Monday, July 22, 2013

The Brigade Of What's Said

To Advance or 'Continue'
the phase is a gear,
the shifting of Consciousness.

The Mind does so travel,
a Quest based on balance,
the Journey is hear.

Learning to 'Be'
existence is 'Read'
to wake to what's rough,
alerted by lead.

Working Action to deliver traction,
a personal chore,
a silent report,
for you to work the Present lore.

The thought that persists,
is a quiet resist,
to example the change,
and not be the same.

Should an Individual find help on their path,
the light in the darkness would be a matched flame,
would shine all around and Show that you've found,
the proof that belief in faith is still sound.

The inquiry, a query,
of a positive sted,
would be so simple that complexity bled,
to know that decision was the choice of instead,
the Life would have Vision,
and not end up dead.

A natural occurrence,
a guide to what's driven,
to seek out the like 'cause,
history is Livin'.

War is a Venue,
the battle cry songs,
speaks of the innocence,
and what has gone wrong.