Sunday, January 11, 2015


The phone in these days is so quick to spit that even hanging up does not stop the equipped,
for there in the voice of the tone that does drool a language of hatred is hung on the stool,
oh well so I say that it is a minor affair to speak what is heard and no that despair,
for from form on the tongue to the fast in the spun ready I am to become dialed a shunned.

So to counter of bell that rings for the Fair remember the spoken as life is a rare,
in each shoulder that is the basic of Feat to engage with the paints is writing a leap,
bounce on the frost to freezing the plate ask for the symptom and relate to the fates,
in breadth of the age to the retirement sound making a walkway for snoring is 'round.

Great to the farmer that learns to the Field in product of plow the discipline reals,
to balance the seed with water and key is to be of a calendar that speaks of a graeae,
on that bring of the lather to the cold is a played talk to the paddle and row it away,
for on the dash to sink hole a gave I pervade to simplify organ and pick up on the stayed.

Traits that do push to killing a move in the growth of the Winter on showering grooved,
scrabble the pieced for the word is of shoots that when put together the sentence does root,
to the Hey how are you to the sounds of static return it is the clarity that stills for the fatter of burned,
but in all of the process a conversation is stern to engage in the practice of simply I learn.

Familiar to downfalls Niagara is born to show of the tempo that rivers are storm,
in creek to the Pharaoh or shallows of sphinx speaking with blocks can be a good read,
chance it to choice or be it a tact Terra firma on earth is the dirt of the tracked,
boil the kettle the steam is a sign that the tonal rebuke is the eyes that bump duke.

To hard wire calls that trample the cause I tell of the proper in prime of the dolls,
peg to a barrier than ship to the lanes for at the least it is the bark on the rent of the brained,
bones to the body character to tape in the recording of hinged to a claim,
grasp on this handle for the message inks Truth for in the absolute it is smoke that still suites. 

What Is Earth To Reflection

Oddly, but really it is not that unusual in my life to either be compared or to suffer the comparison of lots of assumptions on peoples part of what is believed to be my part.  In any stand made for a healthy review of circumstance vs the partitions that divide introductions, there is always questions of Motif.  The sayings are so subtracted at a cost of drowning that to learn to swim is in truth difficult to say the least.  Cold waters like cold people will sink you to anchor of their lies in your mind. Fighting tears and fear or worse, to be run as shift to geared is a shafting of the standard that throttles with torque. I example in writing that the work will become the counter built.

Construction on the base of foundation to branch the feat of theme has been a problematic solution from the very beginning.  As society would love to bury any failure, I would rather dig to understand that failure creates success for the hands that have been killed before their time.  To know that in the Middle Ages so many woman specifically were crucified, burned, gutted and called heretics for states of difference reminds me so clearly that patience delivers circumstance to thereby learn from.  Should I have stood to soon in life than I would have been shot down with terror and certainly more threats than I have already suffered, so I waited.  By witness alone the tragedy of this dealt souping has brought great thought to my structure of sentence carriage.

In total the wealth of determination is finding that my theory as a youth was indeed correct.  People really do and are speaking with hammers and nails as todays current language.  There is no room for discussion or of more importance, I have witnessed no place that brings families back together to heal the loss of one another.  In a world so full of technology, the quick Tweet, a Facebook profile or next up and coming application of swipe, erase, purchase, buy, than down the load, I speak with the breeze.  It is a chilling deed to put forward the brand of ironing out a problematic strife, however it has brought the pieces into a picture that is not only seen, but, has the verse of voice to ample the technique.

Laugh hardily should you wish to continue to mock my efforts on the values that I have endured.  To know of the horrid rebuke that is spoken behind my back is to memory, for whom does cast stones to kill the starters by deadly bursts of slamming, I say with all honesty, I have not only witnessed horror recently, but, I have suffered horribly by the hands that have smashed my attempt to exist peacefully.  A simple hello, how are you, without the murder-death-kill attitude would have been something.  A tempo providing health, yet this has changed so coarsely, it is now the common beating of handled. People are suffering absolutely everywhere on this planet today and to be wise to the facts that many would like to torture the existence of many more is first and foremost to becoming aware of the terrorism that is running rampant.  The advantaged are demolished by the passing plotters, and it turns out that it is still all about the money and/or the religions fare be product.  Robbers that have tailed the crown otherwise know as compassionate minds, have mutilated fear to bright death by never digging or twisting a knife that can be readily seen, it is in the passing glance of 'shut the fuck up' that is slapped across your face.  However the wound is more than visible as I see the weapons of mass destruction in the shoulders of the audience that kills for their belief.

