Wednesday, October 12, 2016

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or is in deep to Jude dust priest as leap the 2 to 6th complete??

*Instant messaging

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buddy list in Pidgin 2.0
Instant messaging (IM) is a type of online chat which offers real-time text transmission over the Internet. A LAN messenger operates in a similar way over a local area network. Short messages are typically transmitted bi-directionally between two parties, when each user chooses to complete a thought and select "send". Some IM applications can use push technology to provide real-time text, which transmits messages character by character, as they are composed. More advanced instant messaging can add file transfer, clickable hyperlinksVoice over IP, orvideo chat.
Non-IM types of chat include multicast transmission, usually referred to as "chat rooms", where participants might be anonymous or might be previously known to each other (for example collaborators on a project that is using chat to facilitate communication). Instant messaging systems tend to facilitate connections between specified known users (often using a contact list also known as a "buddy list" or "friend list"). Depending on the IM protocol, the technical architecture can be peer-to-peer (direct point-to-point transmission) or client-server (a central server retransmits messages from the sender to the communication device).


Instant messaging is a set of communication technologies used for text-based communication between two or more participants over the Internet or other types of networks. IM–chat happens in real-time. Of importance is that online chat and instant messaging differ from other technologies such as email due to the perceived quasi-synchrony of the communications by the users. Some systems permit messages to be sent to users not then 'logged on' (offline messages), thus removing some differences between IM and email (often done by sending the message to the associated email account).
IM allows effective and efficient communication, allowing immediate receipt of acknowledgment or reply. However IM is basically not necessarily supported by transaction control. In many cases, instant messaging includes added features which can make it even more popular. For example, users may see each other via webcams, or talk directly for free over the Internet using a microphone and headphones or loudspeakers. Many applications allow file transfers, although they are usually limited in the permissible file-size.
It is usually possible to save a text conversation for later reference. Instant messages are often logged in a local message history, making it similar to the persistent nature of emails.


Command-line Unix "talk", using a split screen user interface, was popular in the 1980s and early 1990s.
Though the term dates from the 1990s, instant messaging predates the Internet, first appearing on multi-user operating systems like Compatible Time-Sharing System (CTSS) and Multiplexed Information and Computing Service (Multics)[1] in the mid-1960s. Initially, some of these systems were used as notification systems for services like printing, but quickly were used to facilitate communication with other users logged into the same machine. As networks developed, the protocols spread with the networks. Some of these used a peer-to-peer protocol (e.g. talk, ntalk and ytalk), while others required peers to connect to a server (see talker and IRC). The Zephyr Notification Service (still in use at some institutions) was invented at MIT'sProject Athena in the 1980s to allow service providers to locate and send messages to users.
Parallel to instant messaging were early online chat facilities, the earliest of which was Talkomatic (1973) on the PLATOsystem. During the bulletin board system (BBS) phenomenon that peaked during the 1980s, some systems incorporated chat features which were similar to instant messaging; Freelancin' Roundtable was one prime example. The first[2] such general-availability commercial online chat service (as opposed to PLATO, which was educational) was the CompuServe CB Simulatorin 1980,[3] created by CompuServe executive Alexander "Sandy" Trevor in Columbus, Ohio.
Early instant messaging programs were primarily real-time text, where characters appeared as they were typed. This includes the Unix "talk" command line program, which was popular in the 1980s and early 1990s. Some BBS chat programs (i.e. Celerity BBS) also used a similar interface. Modern implementations of real-time text also exist in instant messengers, such as AOL's Real-Time IM[4] as an optional feature.[5]
In the latter half of the 1980s and into the early 1990s, the Quantum Link online service for Commodore 64 computers offered user-to-user messages between concurrently connected customers, which they called "On-Line Messages" (or OLM for short), and later "FlashMail." (Quantum Link later became America Online and made AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), discussed later). While the Quantum Link client software ran on a Commodore 64, using only the Commodore's PETSCII text-graphics, the screen was visually divided into sections and OLMs would appear as a yellow bar saying "Message From:" and the name of the sender along with the message across the top of whatever the user was already doing, and presented a list of options for responding.[6] As such, it could be considered a type of graphical user interface (GUI), albeit much more primitive than the later UnixWindows and Macintosh based GUI IM software. OLMs were what Q-Link called "Plus Services" meaning they charged an extra per-minute fee on top of the monthly Q-Link access costs.
Modern, Internet-wide, GUI-based messaging clients as they are known today, began to take off in the mid-1990s with PowWowICQ, and AOL Instant Messenger. Similar functionality was offered by CU-SeeMe in 1992; though primarily an audio/video chat link, users could also send textual messages to each other. AOL later acquired Mirabilis, the authors of ICQ; a few years later ICQ (now owned by AOL) was awarded two patents for instant messaging by the U.S. patent office. Meanwhile, other companies developed their own software; (ExciteMSNUbique, and Yahoo!), each with its own proprietary protocol and client; users therefore had to run multiple client applications if they wished to use more than one of these networks. In 1998, IBM released IBM Lotus Sametime, a product based on technology acquired when IBM bought Haifa-based Ubique and Lexington-based Databeam.
In 2000, an open source application and open standards-based protocol called Jabber was launched. The protocol was standardized under the name Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP). XMPP servers could act as gateways to other IM protocols, reducing the need to run multiple clients. Multi-protocol clients can use any of the popular IM protocols by using additional local libraries for each protocol. IBM Lotus Sametime's November 2007 release added IBM Lotus Sametime Gateway support for XMPP.
As of 2010, social networking providers often offer IM abilities. Facebook Chat is a form of instant messaging, and Twitter can be thought of as a Web 2.0 instant messaging system. Similar server-side chat features are part of most dating websites, such as OKCupid or PlentyofFish. The spread of smartphones and similar devices in the late 2000s also caused increased competition with conventional instant messaging, by making text messaging services still more ubiquitous.
Many instant messaging services offer video calling features, voice over IP and web conferencing services. Web conferencing services can integrate both video calling and instant messaging abilities. Some instant messaging companies are also offering desktop sharing, IP radio, and IPTV to the voice and video features.
The term "Instant Messenger" is a service mark of Time Warner[7] and may not be used in software not affiliated with AOL in the United States. For this reason, in April 2007, the instant messaging client formerly named Gaim (or gaim) announced that they would be renamed "Pidgin".[8]


