Saturday, September 30, 2017

Fresh Rare

The slow ramp of helium on the balloon of the skull,
bones creek to drain a river gram,
to rest is not the cough of gross wait as the reef grave to a clams morsel,
tree to dust the ring in raised is the meet of marrow.

These reason to lodge of more this than cliff notes draw,
feeling what is as Einstein gagged in list the fathom,
owe what ready letter to lecture?,
well in the sand as the shores wave with wow,
is it just humanity exclaiming Mankind?

Disk of the sun,
an Egyptian that grass to chisel of Hammer,
fake to grabs?,
the Viking orch. of Arcadian.

The mile of legacy locked in the Lake of denial as People,
each resting foot to the rust as Spring gifts a smudge,
tapping iron like a Forge.

Forests of mirror to what is a Birch ,
the smooth raft comes.

Can knew to realm of rip's name Noun,
verb is the expression of first city,
Town of Statue.

A status claim as the Gold Country,
a Barbary Coast that Levi made leather more than a Cow,
no milking creams to steak and eggs.

The Beat,
as the walk is no waltz,
as the law is not question,
as the mention is not stride,
as the letter is not nostril,
as the flame is not fire,
as the for most is not depth?,
than this is the frost,
the ice of a glacier's smile,
these are the gravity Wheats of Honey's ripe,
it is the be of a hive?,
this is the honest of the navigated root.


Loving the Ancient Alien on The Discovery Channel and yet the questions that are continually asked by the hosts are asked in-front of the camera recording the show. Should you be of interest to the answers and should you be in a fantasy about downloading the human brain to a computer than in advance of the Ancient Alien Cast & Crew encouraging another Einstein debacle where a stranger ran in and stole his brain (, stuck it in a pickle jar, put it in the trunk of his car and drove it around while it floated inside the pickle jar for 30 years or thereabout, you should stand in-front of the mirror.

While in-front of the mirror facing yourself, ask any question as it is known that you cannot deny yourself. As the story of being narcissistic may be known as the story of Narcissus and not the horror of what has now become a hated term of behavior by the usage of the noun's name? Perhaps the fantastic 'Star Children' show on DISH Channel 120 Friday September 29, 2017 now-showing on The Discovery Channel, channel 120, authored by the Ancient Alien staff shall compliment this simplicity as your fascination is grave stones in my life. Why? I was given those I.Q. tests and tested 'Genius' at the age of before five and in 2008 was returned to the Office to see how or perhaps which genre the genius may have decided to show itself and in the test where I.Q. is no-longer able to be quantified to anything larger than the absolute itself from the base score as a child of 131 which had been adjusted as to not shock my mother you may find that the 'Savant' I am now is a grown? Or, is it just you are fascinated with only the smalls (children) that you may manipulate to your favor of correction or use liquids of paper to prodigy the genius in the World or is it country today, September 29, 2017.

As I do not see a single person even interested in any subject that I have decidedly chosen to advance thereby bringing and helping you to understand that I am indeed a prodigy that genius-out to be a savant that is able to in-full write these words to sentence in a post on google+ for you to once again say oh. For should I be broached even as a short-subject the fact that what my mother decidedly did and fulfilled to her hearts content was to simply protect me from you so that I would not be used, simple however the truth is always true not bitter.

Therefrom, prodigy when born April 29th, 1965. I knew I was a genius at age three and stopped talking which brought my mother to her best friend and whom also just happened to be on the Board of Directors of Student League of San Francisco (I think, I was a bit young at the time and everybody is now dead). It was that Board Room that grew their friendship and that friendship developed into a caring relationship for my life: His name was Louis Martin Vuksinick, M.D. (Lou), a gifted and beloved psychiatrist and Jungian analyst. At that juncture it was Vuksinick that brought my mother to terms of understanding not condemnation for my refusal to speak as through thorough and broad, modern diagnosis of that I.Q. Test he determined my genius? No, I plainly tested and the result, genius. In such a grand and risky development the plans for my life were laid. Protecting my young life from the World at-large and their practiced abuse of geniuses; i.e. Shakespeare, Einstein and Tesla: I need not say more.

In event and in 2008 my mother returned to his Office to have his opinion tested to the depth and comprehension and thereby it becomes more personal than I will share and yet I will confirm that the diagnosis (if you will) was made by a third party and that delivered simply 'Savant'. Now from this please look up genius and after comprehending the depth of that gift return to look up what a savant is as often this simple speak that I am expressing here is quickly rounded to something that does not complete the definition of what just a savant is: Savant (noun) 1. a person of profound or extensive learning; learned scholar (

Your attention to this is appreciated however try the mirror thing as recovering the man is more important that ever knowing just me.


