Saturday, May 3, 2014

Freshly Killed

I have been told the strangest things in the past few weeks.  Told that I should not mind being alone since I have been alone my entire life.  Told that I should not mind being used since I was born a slave and meant to be in service for my entirety.  I stared at the person as they said these things to me.  My response was, "so you knew this?" They responded, yes.

For whomever chooses to read these words today, I would like to say that it is not okay to be left alone.  It is not okay to never have a friend.  It is not okay to be ostracized.  It is not okay that the phone never rings. It is not okay have been excluded.  It is not okay to be used.  It is not okay to be forced into an isolated existence.  It is not okay to have been told these things.

Knowing that I have tried so hard to understand my life, to be graceful with my words, to not be angry because this all seems so absurd.  Knowing that what has been said is not only hurtful but extremely rude, I say that what comes next will be exactly what it should be.

The reason for any happening eludes us most of the time.  However I have heard said, that all of the doors will continue to be slammed shut until the right door can be opened.  I must admit that it would be lovely should a friend decide to come into my life.  At the same time I ask myself, who can you trust if trust has been so obliterated in your life that trust has become the enemy.  How will you know if a person is genuine ever again.  How do you receive someone at face value without questioning their motives.  Being told these disturbing facts in the past few weeks seems purposeful in a precise attack to cause fear that will keep me from trying to do anything at all.

Should you have suffered a life of turmoil I am so sorry 'cause it never gets better.  No matter the approach that you decide, you are in a constant fight for your life, just trying to avoid what people say to you as they wish to dig that knife in a bit deeper.  Strangers are scary but at least you know that it will be a new knife. 

Road Pedals

For the Sake of the Pact,
the abstract is fact,
now Society pushed back,
creating a wave to title the smack.

 Fortunate you'll be,
should you not have to bleed,
as The World is the Place,
so many to face.

Tortured for only the time in short,
the years of exchange,
a death sentence plays,
the pleasant okay,
is only in say.

Wild to roam,
accepting the scorn,
the days of great labor,
will be just a favor,
to get a friend through,
this type of estrangement,
that keeps lives apart with formal arrangements.

To have thought that requests would have answered to bless,
to not be the stool or the pigeon in tool,
the flight made aware that there is not a care,
for the ones whom have fought so hard to repair.

I love you guys!!

I Wrote To Show

Reality lived to know,
it is the bravery that asks the questions,
to suffer no regrets,
to accept yourself as whom you may be,
and know who you are not.

The mirrored effect is the reflection of Set.

Constructive Measures brought better Means.

Two Week Stones?

Be the known of what is shown,
the words to a fracture tone,
hidden so well,
this Slave lives to Tell.

I live to seek the worth of life,
all to find it is not nice,
to be an actual is realized.

The person speaks to open vice,
freely approached to open Mic,
a School burned down,
pupils not found,
just disappeared without a sound.

One would believe,
that such a sight,
would be International News,
to alarm not fright,
an emergency broadcast to find what's right.

Instead the story is barely known,
as girls are missing from their Nigerian Home,
no photographs to post,
information lean,
I write to speak a common theme.

The fight becomes the grasping.

Fisher Report Stanzaed

In supply there is a put,
Aff a Knight in the Home,
Carrie is a female name,
there is a past a Ford zone,
Harrison is an Action Hero too.

So handsome and varied,
the must is say,
so adored,
even today.

The age of scene,
the movie in being,
the greatest Hit to ever have seen,
nine times I think!!

The Wars of Stars,
the plight of fight,
imagination a contacted past,
in write of letter,
the Director of such,
just so have happened to have wished me luck.

Of course this was before I new,
that Life would take and reveal it's true,
one must love the other in link,
the like so similar I must blink.

The place it played lines that stayed,
on Geary Boulevard closed Clement,
now torn down Van Ness is Town,
where Shows provide a Person hides.

See The Chill

The excitement grows,
I can feel it my bones,
the gossiping sewn,
to breathe me like a phone.

Speaking to be of invitation,
a constant introductory is Note,
the Nation knows the word,
obviously populus buries creed.

Don't worry as either said,
the division is the river Lead,
the water of the Canyon Grand,
is the Evidence of a Span.

Clift to read the short of Life,
All can feel that 'Win' it's real,
forced exclusion exposed to seal,
turning backs to Show,
the Ride with Facts.

Hands Down Defining Props

Power forward forged in Steel,
the Blunt of word reveals Reel,
the obvious sewn swift in scene,
revelations to spoken clean.

Captured in the had to deal,
stand upright it keeps the feel,
the Touch Stone teams to find a hand,
easily could be an amazing brand.

Yielding verb to pronounce the search,
in the middle a broadened birch,
the compass points four corners Earth,
the Bay applauds in wonder saws.

Commonly known strength is Tone,
a multitude of memories Home,
the Ferry Men to Cable Car spin,
Restaurateurs and Fisherman,
all to show the Sourdough tends,
to be the 'keep' of spoken deep.