Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What May Tricks

Life is packed grands on banks in strange parallels of scene to paved creeks on the tums,
in that there have such range of remainders to that singing pulse on the forward dart,
to the language that has trembling coordinates to the real lived is in deed a stagger of rapport,
however the pause on lathe is not an edit of wave for the Ocean nights the beach both stone.

Sun light to sand that salt water cools,
sharp cliff notes to advance a sheet muse on slates,
chalk board of scale Minuet on rail,
trains that stop to account for the Tale.

Inch to foot Second to clock which is the sound that Measures a tack,
is it the saddle of cart A block or the day is it the Jump of the Grid Work of Horse trails pork,
should the bridle show bit or is the rein on the skit of the choice at a piece to know in advance a shift,
go Monopoly dice on that start Is the bank in the fiddle of instrument source,
should the arena be life in a be of the short does that take less or More conditioning to sport??

Mind in the brain of the thought on a game,
is that just Cards on the gamblers be vein,
does the ride in the being of Human by shore,
travel the simple to speak of the floor??

Well is a word however its deep,
a bucket to handle and a ditch to the feat,
filled with first to be clear on the state,
what is the how on the leave of The Plate??

As all do the go around to beg the quest is on Quartz,
timing of Watts is the electrical show,
flowing inside the body on stow,
sync it with park or is it divide??

Further on feather the flight or the kite,
string or the rigs on the shipping be shade,
does the shadow of calm envelope to sealed,
or is the look see a living on steel.

Does breath draw that perk to a Parallel stork or is the bearing of Compass at type,
do Nouns verb the Subject or adjective out,
did the adverb speak Client to describe the nest clear??,
shells on the Clam muscles on keister,
what is the donkey should the horse mule it out??
did the stuff on the come just mark to a cleat,
or did the entire know of where the fudge beeps??

Honkers on geese the goose of a sign,
do the sheep believe that ducks don't go song,
does quack quack say squawk or cock a doodle dew,
oh say does the Mountain familiar that trued??

I love the trail on this fluster to the bearings of core trailers,
the text to the write on the stables of the ground,
the fencing to the desk in the absolute of strange,
picture the barn with a dig to the deep at a perpendicular but rather steeper art tick range.

Care 'E' Oak Key For All Lives With A Spoon Full Of Cod Liver Oil From the Springs Of Living Water

At the cruise a fix shin on the wonder of my son's birthday coming in on the storm of a Worlds lore,
for November 3rd is a day that Johno arrived in my arms on the Treasure of loves eyes,
My Mother graced his arrival with her excitement of a grand ballet to bring Witness that first breath.

Life in a Tale is that Johno also In addition has Three Siblings,
these special rays of sunshine have brights that light the year with saved,
each parade of calendar Month brings for every being a pandora on start,
stars on the sky that shield of Wise is a Sing along to days of thunder on the brings,
with land ding to ground the plan it on sound this is just a Trail to simple and crown.

Towards the introduction of this Year of the Ram what Is the vote on the ear of a Pier,
is it that traveling route a pretty dawn stout to say I love the call of that reminder each clear,
that My Mother smiled in beams on the Show,
it wonders me so that being loved by such a candor of grins all a row.

Shall the shade Tight in jade Just this marvel Car tune to speak eased by vista on Marvel be Coo's,
that mountain of a coming surprise like gifts are 20/20 on the Tide pigeon rides
waves of constant to consist of this found to happens on the rhymes jist,
memorizing found to increase the Envelopes opening!!

Springtime on see Zen's the most of the Signs,
fields of work Horses and clearly be Timed,
that is the bridle the Reins of a Classical Opera that Ballet to instrument Flutes and the Shock raw,
from Ba bar To reply A special on why,
the hugs go monopoly at tack to the barn,
for the stable of method is the Hi Tech on farmed.

Reason wise,
chorus Hymn,
shop tools,
be off the cold,
sneeze for a saying,
dress at the desk,
what is the how on the why is a loud.

Answers come while Wall letters deliver,
alphabet set type to farther the bit Sir,
an as the step stairs remember the date,
any drive on the road is a quest to be sake.

Chap^Lens Show^Panned With Thigh Salt Tee Sir Fir

Sail with I to the distant of the outside Tramp on the Solar smile,
grin with the avenue of the map on the rose of this Worlds beat,
to task this life off to the learns on the leans Owe well my steep,
depth of the Human Noise is as the speaker on the Milky Wares,
thereabouts the sun bursts to that Know!!

Shining on the back Side in front on the Turns it is Ask scrabble,
words flying the cheese on the filed,
train for the station of the being At that say its a creek,
score the river on the Y division To Ad up on the mile!!

Mill a met turned To People on the grain of molds step,
green mash on the Belts,
buckled to lacing the boot tribes!!

Wow on that is the fun and the Trails on the course of this saddled life,
stuck in the body Structures of the skin and bones Muscle and tongue,
wagging that like the dogs paddle.

Kit cats and Lions rat the Mouse ran up the curtain rail,
down came the blink a Lid and a think,
over the Nail to cross the Thorn and land amongst the ever Corned!!

Shake that pep Pop ease at the lease off this shell of staff,
extract shin to go to the lo on the biggest Time of raised,
the Fire in aye flame to lick the brights at an Energized tide of Waving sky!!

There are no Shack culls to shed for the Electric verbalizes the laughter to land a Moon on a earths lead,
steady on the beach of the formation of great life,
spanking the feet as the pads of a ski across this Ice of what has happened on this fare ole skit!!

Inhale the soar to just be Whom and What your felt ranks in the Season on Streakers sleet,
sleeves of sod at base scout on the mission of living on the ditch,
fields of Humanity have plowed the Thought of transfer touching spades,
Ace High and jack grow to the Waist!!

Scallops and dolphins Orcas and elephants Ivory and tusks,
snails And ants dialing those Hills of mail brought for the pebble to be,
count the Tows and cart a gallop Ping choose,
digs on the swell its really just a braid dee light on harness the fee fie fiddling shite that shift talkers kick.

Swan Ballet toe point and that stagger on the roads of Hi Way lift,
graveyards Fences gates and Tents,
have a day with a Platter of ride,
it truths the Turf while the Saddle is the girth of the Shirt.

Clothes shrink wrapped to fit,
any size long or short Wide or trim Wise or stumped,
sent to be of the Rainbow representative,
oh for that treasure on the brow of eyes,
sparkling that wonder on the foundation of Foot placed to shock the Sound on the 'rounds!!

Speaking as the verb Express,
station Now the Trains,
growth is the Work,
miles that increase to the mountains Valley of horns blowing shakers by,
clover swaying the buffalo treat,
Coyotes howling Wolves to Creations stick figures designation of Ears to piece,
a fish shark that Whale of Toby bale,
all wired to daisy and Crow dials of that Stone clock on the Shale of strict Nine.

Say Spur

Write Tree and Answer the Moon,
as that is the route of a band on the Foot talk,
with an Ankle on the line be of the shape that Shadows the tightly knit paddle,
swing tell the lull a buy that fast is the staff on the style of grounding speak,
over the Top nail to ham stir the rest Once on the Time say,
oh well on the sift.

Waltz this with the shale,
earthquakes and sail,
Wings Flight and a bit on the Tack,
body Kite is the energy on the breathing Palace of All Man shins to Speak!!

Ways and journeys For With the trial of the Human sign its just a Trip.