Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Narcissist Review

A narcissist I knew.
In him I see all you.
The people of this world,
that hide from open view.

It's long in tale of sew,
of this I truly know.
I had to be so sure for thee,
before I pointed factually.

Raised by worse, a curse.
Decisions watched and studied.
Do these beings of other means,
have a choice or are they levied.

I had to know, before I throw,
the gauntlet down on many.
For is it lies or is it trys,
to change it all to plenty.

Are narcissists aware of this?
Do the judge in mind?
Or are they acting out a play,
scrolled in acts of fine.

I could not tell, but it all did smell,
as lies became my truth.
Before I dared to stop and stare,
I had to know their wares.

The information on such a station,
carried through the message.
To all that knew or those that met,
run from this, a given threat.

I've looked and found,
it's all around,
a narcissist must be bound.
So, meet you may and run you should,
they'll rob you in this sound.

So, there I found, release around,
the study of one more.
It was a man who turned his hand,
at family and the more.

Hand outs came with lies that named,
the problems he must have.
Ran to them, in family plan,
to relieve him of this dam.

Knock aside all that hide,
to avoid such defaming words.
I did not do the things that were,
believed and felt to be worse.

Narcissists will persist!
Speaking lies, named Truth.
They believe that if they say,
the words a certain way.

They can undo what is true,
replacing, making new,
the lies they're telling you.

They do stand fixed,
in all of this,
a difficult point to prove.
But few do move, resolving who,
is doing what to whom.

A four year blitz,
I did in midst,
of all I say is due.
To pay the price is always wise,
when playing with, I sue!

He showed his hand, in one command,
when I asked for..... Halt!
He harnessed up, his pride ERUPT!
I have control of you.

I stopped and glared,
"My Goodness, Lair,
do we play like you."
He spoke of lots, confessing, CAUGHT!
I did the listening, too.

Speaking truth, I said, "No roots."
I do not walk with you.
For when I know,
it is to grow in harmony of slow.
I don't attack, to get one back,
speaking lies of truth.

He said to me,
in silence see,
a body language not.
For a mistake was made when I laid,
a trap is what he sought.

Alarmed at this,
why bother Sis,
you're right behind what's bought.

A Storm did brew,
with friends a new,
to seal the deal straight threw.

I turned aside,
I spoke my peace.
I said what comes from underneath,
One Man, One Girl, I never lied,
about my friend in Greece.

Don't care, you share,
the secrets of a narcissists relief.
It's lies that speak a worked out piece,
to throw the guilt away.

To look at mirrors in such are tears,
they never wipe away.
For nothing flows, from their eyes,
accept the gift of prose and lies.

The narcissist in Worlds; a tryst.
A man or woman wise!
To aid their bets, in freedom threats,
the image of their minds.

So closely held and practiced well,
that's why a reflecting pool.
Is never touched to feel the real,
with fingers of the such.

Under estimate they say,
the ones who run away.
Void your life, live in strife,
if attempts are made to fight.

Read one, read all, the information for,
a narcissists deplore.
You've written what they want and more,
for fear does strike your core.

To stand upon the feet you're on,
to face a monster made so strong,
by Worlds repore of them.
Will only speak,
 this girl is weak,
fighting for so long.

I won't give-up, till I erupt,
with truth in lies they spoke.
At least one stands without the hands,
of support or worlds view.

Cast aside I was too tried,
without rebuke thereof.
But I will be , not of thee,
I never worshipped History.

People of this problem need,
to know that this is also true.
Even in Malignancy,
I see the choice is knew.

All that these creatures do,
so eloquently put by you,
is rob you of your ignorance too,
by standing longer than you do.

So off you run and off you go,
a pride in self do know.
They break your Will and fill the till,
it's all they really do.

Karen A. Placek

Night Becomes Light

I wake in hopeless fright.
Cannot I make this Stop?
Wishing for such a mourn,
gives me some delight.

For I believe in magic,
when I close my eyes.
I imagine since my youth,
the guy that I rely.

I rest my head on thee.
I know that we can't see,
each other to create relief,
regardless of the day or year,
you still bring sweet release.

To free me only in imaginative thought,
is more than I could need.
For making night time horrors relieve,
this girl from open sores.

A moments rest inside whats best,
the wonder and the like.
To keep this real and my mind about,
I dream not of this loud.

Grace has granted some reprieve,
for mornings just like this.
I drink my coffee, milk and sugar,
and write the words of now.

I believe in Magic!
and only one miracle it's true!
He is just a man,
a CD plan, that sees this girl on through.

He's never late and does not take,
from girls who do not dare.
To speak the verse, to match his Hearst,
I think he sings out there.

Affection for the very poor,
in Heart, and Soul or Mind.
Is what he says the World should do,
to not leave them behind.

To invest in such a list,
a roster such as mine.
Does declare the fame out there,
is priced high for their blare.

I like the boldness of review,
it makes me laugh out loud.
To see such gifts, that look like me,
is a new insightful memory.

I was told by shrinks not old,
for therapy is wise.
When all you are is fear inside,
they help you realize.

A common thread, its golden too,
was making new a script to Life,
with photo's and that's right.
Ensuring day-mares get held so tight,
that night becomes the light.

Karen A. Placek

A Smile

In the hands of one that cared,
would be so nice to share.
To learn of love out there,
might be more then I could dare.

The pain of such a thought,
is only in dreams I've sought.
For disappointment is to much,
when I was just a tot.

Illusion caused by training,
often beat my mind.
In to the terror of night time,
where you often find.

Barging into my room,
at hours of a full moon.
Timing was essential,
cursed me with prudential.

Five or six disciples,
excited at the task.
Rifle through my thoughts and siteful,
on edge I was not delightful.

You are full of demons!
Out of bed I shot!
Repent before us mean one,
I sat and I did a lot.

Hands did fly around my face,
begging for a fight.
Excitement did show in their eyes,
I was not alright.

When exhaustion struck the core,
of each and every cult-like whore,
retreat they did so slowly,
closing behind the door.

Left me to my lonesome fears.
I layed my head to rest.
Alarm did sound for school would 'round,
the next day broke this way.

No words, no sorry, no admission of,
the bolting into dreams.
Just turned their heads, changed the sight,
for if you mentioned shock.
They beat you with the clock.

There is no shadow of the day,
that does not scare me so.
The fear and terror of long ago,
does not let my insides go.\

I used to think, a Knight would come,
and carry me away.
I soon did learn that this was not,
for me to ever say.

Crying eyes will sometimes show,
the pain of love not had.
To witness siblings freely held,
with all, I feel bad.

I wish that I could do for those,
that I can't do for me.
At least I can teach what I see,
because I love the free.

Tonight I hold myself alone,
I'm scared beyond belief.
Left to my own devices,
I never find relief.

The memories are deeply sewn,
in register of birth.
I know that there is only one,
to revel on this Earth.

A day will come, where he will seek,
deliverance for myself.
It will be so simply neat,
a smile to feel complete.

Karen A. Placek