly denies past lives and the shores of memory.

As the world in just about everywhere else believes in reincarnation in the woulds,
it is this country the country where freedom of speech makes cents??,
or is the reason the religion beats people or kids till the language is silence??,
what is the cause of such burial that makes words important to the strain??,
is it that shadow on the moon or the sunrise at christmas??,
as the days do know the sun rises every day in this world of hell.

People love to say look the Dali Lama,
than contemplate his verse to the experience,
as China on the Scent of Tibetan grief,
the Wall of the Built makes for an Interesting tract back to see those per.suns of deep leaf.

As in that the proof is always in the pudding,
caramel and scratch yet even on the balance the christian will shout that its a lie,
I presume to say that in that word its a Tell,
for indeed the fax to memory to this story of the bell.

This Won Is For Choice Not Choose As Only Won Man Can Know Real Haight Isn't That Write Mr. Bill O'Reilly??

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