Monday, March 11, 2013

The Flight of Sight

Two of the most beautiful doves,
sat with Me outside today.

They have taken residence,
upon a near by Tree.

Laughter brought me Peace,
as I enjoy the Scene.

Most obviously together,
one fronted a Feather,
while the other came close to better,
the warmth of company.

As they both fly away,
simply to return on this same day,
I wonder about what they say.

The pride of  another must be,
more than an example to Me.

The cooing sound echoes around,
a note to resound,
with delight and comfort,
derived from Wonder!!

Blessed I must be,
for a Hummingbird sits with me!!

The Construct Of A Numbered Range

The Universe displays a radiant chart,
of an explosive start!!

Alive and Fully Balanced with the Choice of Life,
an Hour-Glass must measure this enclosed Treasure.

Far in the out-reaches,
in Realms of the Incredible,
Planets lie in wait,
to issue Their weight,
as a proper take,
to the Space required to bloom!!

I stare up to the Sky,
and see the beauty in massive reply!

How can You not example this Creative Design?

Room for so much in Alive,
a never-ending cry!!

Close Your eyes and try,
to be more than an existence that just dies,
makes excuses for mistakes,
washes hands and lies.

In 'Any' expansive mass,
responsibility follows,
to support the Life!!

Remaining free of such condemning paths,
trying to be better than that,
leads to a Construct,
not to Wrath!!

The movement of Our lives,
is a Dance and a Try,
to be an eloquent appeal,
and not dissolve what is Real.

Take resolve in reason,
not Treason!!