Monday, May 12, 2014

Built Reveal

Recorded Posts in Blog a Site,
the Facebook bangs to state,
I am a Life,
I have a Band,
I am a Man in Deed!!

The product of the chilling reads,
I state to this the Past a Keep,
of storied booked approach,
the perfect up to coach.

As Cinderella had her Challenge,
the like is much to know,
that laughter is a better blow,
to see that it is so.

Although the pain of ever Cane,
a smile of drowning swallowed,
to breathe in under H2O,
will just so easily simply show,
that Waterfalls hide Homes to Know!!

The mountain trail that goats do pale,
a current climb to where the time,
would prove to be a whale.

The spectrum of the better stood,
was in the Movies of the Hood,
where Knights would with Swords of brung,
to defense the Dragon's tongue.

Albeit ever-ending Love,
the Act did Out the done.

Presently the Man I see,
has put the place to keep,
close to chest the silence kept,
surprise is always best.

For when you wonder,
it's left to steed,
will he spook or ride the lead,
into the Horizon where All can see?

The Question of the Week 


To the bring of what's not seen,
the look begets the bead

Flipping coins in the air,
is Heads-Up Tale enter Dare!!

Cruising to the Music sooths,
the shoulder of no person moves,
until it's time provides a day,
for cups of coffee, tea or say.

Belittled for the pictured posts,
was told that I did not know,
the place I home to what is write,
it's chosen after ink in strike.

The judgement cast I did not fight,
remained to be the calm of sight,
low increased the monotone beast,
to exercise in rattling least.

The Vibe became the Let allow,
to spite I did not kowtow,
my raise in bodily stature pow,
even that was mentioned wow.

The work out has produced the muscle,
with Mind to Mortared the limbs are true,
the character is driven to health the ribbon,
a Film of every single shoot.

Hardly considered the prepared do heed,
that with each real the bet is seed,
the growth of making attractive please,
accounts for past and present needs.

The stance begun in apt to go,
I see the talent of more than shown,
as ready grips to handle groaned,
accepting as inevitably combed.

The Kiss to Hug a Banished Flee,
the speed to which I write a bleed,
the counter of a broader Cross,
is for the aspect of health not cost. 

Helmeted Protect

Value temper as increased to rising,
as the amount is adding louds,
to never venture to ask the Cow,
where is the evidence of milking.

The Oyster knows the Pearl,
the color is so pure,
to what the sand has fed to land,
Red to Black in seems of can.

The Unicorn came from the Froth,
the Ocean waved to Lead,
shores of Independency,
replied with quiet reads.

The Drifting would be Gallant could,
the Cliff not jumped but stood,
to better View of All that do,
the oil fields drill to skew.

The Porcupine waddled behind,
the Line of Sealed barks,
moreover likened to the start,
the Crow spoke to the Eagle flow,
you're beautiful it's true.

The Man whom did not Ferret,
did fly the hawk instead,
he wore what was appropriate,
as clause may say I'm fed.

Far to See in total be,
the sight for soar eyes grew to new,
the face of the Horizon spade,
a Moon came with a Trade,
the miles of this Planets Earth,
deeply penetrating to simply birthed.

Mechanical Blocks In Robotic Talks

In revert the task so bland,
birth provided best at stand,
the spic and span of deadly throws,
is the general fold you know,
walking out around the sprouts,
killing with the words of jilt.

The learned of heard a vocal churned,
to not be caught with lobs of slopped,
the Stroke in had is often blocked,
by the fact afflicted smack.

Indifference to this a.m. New,
not profound to a life that's sound,
the unsuspecting public hits,
as what will be as seen to r.i.p.

Valence lifts to revealed,
before the after of the Reel,
shredded Matter of Mind is wheeled,
the core of expectation now is feel.

No warning guides the entry sighed,
not to leak but to reside,
amongst the monsters that do hide,
in the common you'll find abide.

Select To Self

To cauterize the wound of made,
a Natural originates,
the most intelligent grip to handle.

Crisis at hand,
a sight to have had watched,
the dirty revealed,
the seal of 'It's real.

To bind not remove,
a stature must do,
the rest of the night,
was spent in time,
recovering from only one line.

Spoken directly,
the confrontation had bearings,
it is sad to know,
the pass had been so.

Mentality to understand,
not difficult when it's planned,
the comprehension belongs to you,
the eventual will be it's true.

Vocal determination of particular pitched,
removed as a ladled sympathetic niche,
resulting in the gross of done,
the carve of a Mind is simply unspun.

Trickle these times with obvious lines,
I have written repeatedly of this same very unkind,
to put not at risk the cause was adlib,
how ever the countenance is lessons in Live.

