Monday, June 9, 2014

Reason Why The Losses Cone In Outs

Emotions my faulty gear the basis of a long time spare,
quit one each time a stare building tact to empty lair,
to the den of dungeoning back while the rack tilts the sack,
not for use in tow a cue that when I go I'll be in blue.

Ponding counts to past in classed error on me it's just called life,
cheers to staking crosses born as the shaking drains me torn,
product skirts to topping laked timbers held a certain shaked,
the left hand turning to Ceiling breaks feelings are a terrible fate.

Love is just a pit in falls never would I want that sprat,
curious sometimes sure I tacked the interest shown was buck the sat,
saddle that stitch an RIP the Niche in no verbal tune could such be take,
downward spiraling I'd speak my Soul but it was sold for that type bowl.

Burp the seek to hiccups cleat a heel from the birth of peek,
isolation to degrees that Humanity repeats these deeds,
shower me Sky with Sunny Clouds in that reason I see the why,
swinging in and blowing Way to the Solar to the lay.

Tricks to take confuse the state just to screw in another deep placate,
just like coffee the mugs are telling,
grind your brings to tolling belling,
cream the Tee for Gulping swallows,
drown the tonnes while legs can't bung.

Inside the youth of challenged for spreads,
the capture gave not out of try,
just the load of coming guise,
in reveal this evidents steals from more than brained,
the fact for fact cell phone shied.

The Whales Know

The Mindbends In Ample Boned to vomit Upon the Floor,
the barfing out of a Circled Shoot planned to Disrupt the Lined,
by confidence I will restore the wretched back to the Doors,
of which the send to Basement cored in width of dizzy bore.

See the truth in Open-Forum on the Wall 'It' Sayed to shore,
the Coastal in Uproar for bearing torning shew the Forced,
reprieve My self towards countered goring in a knowing,
the explain Canned Lid to stranding Thor!!

Visit grounds of Mortared concrete cracking dank to deeply tanked,
credits plate the crash to lore for even I would keel such horn,
linked by faces gruffing looked by the Name in brae of took,
perve that photo to fan this hand not to hit return to brook!!

River this read to product scene the which of caucus to causation clings,
singled life outed cruels stolen vied for monies reamed,
the tone of dock gets off to spline ruptured in the piping Organs jean,
live to burke the timber quailed to exact much like the Nailed.

B.D.S.M. to herb the planking of halfly ucked to a Tuk n Tucked a,
verb expressive in the cleaning Nice to accounts that bold,
power played or bolded trolled a better stow.

Sense will weak the gather doe a spike for issue mine in snows,
chilling feeling when reals the boost to whether cause to kneeled plauds,
quiet handle to ramp the brambled picked approach to lone in moats,
swimming strokes of no regrets 'cause I see it done in bets.

Each day on televised portaled tunneled for the Screening funnels,
destroying blends commercial ratings with how the brain is rotting cames,
know attention to scraping barrel sits the stout of licking scout,
tongue decision to what does happen in the fact of all ways stun.

To journey screeching in silent techs the key snaps trigger the syncing tones,
the cries I hear not mine it's clear that no one cares for kids that tear,
for on the Net to Satellite Shows the obvious is a National World POE's,
case the scary width of lows to the work it takes to rotes.

Scroopin' Colds Chilling

Creak this Board to the Wait of the Kindled,
liken to saying on Live T.V. that a Rose has a heavy in Writing of deal,
the wriggle in the choking on the worthed whilst spake,
that shake in the girt of the spokened in the braking for tastes!!

Chop the said up to venture to the Scripts of the playing real,
while sums up to knowing that kettle to the tea-droppings,
the practiced of the speech to clearing the stained,
to dripping over the roast of a Means for the steepings!!

Clip it lipped from the View of revealing thus producing it alive,
watch the kettered in the laughing back to the throttled on the by,
shirks formalize that black & white peals,
the Rainbow in the reflective Measure of Spear to a Stoke!!

Token these samples exampling Vast divides in Valleys that press,
grinding the bean for Coffee in the Mug of the heel,
leather to the Red in the tact of the Hot,
luking the yuck to a chortle deep sided to the Race of a Bealed.

Chaise to the Lounge of a Pooling sides Treeing,
barf of the vomit in the running tongued twisting to sync in the bones,
a language in spoken with the glancing pen stride,
it's a templed Scots to a Venue that Desks our Keeped caughts!!

The hour to minute in moments of strobe lightning to black-out commerced,
the voice in the simple is jobbing the Clare to the Credits I share,
for with the vernacular cot to the trots of a bearer of breathing,
the in difference just Prompts to undue the stews.

From the glance to a prod the pop cherry tops,
to whip in the creaming with the knodding of scoops,
a Melon Baller that's allowed to be prouds to the Flesh of a Decking,
the viced doesn't ever hide behind Keeps that scope to the Card in the Wrecks!!

Crooked Birkie

Pearl the Wise to the Treasoned at Sieving Propped,
charged the Head to spinning spell the brothy of the Plops,
breaded feat to invited creeps down the spinal topped,
cherry your pick in the breast of strict a straddled in a stayed!!

Stride your Tweets to Negativity and leaps,
the counted virtue to photograghs that equal Minds in seeped,
deny this your accounts are dyed with worth hiddens Tell,
split the rib until it rakes across the brain in true!!