Is A Reconstruction Air Uh Hobbled Buy Mouth Or Tack Tile's At A Shingled Cost??

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Civil war breaks out at the RNC | MSNBC
Jul 18, 2016 - Civil war breaks out at the RNC. Delegates are ...... 'This is a gender war,' says Donny Deutsch. info ... Joe: Not the lowest point in political... info.

Be line to real pictures and product scenes as before the list goes to a which click to speak,

Done Fact or Rote??????

Now that the Media has declared a Civil War in the Political Venue of the most read cent News,
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pull back and better bets make why's the .............(fill in the blank),
it is more appropriate for the public at-large to stomach that honesty as compass sing.

As The Language Gags Grasping The Tiers!!!!!!

The common ground for the theme of the Televangelist of the 1970's to that create a stagger today??,
why is the bother on the the surprise of a Republican Party at the knee^awl^syn rating??,
is it that tremble of the port^toll of how dishes get Wash^EAN^Ton buy the car^Ton of district,
or is that bench in the balance of talk Tell a dice to how the Candidate rumples??

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the base structure goes to church and puts out the plates!!

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to bed sweeps and rugs, 
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ouch is technology over green hills,
ship this to News Boards and shepherd the Bill,
as the chorus of lyrics to that verse in a chore,
civilizations have died in less and grown more to a sword!!!!!!!

The Depth Of Composition Is Binder Paper??????

*The 'Full Show: With All Due Respect (10/11/16) - Bloomberg Politics' had three why's Men on their clause to speak,
the fee is the far thor of the Christian Fundamentalist??,
oh down went the feather in the macaroni,
as the Paul a Sea of what is an Offering??,
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the value of measure to an out wright??

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that fielding of round the hardground to plate the disk as see deed??

Jam and pretzels go to branding from and touch what is Hames,
now on the clock of daylight hours minute note,
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poll lit tick call average in the civilized angles marks October 12th as apropos.

This is the 13th for a baking dose in today the year of 2016,
for those weak ends off to the slice of rest a room,
seen to the normal Media to actual foundation of deed,
gradual leeks bring course to the mass of range and of^Ven??,
lets say that this is of important brass information,
does the word broken down encourage or put to pasture the seed of Revelations on the tell??

*edited to correction from,
The show 'With All Due Respect (10/26/15)' posted at 7:34 AM to
The 'Full Show: With All Due Respect (10/11/16) - Bloomberg Politics at 3:59 PM;
the intended show to mark the post/write above.
time of edit from myself, KAP
published originally at 7:34 AM to corrected specific to date/show/guests done at 4:00 PM,
October 12, 2016 Pacific Standard Time.