Monday, August 25, 2014

Part Rash

History past had poets class I.D. the real chomp,
purse descriptions versing scene from World in a larger small,
books that wrote with filling growth to darker type in times,
the four beat rhythm to a two foot stand the partners ran a hand.

A living was a path to Means should glory sing of tragedy,
the route to muster as the chores did bust turned in fights,
stampedes those Ages in the sight to Plato of the Social plight,
I love the Philosophical Rite that banker to the blast.

Great anchors harvested chains the linked true Ships to lane,
channels formed the frigid corn so feet could enjoy rest,
a harp say chord that Vocal Score reciting to the Crest,
wonderment that Social Event bringing Cause to shore.

Harvest in the Autumn life the Ancients would describe a vibe,
the Owl in hoot or prison boot a Shoe with lacing Might,
armor that 'The Rock' did pound a Houndsman to the Trumpet,
a feeling carried shambled lives to presence in the lead.

Beautiful the singing dirt to full the fluff with value earth,
a station of Juniper that Core to know of Aspen turf,
an Atlas with a map to hear that ringing of the Sentry,
gathered more to Apropos by Showing of the love.  

Big Game

I score the Comprehensive to Readers in the clause,
taking pause to Real do on the steel formal clue the provisions drew to Shield,
polished in the up grow to manage more than tons,
a Singing of palm trees that shades the Shore from guns.

Waves like people crashing the sand is scratching lives trump,
purchase to a Menu the cost is trending rung,
lost at sea the bay believes that tides are flowing Groupers,
the Net that tights to strings for Night my best friend did this low,
a sad state that was swing.

I cast out to the open shout an Audible design,
'The League' a gallery of Equipped with dovetail`d in the Sign,
a bureau of care structure writes as desire will so Show,
that Posts are notes to bring around a choir Crow.

The list in rising entry fees life is the standing View,
position in the matter leads the rough to seeing true,
being vast in chatter last the ear did hear from Pictures,
clearly photographs did Note that taking time was near,
could just One person try to forward more than fear,
than Lives would have an Open track to breathe the growth come Cheer.

The Finish

The countenance of life itself in the came as the Universe Whispers choice decides,
a breathing in breaking the stagnate of pools,
a Mind full creates to Change in the gruel,
food that is grown from base of the bone,
living the tremble to advancing a phone,
'The Calling' of sent a Message in Flint.

The range of the System in solar of vent bursting with favor to Mirror the present,
go sync with the Matter that Creation evolves,
consider the World as it spins top like Ball,
bounce that Red nature to a Waterfall cause,
the Ocean is filled with fresh Interest that Squall,
gulping in back~flow the importance by stream.

Shedding the ice to writing on sheets liken the Wall of melting raise All,
explosive I position an attitude Hi,
the basis of doing what brings a good crawl,
dropping dimes like Change the bark is a star,
read gift a penny the Fountain fits many,
the granite of fact that delivers purr laugh true Figurine.

Golden Gate Park has a Pan Handle start offering stairs that walk us with share,
at least that was the conditional fair the 60's would bring daisies to rifles in care,
the blocks that did gather to Walk on with stride,
liberty torn Freedom as the Nation did spy,
in the boil of the criticism I listened I watched,
good people great talent involved with so touched.

The hill that did bump with the bodies in style dancing that Tribal was a true type to Wild,
the one shown common was the same purpose did gravel,
the age of exposure to Times of the frost,
Streakers that 70's strange across Games,
the plunder of clearly the fire in exchange,
like asking where Dinosaurs fit in the tame yet knowing that so much came from Their grain.

Write Post Artistry

I Journal ergo the stiff-upper lip to the thrusting of a quick in this life of shingle whipped,
from basement to cement the chalk on the vent a chimney in swept the flout of a tent,
in a World that challenge the dust to chattel my noise that Work the part of serve burr,
I grasp to the Crew of law that Crane in feather the Ink is a bringer of lane,
hi to the Reader of this everyday good compliment to venture the trust in Parlay.

