Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Banana Pealed Lives

The birth of the Ages past to the fraudulent use of Dac,
the gore of the vain in usage to text for character extracts,
typing in the fill of blank a site to continue fight,
for in the one see the second for it will not hold spite!!

Traveling upon the Railings of Time in itself crumbs,
as shredded to the toast of spills at the basis of the strobes,
feather in the fountain inked a tipping in remind,
skin is for tattoo'ed much to the markings lined.

Certain expectations threw to chance a wait,
hoping that the appeal would change to correcting Cased,
in a wish of the dreamer me a bitter taste of life,
no faith to the innocence as life itself is pelt.

The pole in the glacier flips shows the ever lost,
not due to naturally given for that still rocks cropped,
it is in the Human push to ample out the loads,
more in needing technical than appreciating host.

Millions Year to dismantle in the pickle jar,
burning rites as easily the Sky does say it's sew,
looming destinations flowing the Oceans rise,
shores of completing deed to flood the lands with lied.

Dock the Tale of this write the pain of hurt in Vail,
curtained from the reddened fate ask equal in exact,
the writes to wrong the right in wait,
heavily loaded destiny just dismissed bye Waste!!

Time Changing Freeze Hearst

Life Itself in Living Form stands to Formalize factual Present that Humanity has ripped off Isis by Design,
the Ancient Wall instructs to Call that by the Voice of Odin the Hands of Zeus Score,
in the the application of Sign the signal to a Times is from the Stanza to the Poem in ask it Riddle Que,
Irons force the Clasp upon the Lives that Key to the Trigonometry of Isolyze as a Trapezoids Crown!!

The Eye of the Center Piece is the Vice in thus find the War of the Ages with a Dollar Hide,
goldened to the Bridge of the Rainbow flagging that the Platinum is not in the Pour shores,
meat trains the bull to charge for the door in the empty rapport of human thinking torn for speedy fixes,
trappings snap to the grizzly snare yet the moon is bloodied in a treat batter stored.

The checkered land with no ball to tanned a lamp shade to a chain pull switch ticking lored,
the equation to evolution is the common denominator of the collective slams putting a nail to Thor,
crunching numbered Trioculus to the Force of happening in the Past of Presence Futures spear,
an Arrow for Coincidence the Beau is certain too just space that Déjà vu is swords of lear.

Creation placed Evolution to the Text not as the Ophelia for her position fills the side of knight in vowed,
to negate the obvious for dreams or hopes that fear is the fright that does take place for each a Country that,
a simple meeting to dismiss the doubt to same mistake from back in the days of done exact repeating,
so as the life of Oden stocks convenience to the Cook a butcher in the sleeping lie of every lickered tie!!

Cart before the Horse to release the load of found to know that the Goods were stolen for the wood,
just to use the Fire in the Burn of the Bonfire Hearts of coulds in a Hand grenading lined,
from Tribal to Video Tube as Ancient comprehension to a Twin Flame Maul.

Once Done Always Happened