Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Horse's Prayer ~ by Unknown

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A Set Gear

The comprehension of no dues,
the accountable settle truth,
a minute seconds tick,
silence looks,
the audience of verbal news,
the watch becomes the illness late.

Treachery afoot returned the rate,
all in quiet,
not a tranquil state,
the fastest spin,
spirals lend,
the lie presents what's done is did.

The mettle of the life that could,
drained the Will,
it's now just should.

The closure of my eyelids show,
death is year and day is clear,
to the many or few in do.

Enjoy the fact that quit is tact,
record Albums wheeled Notes,
finds that music is a choke.

The hymn collected in poetic low,
rises me to be a joke,
invitations welcomed Times.

Universal lore in climbed,
skates the Plates,
numbers roll,
it's the type in total Toll.

Good in bye,
a wave in meld,
the do is why I leave in Hell.

Posted 5 hours ago by Karen A. Placek

Original Natural Creed Tack

The Greed of the Singular Cell
now a Number translated?
... to identify BEING Clean.

Call of Run
Statused ~ Placed ~ Advantaged?!?

Know "It" Plates too Toll

The Mechaniques that calculates the Fare
does not Add the Tax
Book Exact!!

Match the gaseous grab,
explosive dime to drop and Syne.

Luminous Vote
breezing too inhale the brink
the Footage Advance
Reeled in Sound
to Film record
Play the Move
camara sat Seated sap

EYE will LATCH Loc
knots perfect the Ore Stills the Chilled.

Chest laced Mistake!!

Mint Board?!!?

Gilded Thread
spun inn wholed
basic tack
herd foiled
FORE Ground shreds Crowns.

Jewels grind through,
 decor Mounting.

Stallions thirds Welling
Shores of Phar
triplicates squawl.

Grained too Sands
beaches Lands
Cliffs to breech
protected RACE.

Single Deal.

Breed of Bred
'Refinery' out source
the Keep of Well

Original be not a SEED
obvious to fact
pointed power shielded
ventured quest lusting desires
Their you're Cage
dungeons require
no found too cost
lose Lofts.

Mind doubt
it's yours to Be
No Origin Know Sport
no leap to reach.

roped and bulled
Penned Rolls,
dimension scrolled
a Fold!!

Stows stowed dunked Moles
Owned, Slaved, Used, Ick!!

Backed Steers Style

photo I.D. ouch!!

NO PT.?.Compass Routes

Driven deep in VEE
doping 5th Elevens lead