Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Cycle Of Scrolls

'Hear' we come,
in from the beating drum,
the walking Live and the dead do Sum!!

Simply done

The violent reposed of a biblical ploy,
will deliver to Cause,
the Shive produced applause!!

Pay with cash,
debit soul,
the price of which,
most cannot resist,
the act of Stun,
accounting done!!

Progression of the Firing Gun,
bullets are the words of learn,
 to relieve what has been done,
to find yourself and root to stealth.

Killing conscious with verse exchanged,
an everlasting, judgemental range,
is the proof that it's taught,
preached in church and then forgot.

Your Sunday Evening 'Morning' Dare,
confession open,
booth in blare,
heard for what?,
judgements stuck.

Take your Crucifix and those Rosary Beads,
count them up for reprieve?,
 from what is natural, stands and breaths, 
human beings with common themes.

Happily we often trot,
across the town,
a City spot,
where I was shown,
introduced to known,
the kindest and the most handsome zone!!

The Haight, 'The Fillmore' and the Castro talk,
times of love,
Rock and Pop,
got the apple, much like 'Stock'
now the snake in Hist' will know,
my delight is simply stowed!!

The Horns have blown,
the Seals did break,
is it a feeling? or a blasphemous state?

To speak with truth,
Innocence faith,
to See that 'Time' has a date,
and that 'The Place' creates the rate.

A race to finish,
last to first,
the upside down are not perversed,
'cause in such value our measure is root,
as empathy is courage for me.

I feel the pain,
the hurt is strain,
I wish to say,
that life is made,

Upon arrival we meet survival,
beaten for belief by rivaled,
increase your girth you stand on Earth,
the place where you can be,
the person from eternity,
the One whom leads the blind to See,
the value of gaiety,
a measure of complete!!