Be strong my new friends for in the innocence of any idea to the proof of the fact that theory is of shirt, it is the logos that is making a defining exclaim so that the language of terse may be understood before the shovel must dig the grave.  In tomb of Tellers the coffin of this, the Cremation of the ashes that are blowing down the chimneys lend.  A Fire place that loads the ember sky to balance the sun with a Moon on the dye is a Red Sign that makes month to a year and a date to Pi.  In the math of tame it is always left to the wild of named that breaks the seal to read the scribe as any birth.  Every birth is unique, rare and of great bearings.  The trouble that befriends our lives in hours or minute time is the reminder that trouble does exist and thereby a warning to those that have been familiar with its terror before.  In remembrance of so much it is in each human touch that brings balance to understood so that comprehension may be comprehended as simple speech.  On discussion of the active mind is the day of now, not the history of spent.  To negate the fact as being experienced shoves the convergence of the signs that I wish not to skirt.  For in identifying the solution going forward I must realize the road traveled, as that is the reason for me being in existence right now.  I appreciate the simple things as explanations to know that what was is in the process of arrival and will come with the wisdom of reason for enduring the trip.

This Whole World Is Dead For No Reason

On Now the movie Serenity and the line said..

Awe for the signs of sketch the Caves at charged review,
to sample on the hand of print with writing of the clue,
in dream of done the PetSmart tug did often problem sake,
for on the work of Store Director much did certain spot,
as I had the job to know the dot was the I in me.

At home or shall I speak to the end of due,
the system of my Mind would carry math at stew,
to sleep in rest on dreams of desk the solution often came,
there to morning by the great for the solvent had a say!!

So off to the store that I did manage excitement of the Crew,
waking at the hour dawn at Four o'clock to Five in stock,
the run was more the prepare for each a time it was done with care,
a favorite movie played for cult the family on a skill is sound.

The 5th Element would play upon the television chime,
that ringing execution to the dress for Sun by dime,
in blessings of my simple lines Complex to never being,
the lives that would become to gave a bright list in Deeds!!

Grant it to the marbles that the tongues do speak at language,
on the curl of the perk Coffee had translations,
grind the beans to boil water the swimming pool in found,
round abouts to driving Scouts that took to the world lots of downs.

Tackle the game of Foot ball the sock of heard in warmth,
wool the cotton of the ears ask cauliflower termed,
in splash upon the Water face to wash the anchor up,
a chain to know that the ships can harbor on the Crow.

Speak with candor be of Self in the I of tone,
take a breath and don't hold sake for each of us is bone,
with circulation on the walk to ramps that Pier of dock,
the tires are to certainly but in this reason Wire.

Remind the learner of the spider for the Web is known,
to clean the house of the scene is vacuum with a purpose,
teaching to myself is listening to jam,
for at the purchase of the crop a family is in singing.

No jest to profess the want of need in determined by the fleet,
sheep are fleeced in the ports I have witnessed this by shirt,
the choice to state that mothers rate to be the frame of learning,
maternal gears were stripped of years in this I know I am not alone.

For just in the passing instructive measure at the barn for raked,
I saw again that mothers trimmed by what was louder than a jinn,
reality does often beep with crazy and insane,
however when the beatings on the brain that happened each at play,
I know this tune it notes to boon as hats are often binned,
the price of resistance is in The Watch of the sends.

Trash is a perk or dump at the wisdom of the trump,
to muck the stall for the horse or Paddock on the course,
in riding at the life arena`s jumping all the more',
I can say that watching said is likened to the read.

Be of freedom to know best for in the blood of vein,
that time it tells of wombs and bells those sames will different spells,
spoken by the lift to leg in understanding dialed,
the number of the cell phone text is bringing more than speared.

Hoof and file to the fight of sounding in the echo,
lather sweat to the brow and saddle for the effort,
tighten your girth to appropriate for the fall can be a terror,
a terrible lesson or a gain should the time be of a rein.

Clean your blink and deliver letter to the tongue of deed,
as I have been in the tug to speak so naturally,
question on the table route is paper in the toilets spout,
as the roll does fill the spool so does the flushed go out.

Speaking Swan At Goose Bumped Crows

An ancient being in the tack of humanity is my body on the formal bust,
as the dream of Inanna was of naming trust a pocket with a found,
so is the tale of coming from the fire elemental,
a flame with all to know that space is relative to the phone.

Each Dalai Lama to a bust growing with every life,
born to bring more knowledge taught,
teaching of the reside is compassion on the last,
for I do idea this with transcendent of a cast!!

Making best of Happenstance to touch the coins of Ages mast,
sailing rails Trains on shown preparation Ranks the bone,
marrow rich with thought to stone a bearings of the compass comb,
in sleep the rest is balance of A Death to Life scenario.

Journey travel pack the facts shoulders carriage of a track,
straight to truth the honest done Creation had a born to punned,
evolution Fathers I for in the instance of this sigh,
loving Nature for the signs Yield is the mind of kind.

In sparking memory with dash of Salts oceans with a nerve to coast,
being of a great design to be a day that all must grown,
animals bark the Seal breaking Waves to Orca moved,
the sandy shores a Sun in speak bright to eyes and legs for sent.

Extend a simple idea at start cracked from the sky of golden part,
the egg or brae in horse to mule storing walks to harvest moon,
night in scene the darkest scares mortal rings the brain of dawns,
springing forth with worth of sawn the dreams that explain a gone.

From base of sorting Times that screamed Crucifixions Nails and things,
it is a revealing born to be with Complexity seeing Tree,
branch that to the Orchard sky Within the stars it is a Hi!!