Thursday, September 24, 2015

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Hour this word to the comprehension of the Airplane crashing by going down in mid Flight,
the instruction on the Tarmac by the Persons instructing directions on the Emergency procedure on In Case,
as that is of great Importance to the World on Hell in Wars of nearly to the All Ways today,
junk Mail on the Media of The National Broadcasting System to particular Bizarre.

On the Airline Industry the training passed to the Passengers is as the Oxygen masks drops put it on Your face First,
than after the directive of being shown breathing and without panic you Aid the Person nearest you,
at that the best rate of living to know that an Airplane can recover its fall is left to the actual event.

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in our own Country how many eat cat food in the Elder Community while on Social Security/SS,
the abbreviation to the Cardboard box list on the Alley`s in dump stirred by trunked,
at that the all law of Social graces locks the term to life.

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