Year of the Decade former in gave a Tenure to do be Useful by trade,
loving to work loving to show determine these growths as the Prelude Hello,
witness I 'Good Will' that'll cargo a climb this Blog is tapping to reason a Chime,
the pain brought Wisdom the inheritance a Sign the century marker that Change has a Rhyme.  

Peaceful in thought the thinking of wrought Thunder to brighten the audible Lot,
I will advance headings the Worlds my shot,
for with the new Able it's a System of Thought,
thus it remains in Mathematical Clock too time in the placement as Posts on the dot.

Witness on National such News from needs a Fill,
to balance the known to the unknown of the skill,
thrilling adventure to know that it talks,
not in Circles for I have recalls to Numerical knots.

Only one of 'Gentle Readers' that may in the spot,
looking for something to seed a new brought,
a Life with a Whale that fluke to a Fin,
the Talent of Scout in the just happens and Send.

Penetrating The Publishing House Wright Wheels

This little Blog of on the worth of life in a can wrapped with Posts that string to speak,
in a sentence of a lyrical sketch I have expressed in audible song a view into a purchase,
the setting of how the why is to encourage those still in predicaments that rubble their lives.

With a consistency of breathing in the calm approach of dealing with a birth not wanted,
I have drawn upon the gift of worth in and by the investment of time to skill the Verse,
a lull score in the storm of try has brought heavy hands to direction for burst lines.

Throughout our History the goat has represented the gates beyond the throw long gone,
in determination of figure the math towards the constant of barrage it's the simple that creates wisdom,
from address to send the Publish of lend grows with a triumph that ladder to a service in play.

Turf dirt in a walk of the barefoot talk a dumbfounding truth that proves to the boot,
I take the moment spark in wait for the Minute Timer keeps clicks that expose public reads,
each previewed a curious in pardon the connection to the Current is the do it true trick.

Knowing I carry a joy of treasure to produce an environment for learning that measure,
yet in all the meetings on these lines of a streaming no comments no questions have applied,
in the bass of an instrument the tuning of key requires the Player to Master the deed.

At numerical Count the subject of lead puts march to the Opera as the Symphony does bleed,
in the bellow of Flutes to the cinder of reeds a bamboo in the writings continues to tree,
positive account in my sense to the Tale has been grateful for Crowds that cruised in for bale.

The feed muster grows in and on chose an sync to the open as the sure of Composed,
original to tough the staples of league ankles Artistic the flyer that Creed,
jump to a one or skip from the sum should the beginning be known than Today as a tone.

Weather-beaten soil likens plowing with fertile ground that is turned will grow more than fern,
planted with rows the choice tender comes drove a Circuit of Nature that energy formed trued,
a Field of Charter the pupil in School I confident my direction with guidance that's Tool.

Back Vision

Dry thirst quenched with cups of Sand are dunes in the Form of the World,
I speak Spam.

Text to Tweet,
compared character,
verse treat great Send,
explanations using Words not vibration.

Understanding while read with verbiage to languaged`d,
designed to able the simple storm cable.

Telephone pulls click Clique,
the pony express to the Canter,
spelling on specifics to a Wagging,
familiars those Shadow`d by Arrows done drawn,
value the string that drawn is Up on.

Tablets to heed are the knows that can speech,
the gauge to the Valve is called pipeline that's Teach.

Lighting the candle to dimming the switch,
should suggestion bring Caterers or offer the Niche,
as dinner for my growth in the spring of living waters,
forwards are booming Voices that ring,
an Organ full-stop the Plugs or the crop,
the peace of bay~tow~Ven. my Mother was shop.

Best of Delivery came trait of the Prop, 
for I was taught to be better than rock,
never does the brain case not ream to the state,
however the platform has always been brake,
in creating a Kind by close up and Personal,
the Talks are the tribute that don't sting without Parable.

Basically Mugged

The memorandum to write in & on the pen of a stroke,
is the remind to the verse in the palm of a hand,
as hand shake to eye wake the hug to a body,
the work in Society has broken ties of Natural reply,
for in the hint of a drop line to the straight question asked,
the answer to always is the hurry up bashed.

