Friday, October 30, 2015

When You Give Up The Ghost Due You Come??

Hooves on the ride in the good shoes of the iron Hammer or glue On,
should the forge meld a Fair owe does the wade shallow stet??,
is the Rasp on the File or is it the worth of the bit work,
is the storm on the gallop of a raise,
or is it the reach.

Sky Hell owe on the road to Know a person on the shore of the Mind in the still,
ask that bearing should that desire you light,
bank that a drop to tell on a letter of brain,
sentence to a Porch and compass for the lane!!

Tack Up the root and blanket your sweats,
dress for the Form and say it with Plane,
girth to the Earth I am charging that flight,
hear me well Shirt the clothes shrank the vittles Delight,
in this treasure you'll shark Mi a rein,
all thorough its the food on The Train.

Think for the Vast Space shawl of Recognition,
on the eyes of the Keep be of no alarm,
farm to that roads long should the doors not slam the strain,
in Jacket on the Wares try a depth on the Mountains sayer,
a Bridge with the Draw sort to File a remind.

On balance of work bring Rein!!

Niagara a barrel & same,
on coordinates of lathe say to chord,
sing on the quiet,
be of Truth,
lyric learn and Know!!

The World Wall Turned throws!!

From stay no The fern,
ears of Corn,
eggs scrambled,
yet its the Fork in the Road that rose this Prose,
signed with Love too!!

Adore the fountain for it Writes with exact ride on Fact of steam,
word a dime 'cause the penny dreams,
copper an Alloy of peer^A^mid,
this Map Charts the Sphinx Once a grown it Will skid,
playing the harp like the strings of an Element,
fire on the sky in sight of the brim,
its a Shown.

On the read speak with a gentle tone,
for shy is the found & Well . . . .

      well that is the deeps on this language of thrown,
skates Once glaciers Ice!!

By the Time the ages harbor Hour-glass ease Its the shape,
look Carrots in the Field,
grain with Wheat in the Oats of sway,
stables have a drive to be familiar,
these are The words out day.

Should the (W)ring not be of Sweat,
than Answer the phone of Ab solutions,
its a trade with the Milky Way as a hard wire in its rare,
alive and State at piece is the riddle with Piece on Vie let!!

Shades the tree with a type-Set,
keys to label,
Names touch Ancient Lines,
speaking with the easy trip on coral lands!!

That Ocean,
the wave,
a Constant of the beach of song,
rolling hours with a great 'how are you' just a palm,
'cause its the feel of range.

The edge on Not an echo,
should this tell a Sole be said,
on^Course is the Trip of Journal or A thirst??

Rein on a lapse of counter top Oh for the language on the Hymn,
rides with a Volcanic said wonder,
to the travels off a loud,
quiet torn,
its Human a tea with the Left's Right on the Crowning detail of a chest!!

Park the fret for a circle is A sharp "but" the Line it Greats the fax,
taste that savor of Collection,
treat the sugar a Cube,
tech Neet to glass Plates in the days of strike,
the Piece made from Stride!!

Work is of detail
each daisy Know rote,
banks of Real eyes,
speaking with easy clay,
read determination from Admiral show!!

Put to license a Say to talk,
the valve of prose,
it comes On & love's to sprout,
growing on the Infinite,
sew with Harness stitch,
the bridle will bit^Up,
saddle girth on a stretch to ride the outer flights,
this will sing on the dimes!!

Clear is of Venue,
at price context Note to are more,
quarter Halve on the fifty Cent peace,
Heads on Tales of the Registered 'Poe' lease,
shakes Pier to rumble dice!!

Crest Ton

Riding the far race of what is the space of black holes on explain,
a sink quarter on the fabric of time in the gut off the solar dime,
in that is the stretch of the gut speak in with a digestion of matter,
weak to a month on the call of the seer is just a bust on the talk of a clear,
on forward as that is dawn of life in this the compass to stride.

Language of an ancient wall to say that lives are rare plus,
in reality it is the work,
to the brain and the Mind on the shoulder the carriage,
at bridle to bit the Reins on the buckle relaxed at equipped,
enhances the ease to be of a shore on this the earth of grounding floors.

Dance on a circle for that is Humanity on that without a harness of length sit,
grid balance to sight with the eyes on the jump,
poles standard to cups,
what is the set of a bounce on Cross-Country for the Eventer,
is range that belief that simple is just the kick of the sleek,
or is it in basic that girth that does fit knowing that billets.

Well in the depth I purpose a cinch in conversation to the dust,
walking to no bloat is really the trick,
should the storm no the reason Than patience prevail on be stun,
but no that is really the experience of recognition over the Mimics of this Worlds rinse,
for how many can drive to the Trailer lift on the stay to brave the shift,
gear to a Talk tack stock in the lot just to be on the Paint of read block to tighten the clock??

Grace inhabits with a Teach the Clinic and the whip should give be of stand not of krill by exampled landing,
a whale is a story yet also In Addition the blue by describe is an Ocean of salt with a tick,
a pulse of Its own riding the beach with a comforting sound joined by the breadth of its lip,
or is it Sip??

Does the drink represent the Dock on the Pier between all the Ships,
is the waist wise to the water of comprehension,
or is the slip on a dress rather than knowledge of a Pilings foundation for adaptation to Tides special introduction,
there are these changing radical shifts that do not just turn on the bellies hour but store ability for the calm,
or does just the process of Crowd chorale only mark the flume on the storm or Torn,
fill in the buzz word to appeal the staff as Aprons are in usual the Feeds price to locale of the Tripe!!

Baskets for the bisque And a stew on the reef Rank to burr mew duh's try angle,
cats and puppy dog Tales,
wagging the culture to crumble the building but what shaft knows of foundation on term,
yawn back to the dates on the traveling road,
//that Hi Way of A task Ka dare Owe for the sight of a Mail,
put on the Plate an address & sharp hard no turn,
ask knot what chose is When Choice had a friend!!

Spark plugs on the facts to the call of the Ducks feather and ruffs,
quietly know,
it is the best of the broad way show,
'cause Its a Wind chime on the days of sing a Shore,
write like that bare Ole of memorized chess,
on those Boards of dried Erase the chaff with a good Scrub,
chase glycerin and Love.

Soap Box the Words with kind,
stand by and Watch for the lace,
it will come by Wave of a trace,
at the Second Read in silent,
shun or Support,
it will be That Score,
shall the Muscle not be Clam but the beauty of a ran, or, In the case of the library,
The hoarse.

Sway on this ride to the touch of sand in the dial on the marbles stone,
in that is the froth of the breathing wind,
an ocean for the push,
the suns long pause Well that is the rib on the Moon of a stair,
rounds on the plain of earth at type,

As the sphere is the rose on the Mountains tell,
a valley broke the chord from the Falls of the waters lull,
swinging on the curves to straight down the hillsides grace,
in that sweet taste.

With the carriage of the harness of the Harps from the begin,
clouds on the tickle to that watch of the clock work here on placed,
as that is the soak of the pebble,
what is the fight??

Forever in the nature on the sing,
buffalo on the daisy chain,
counting Clover with the method of core,
does the soil speak,
or is the body of the reach??

Shells on the beach say to that calm its a door,
simple to believe,
the sky chalks Out to shade a tree,
or is it the waltz of the reason on the angle of the Feat??

Step to the craving found on that rock in the wisdom of soapstone on a carve,
changing with a look or is it the treat of an eyes loan to the reality of the shapes lead,
did that gentle breeze charge the chisel to hammer as the bending bee,
should the reveal strange revelation on that memory or season a deed.