Saturday, July 5, 2014

Shading No Head Disappearance Served Trades

Eons say hello too day as Life Itself walks a Way,
down the path to a Cosmic Wave the galaxy Roars,
in with the Age of Iron I heel to the ground,
stopping to Halt the Flame a fire in the Vein!!

Roads on this World of Record shores Me,
the beach is where the Sands have come,
counted in the Heir of Humanity I state,
the impossible has now arrived in the wealth of I.

Change not your Wares for your Belief is yours,
to be of value the measure has been reception,
lies deeply seeded in your manipulation of truth,
you have become the Bearers of Deception in lung!!

Verbs in the vibration of such a come said Noun,
sentence in the lyrical prose sang spark,
ignited by the naturally given tongue it's spun,
the Spool of Thread in Your drum!!

The skull and cross bones show fact,
a track that provides death to be noticed,
not for the inevitable rather in the evidence,
we have come from the Solar Force of a Done.

Swing you're Nape with a heavy Drake,
the chain too link is by no mistake,
a trace to every never made stand,
in length of 2000 Years You maintain a Dead Man.

Never allowing His rest in complete the Nail,
as the system of the pose has whipped,
I riddle in too Post a Friend hug Hello,
the standard of difference Main Theme a Show.

Tread not softly for You have obliterated Destruction,
in this Act of furthering debt to the Human Person,
blood too Flesh crops to Mowed,
the plough of the Even is Just and Stowed.

I Bow the Aim as Gratitude in Came,
a grateful shake in the most bitter of days,
trust not One for it shall be Two that Lead,
this is the Countenance of History Made!!