Friday, July 11, 2014

Noesis League Ion Deed Ought Tid

A borrow Earth in lend a Stay,
the Dike that unplugs the Olds,
a visionary in an Centenary,
thee guarding of the cold,
just Parks the Bodily frame!!

Know clearings of an Equal Bane,
more Over Toppers sake the Vain,
scot the lines to miss the pole,
credits run to Being fulled,
width the blast ask bigged trends!!

Watch to the Wrist stoppers,
rolling in the Ancient lockers,
trashed the gate of thresholders,
walling oft the Keep Sakers,
a creed by wrecker Bawl.

Society of World bees,
bats a Ferrule law bindered,
the crass builders sail a dates,
fig to the plumbing State!!

Piped to be hosed,
a life mind readily goes,
for best to prop finders,
than to be ever stuck in blinded!!

Owed to the Acher a Point pin sharp,
darkness is MY LIFE a Number I do Crop,
so get back know the rack for Whips and Linked,
no joke from the wilds,
riders are the sword.

Bee Wise in Reasoned,
bee talent in gifted,
bee grants in debt,
bee the Catcher in the Weed.

Tomb Talkers