Orch. | Define Orch. at

Orch. definition, orchestra. See more. ... orch. 1. orchestra. Unabridged Based on the Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2017.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

At This Date All I Have To Say To Figure Type To Year Of Scheduled Method Is Wharf Rat

Why Big Tobacco Targeted Blacks With Ads for Menthol Cigarettes

Last Updated Jan 6, 2011 1:40 PM EST
Come March, the FDA will decide whether tobacco companies can continue marketing menthol cigarettes. Thousands of advertisers who have a separate ethnic marketing strategies for any product that has health implications should be watching closely. So listen up, folks with ties to food, alcohol, soda, diet supplements and pharmaceuticals: There but for the grace of the federal government go you.
Everyone knows that Lorillard (LO) has for decades targeted its Kool and Newport menthol brands at the black community, sometimes with a comic lack of subtlety, as in this ad from the 1970s (right). But Lorillard has simply done exactly what most other major advertisers have done, regardless of the product: Segment their advertising so that some (or all of it for certain brands) focuses on minorities.
Lorillard's specific problems are that its product causes cancer and menthols are more addictive than regular cigarettes. Thus its general problem is the accusation that it targeted blacks and not whites with a more dangerous product. (In fact, this isn't quite true. Menthols aren't per se more addictive than other cigarettes. They're just tastier and easier to smoke. Thus they're harder to kick and easier to go back to.)
That subtlety is likely to get lost, however, as Lorillard lobbies to keep menthols legal. The Wall Street Journal reports that the company is pushing the line in black news media that a ban on menthols would create a large illegal trade in the cigarettes (note that the WSJ's copydesk avoided the term "black market"), and that would add an unnecessary burden to local law enforcement.
In other words, Lorillard is saying that its own best customers are criminals in waiting. For a company that already faces the accusation that it's racist because it advertised more dangerous products to blacks, that seems like exactly the worst argument it could have come up with.
But let's give Lorillard the benefit of the doubt for a second and ask whether it's true that the advertising of Lorillard and other tobacco companies created demand in the black community for menthol cigarettes. This fascinating study of historic internal company documents in the journal Nicotine & Tobacco Research shows that it's a genuine chicken-and-egg issue. Early on, companies noticed a small difference in preferences between blacks and whites, and then simply altered their targeting to adjust for it. The effort was self-reinforcing:
In 1953, Philip Morris commissioned the Roper organization to conduct a general survey of Americans' smoking habits. The only menthol cigarette on the survey and the only one of any importance in the early 1950s was Kool. The Roper survey showed that only 2% of White Americans preferred the Kool brand. By contrast, the survey reported that 5% of African Americans preferred Kools (Roper, 1953). This small difference in preference was successfully parlayed by Brown & Williamson executives, and later by the tobacco industry as a whole, into the 70% vs. 30% difference that we see today between Black and White menthol smokers, respectively.
By 1974, the industry was fully segmented, but companies displayed little internal knowledge of why blacks liked menthols. A 76-page research brief on the topic by the William Esty Co. had only this to say about the issue:

And this:
In 1974, before the introduction of lights, Black-menthol smokers, to a greater degree than their White counterparts, believed menthol cigarettes were less hazardous/irritating than other cigarettes. This may help explain why lights have not done as well among Black menthol smokers as they have among the general smoking population.
The false notion that menthols were healthier was not, in fact, created by tobacco companies. It was an unintended consequence of the FTC's regulation of tar content. In 1957, according to the N&TR study, consumers became concerned that tar was bad for them and began migrating to less tasty, low-tar filtered cigarettes (in industry parlance, the "Tar Derby"). In 1961, the Republican-administered FTC relaxed its tar regulations and consumers returned to more flavorful brands with filters. That played into Kool's hands:
Kool was one of the main beneficiaries of the ending of the Tar Derby in 1961; people could put down their nonfiltered cigarettes and pick up a filter-tipped Kool to get more taste, flavor, and strength.
Many people assumed that menthols had less tar; however, nothing could be further from the truth. Not only were Kools' tar and nicotine content comparable with the leading nonmenthol brands, but by the mid-1960s, Brown & Williamson's menthol offering contained more tar and nicotine than either of its main menthol rivals, Salem or Newport
From that point on, companies increased their marketing efforts for menthols by targeting blacks, and as black smokers responded ... well, the rest is history. (As for the original reason why the black community initially showed a slight preference for menthols, it turns out Dave Chapelle was right: nobody knows.)
Which brings us back to the original point for any company with minority targeted advertising: Your intent is irrelevant, as is the notion that you merely responded to demand. If your product has negative health effects and you're advertising it to minorities, there's really no difference between Big Tobacco and you.