Start a fire with the match lite of life in the busy,
of people that don't stop to account for the stung,
as many indifferent to the word via tongue,
by the delivery of language the soak is a lung`d.

Computers technology the step on the nerve,
backs built for being the chapter of heard,
forge a study in the logical pave,
on sides of the tanks the troughs even play,
pull the choice favor in last of it's rare check,
to the balance you may find the stair in a climb.

Not to fall from a horse that saddle of course,
seats are the greats that patient in face,
skill to the 'morrow from today news a cased,
books that have written plans in a stray.

Holding to promise the Speak of a strong,
wrists are for Watch's that band buckle form,
dignified base structure plates fed on the cog,
should the read be the reason than coffee is nod,
bog down the performance with social true grace.

The smile I give is the stature of raise,
in birth I found that the best way to sound,
was the direct type approach to believe in a coat,
if its cold than a sweatshirt for I'm a city kid born,
in the bitter chill of this life I've discovered this Forum.

What Can't You Say

Cake mention to the icing of bake in the delight it's the Party`line bite,
hook up the Cell in the phone of the tight now does the basic bone ring,
of course spoke the gracious of Cable tea speak the utter of taste in light,
Four oh clock it's time for the steep the kettle is Copper and the bring is pore water,
the pressure does crop in letters of talk that desk in the Mind of a coffee in shop,
cups are the mugs that dish wash the grind as filters are gold filament at least that is mine.

Rinse down the swallow with a drink of done follow the aspect of speaking is Voice in believing,
chance the meet to a Blunt on his feet never took place for the Island had face,
walking that Narrow or spread on the case does the example say examples are trace,
in the cabinet of recording the race Blog is a perfect keep at the base,
for in the eventual Mr. Blunt must be graced with a hand that does shake not kick with disgrace,
all for the years that I spent on the gave even on his declaration its saved.

It's always the after that before had a day from the City of grown the earth of a quake,
the capture of saying the 'I do' in a play liken the Musical to mows`dart on a came,
in original not really for the been in a trend the situative will photo the shock of a deed,
in the lyrics of both the Singer and I a back to the Cast is longer than pry,
no hope does despair for centered in square it's really just proving that I was in Fair.

Credits in person for blunt also words to the point of a Cipher or the stanza`d in burns,
as the World throws to trash the bin of define established all basis on creating a sign,
stop halt at X the Arena of train as horses are ridden the Test is the vein,
walk trot to hand rail the fence stay of bark but change to Cross~Country it's the Jump of a Part,
cross the Standards that cup to those poles the height is a changing to gather the know.

Time is a ticker the one that does tape in worms there are sediments that wriggle a date,
in box of reply the envelope crate does put atop shoulder the stone ask the boulder,
took in the real it's exactly the same same living of cinders the coals are a member,
in strike the Match lights as dark as the kite still strung as I will not provide any spite,
what is done is done by the grace of the lung left to the correct is believing Blunts Check:

The Training Period

Google Glass

Professors of past that have stated in fact that I mentor the life that express to a Site,
in the loud of the sentence a Stanza to march in with a Sonnet a minuet to tusk date,
as Elephants are often in the drawing of Room so too are the tables that coffee is tune,
play a conversation oh wait it's hesitate from the Home that I love to the place I can't shrug,
in both of these venues the living to lane is a copper in wire or penny to fame,
basic a put to the Seat of a frame the boarders have Presence that explain in each pay.

Remove the obligation replace with the game send it to Central for I have a brain,
tunnel the road as highway a be have any of you seen the Rainbow in Creed?,
yes spoke the file answer purse paid the writings have beakon`d condition of saved,
for in the burns of this life has all purpose in tight the Coach of a background said good you're alright,
the Journal that speaks for depth to the Feat provisions that road or grocer today,
register this price with a gift in the bite I do not trap to watch others as Snap.

