Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sadistic Bondage of Masochism

Sexual desire is in a Man's attire.
Look at one and it has begun.
The idea should shake the very.........
Yet, in the end you'll feel numb.

If you went into where Dungeons, Lairs and sometimes wares
become the things that make you, Come!
I dare not challenge for surely, they will....

Oh well!!

They no not my name.
Nor, my claim to flaming aim
of what I taunt or think, should want.
Do you see the second?


A facilitator of fatal means,
the end of second Be's.
The fast, the quick, cannot catch me,
but if I'm caught...

Give, I will

Not from difference, not from fear,
but because I know I'm dear.
Still I'll be a chance you see,
to escape and play the game of....

I know you, TWO!!

You'll force me, so I won't do,
but I've already been taken young.
I heard in the America's
that these mentioned things are...


An over sea's beginning taught or bought?


Believe in Counsel?
I've seen my mount.
He is tremendous, handsome and makes me.......think.

Three Pence, Euro, Midas Gold,
I believe that this twin has my soul.

It's very Old.

I have written, not directly so,
just off-beat and sort of bold.
A Deal, A Card, the Wild won't spare,
for looks will change and I will dare.

So, if what is,
proves to be:


Schooled for what?
I know, for fun.
 Of guise, 
oh, WOW!
First he must recognize.

I'm ahead,
in length of verse.
I know "No," know.
I just might win.

But it's the Game, the one I'm in,
that keeps my interest and peeks my in.

A Chance?
A Play?


Do bow out or I will have to shout,
"1 for All and All for 1"
that's when I'll know that Men are out.

After Care?

Doubtful of the ones below?
Whom wear Leather and use to "NO........."
Boast of which,


In accordance to their Rule,
I speak the truth with clarity, booth.
It's in the past,  that you said,

"Rare, You, See."

"Never found, never caught."
It can't be what will just be bought.
Far beyond a Hippo-campus thought,
an Original Girl who likes it HOT!!

Such a type,
beyond repair.
Purposeful, I set the snare.
Not a snap-shot of what is not,
for better still....

I was taught.

By the end, it won't be done.
Break the spirit of 
"Wild & Run!"
Central Intelligence will begin to claim,
all that is the "Ancient Brain."

Are Men Intact?

Off they go, another tale,
of what's not real but I know they feel.
A "Remote View" to see you be,
I always look for all of thee.

That is why I never shout,
for 3 Strikes out,
I am about.

Confidence in what excites,
has passed each evening as Midnight......
strikes what used to really be,
a Twin Soul dream for only Me.

Good Life,
my lovely.
I am set at zero and I don't run!

How Blunt to be,