Skeletal Whole Saw The Cuts

Original Writes with Able Tight,
the Melon of the Scalped Tools,
the scoop was more than felt to proof,
the emptied spot was seen by Lot.

Change position the Voice did Talk,
not comfortable with viewing caught,
spoken clearly and certainly spots,
the Tone Delivers the Scene such thought.

An evidential brakes to stop,
the hole of left did Mind a Lot,
to imagine inside out,
the beating taken was not with shouts.

Patience did when it why's,
spooning difference with applied,
public processes that kill to lie,
release the beastly side of pry,

To have been privy back in trend,
know Teacher related by blooding Friends,
the witness in such watched with spite,
the even became the future touched.

As Persons known to personal zones,
a painful way to do this say,
a definite learned approach from whom did spoke,
not knowing that the audience choked,
the life away with every came.

Stated with a certain lay,
should the words not be in plain,
than what in this World is disdain,
rises to pronouncing proved.

Not all respect the Dungeons debt,
the Cards are Wild and Rogue's are Met,
to invite enticing let,
don't throw the dice at the gamble of trice,
for in the Hour you'll know de-viced.

Long in tooth some missing too,
taken hits straight on do's,
the smashing fist that broke those teeth,
realized that life has eyes.

No Question It Was Period ~ Stop

In past of times I've lived with mine,
the education came from whom did say,
you'll be used every day,
I state, "Throw the Bones."

The provided gain to risk it all,
is to be aware of Law,
a natural bare to every lair,
discusses why the quest is dye.

A color transmission to inking Tattooed,
be careful whom you wish to stew,
the boil of a life in do,
resembles wafer's eaten too.

Chance to adage luck is moved,
already many have died construed,
Ancients tell the better Trust,
as Mounds still hold the chill of thrust.

Know Identity of every Tribe,
the Hammer, the Vassal, the Incarnated Life,
around the works involves such turf,
an earthy way to put a stay,
to Red the Feathered Rites.

Death may enter to erase,
the base however goes with Faced,
translation has already done,
changing oral written spun,
removing valuable beliefs to Norse,
the hand to hold will be the force.

Roots to blood in veins that are,
the body of the human spore,
claim to know a Bohemian for,
my inheritance is kept with Core.

The basic communicates a simpletons birth,
so held from comfort it tightens girth,
saying ride this message worth,
value holds a greater mirth,
when introduced to Tones that deuce.

As yesterday did bring sound,
it poised a decibel that shock of pound,
not the Blunt Force of just a round,
it's point was driven in with loud,
my head felt shot with wording brought.

To Think On All That

To have received a kiss upon,
the cheek did take the real,
association from this done,
the symbol of a deed,
now yesterdays punned.

The language in structure of Sentence run,
brought by simply stroking stunned,
the watch begets the view,
these things are meant for Two.

Lacking applied will put in danger,
the singular in truth,
may not be the bodily staff to seed,
it's the twisting of the breathe.

The growth of a certain wild,
has brought a different sort of style,
the ways to roam respect the mile,
marks to lasting take the smile.

Broader strides this written sigh,
respecting more not all persons see the for,
the deliverance to every shore,
the Earth should know this 'Open' pour.

As crowded in by less to score,
life will be remanded lore,
if the countenance of write should fall,
into the hands that wish for picks,
than the Globe won't know the digs.

Heavy choices for dues believed,
the innocence of writing creates such beads,
counted up for reasoned touch,
assembly shown there is a crux.

The endless Mind full thought to bring,
enhanced by each surrounding thing,
first it's laughed to second mocked,
thirdly it is taken stalk.

Rare Behind The Scene Footage

With Times Versed in Bahut,
the clarity in width of held,
the stream was vast,
holding back,
a choice to wait for wiser moves,
the words are more not same.

The questions asked in past of said,
sentence structure invited say,
knot opinion support is may,
be open to a large display.

Left to Open Season,
rays of shine spark a kind,
the worst case in scenario,
understanding is taken so,
whats comprehended halts in told.

The greatest thing to ever know,
attempts to Trust and then it goes,
upon the leave to just sing shows,
the Innocent say Life is long.

Built to be a bright new thing,
encouraging the lost to know,
that birth brought Set to safety go,
increasing spoken knowledge bone.

To Pear the Apple of the Cart,
the pull still shows a horses part,
harnessed up in health detail,
the reins need hands to Kind the start.

The Human Race has brought this pace,
a Trotter to a Galloping Case,
as One knows Two are better team,
to protect both Lives from lean.

Pressure mounted yesterday,
explanations made their sum,
the verbose felt like drum.

Patience calmed my relax,
my Mind became the bombing Flats,
in simple verbal share to see,
the evidence is morality cheats,
and wants to throw the Being to Sea.