I more come from a Mind consider in different the part is proving the dipper,
astrological feet that once I did meet spectacular rip-off stole more than a cheat,
on push swipe the letter a walk with the tether the ball of the Pen not the chink of cuffed link,
charge these learns to a basement of turns than I would be cable the television is turn,
a dish on the echo bounces the channel but if the stream is the bay it's a personal dirt clay,
mold the cookie for baking is tray cook the Roast the drippings are say in the flavor of core 'The Display'

So fast Society throws done to the thrush bummer that liquid is green in the brush,
like horses with same in Kopertox fame the cure is the footing that picks out the claim,
tack shops like blogs surface like cogs much to the Spur it's the Black Boots that do hog,
that motor or cycle or fire in flame looks that do place the saddle bags lane,
gears that won't shift are sits in the bricked but I believe that Innocence does fit & not on a fence,
that's what Gates are for as the Representation is the presently bore in aye I have Floor.

Life and Muscle


Read the ship for the Cast is a crew in basic of people being nosy for whom does not get I have kids too,
four to be exact that have their very own track however do the addition the touch is the fact,
that I write today to testify exist 'cause what the average Reader does not comprehend is the Family at hinge.

Each moment that raises a head to the style due are the groans for my Mother is ill,
in hospital for Heart that is troubling pump a write for the comma says encourage the thump,
for minute of hour the loss is our nower for my mother and I had a relationship before,
yet circumstance money to lives that have Take than I would put forward the reason is make.

Should you be estranged and community rakes how than would you decide to show them a sake,
borrow of words driving the fake or believing that value is the Worth of a drake.

Anciently the done has discerned the in run on the kitchen to phone the chair is a bone,
yet oddly the paper is News on atone that cells in the jeans must ring for the bell,
answer the journey with doing always is easier to know that the call goes both ways.

Yield at stop for Halt had a day the arena that spoke of a terrible shade,
in cycles that bike or wheels to horse I prefer the expression to shore,
like a walk on the deck that a porch holds to chairs should Mouse be to loud the voice of despair,
as Mouse is my Cat and is in old like another it's the time that I spend while alive in a lend.

Carts that Harness the barn to the ride the Tack Room that knows what is clean in the row,
is aware that the aisle is the same in the game for the names or defines are actions in sign,
should you be unable to ask why the care than maybe this message will put on dare,
my Mother is dying and I'll miss her complete from the base of my sorrow take yours to sport.

It has been in my theme to comments on Posts the hatred from sampled rides on a Port,
I am not into repeated machine gun rapport that reason for wisdom is why word do score,
the scrabble of berry my Grandmother paled to the Jars of the canning I learned to be store,
to dear in my Grandfather a good lesson floor that kindness does stand with open in hand.

Mouse Ears In A Clique

At the base in the City drive over the bridge to the Office in hide the Goods,
in experience the trough would keep the speech of silence for each a Week,
the balance of conversations that speak are different for the work is treat,
in open quiet to stand the storm it is the Rain of pouring score that teach.

In every all the door to Stall a couch relief by Professor call the bearings,
in compass the North by rest is business of the car to test by text it comes to read,
by truth the even of declare is sorting Tribes through open stare a Kindle,
click to Note the post or wrote describes that know an Audible choke.

By smoke of acoustical bothered roar the Stereo listens to see a form,
should the time not be excused the dime is on the phone of chime,
ringing from a chair to lung the ears of herd don't beat the drum,
should trouble provide a separate ride the Ferry is a slip to spy.

Venture farther from the loan a Spelling bee has thrown the bone,
a simple menu to toll of cost is covered in complete by shot,
what is the prove is in the tree a branch that hangs hangs naturally,
the weight in load laces shoe to bring the boot is not my glue.

Windows at the Office trued has a street next to it too,
meters that accept the coin however I am knowing toy,
the Stable that was a relief came to be a different leave,
reasons very personal to close to roasting a treasured road.

Like the weather in a room the example is to boon,
in past of lessons by the day should you think a book I lay,
I staired to Present with Man I scene they advised spoke ever lean,
to say he worried would under State believe that innocence has it's dates.

In already of the tray service Central it's a bay,
tug the boat no not really for being of a Study ray,
lights that lamp to each a day read for simple the kind has Neigh,
broader scopes like eyes that folk enter with a did that soak.