Wigi Board in literal to vernacular in it's wic,
movement never shown to me the personal preference bred,
to avoid or not to touch the entertainment of that score,
for in the workings the question handler is note to inner things!!

Light your Candle hold to Wind the evened in the Verse,
hop skip jump to dice of thrown the bank in Monopolized Shroud,
struck to health to belt the knuckles to strap you stirrup loud,
Coven your Moon to Circle the Tic in Tacking Up the down!!

Shift the Piece to Warn the Core that tasty are Doned Treats,
the tricks to trait in trade or raid will tank the Captains Feet,
Mic it acoustics Old or Wrought I work the based to Deck,
the jacket of no appeal I'll Boat to Stow the Laked!!

The Waterfall in Golden Gate has Parks that Tend a Switch,
as sometimes the Creek does look the next it's Netted Chain!!

Poke to Bercut Field Mixed with Weeds and Dirt to by,
in Past of Chaise the Stabled Shed was Rented to and Summed!!

Tourist where no Sweat Shirts for Fog does roll right in,
for the Coast of the North is no close to degreed,
tie that spoke to never waist for shoulders taught are Kept,
to boulder over the Walking loads in onward forwards Clipt!!

Sync your tooth to Cricket Felt the Ball of tangled Cook,
softball a game so touch the balls are caught in bare of hands to absorb the shocking Come!!

Catch your Mit for bats due Mark the In & Out approached,
sit the Fence I'll clever hinge for doors don't need would,
scape the leather to saddled scorn put back upon the Rack,
for Tack Rooms built by Way Pass that a Barn showed Moves of Goods!!

Crete to Games of Chess the Booth to Bahut the Days,
treble speaks to sings in Teaks the Parrot buggers shot,
flight that Thought to brinks in knots two loops that have toboot,
Porch with Window Paynes will Power Scott that Flush!!

Key Cheat A Tug

Courting you're appeal to the starting of the shpeal,
skork trued as the durkly cloaking shrouds to pales,
marking the crown of the wristing kissed,
product your mist to the whips of the Cat-Tailed wisk.

Fly to the bots at the sea prompting floats,
across the divides to climbing the hi's,
thick to the ropes threaded to nope's,
dress calculations to the computers in cassions.

Zero the let to cruise the gears spin in a dizzy leading,
shifting the paints to the ceilings of scenes bringing forth the Meanings,
stir staff to the credit of the tribal beat ricks,
shove swallows to the virtual world of wallow.

Mud in the speak to the tunnel of strungs,
look I's to the ever coaling to plume,
vibrations with moving the rides in a spoon,
motor the two-wheeled leather to dunes.

Gorge in the Thoughts of a Giraffe on at Car,
the sight of the Circus ruined for Score,
Painted Faces endearments the Memory of Before,
scar down in the Minds that close these sweet doors.

High Wire the Actions to Media Exact,
a Voice in Criticism of Sames not Trains,
in specific I barrel this rifled talk at,
the Ignorance that sits in the phat of the knack!!

Verbose in the most of an Obtused brat it's black,
count it All upped to the stupidity in interrupts,
that mass between the ears that no glisten,
you perceive to think words as Sentence can't attention.

By signatured forth to books in a Course,
the Poetress must have entered the board,
to attempt to put forward a suggestion of Rite,
you've absorbed the challenge and remorsed the light!!

While watching you've shown the tenth second rack,
formed for a mirror that severs the shack,
speaking with arms that twisted a cack,
the Rooster does thorny as the Rose just sits back!!

Know notice to grands standing in fraud,
you're nose just a bit to peeked for the brand,
the reflection of over the eye balls that glare,
disapproval is seen from Ware you'll just tare!!

I here the listen of Interviewers dares,
she'll never be sitting across in that Chair,
empty but speedy to reality I share,
News Reporters Our lying with each equaled laired.

Work Rinse

Hark!!, the light is at your back as the Black envelopes grow,
to the reel in deal the Hippo goes the be low in absolute know,
in living formal sounds of sing during this you'll wheel a Crow,
base it's bottom of shock to bear in the silence there will breathe a show.

Spake too very specific bone with this Skull the brain well Keep,
yawn to lores beneath the core sweep a Way in beaking seep,
slides trade shipping lanes to veins bleeding memory deeps,
heavy air in dank the air know lungs needed to real desk pair.

Sprain the oats to brand in tree rooted use to wheat the ghost,
weld each link to attach the speak as chained does have a clink to host,
role the ball to never bounce in their stead drag the count,
firm the terra with brushed like see to paint the hand in sealing.

Hoist deeds waist to circumference layed each a chill in colding place,
slow the pace to speed the past in the parts of leaving bee's,
confidence stare to the back of lair broth the boil in equal toil,
space between to timber mauls churning width of lumbered stall.

Alley spat to bricked a pad the reply in ink hear comes the tats,
spinning needles dizzy facts calculate the breaking back,
crack the glide to crush the mats heave to simply in complex with cats,
scratch the swath in shingled spills ooze the mortar to beads are Stills.

Bend the sea of ill shall skeet aim while sleep wakes deathly tolds,
eyes wide open third due creep whisk the borrow to circle black,
robe the priest as cross bearers smoke the crucified impaled dope,
route the doubt put the whole into the split of card deal popes!!

Gunney sack burns with copper sprawled hike 'tis journey of the Talls,
fornication spear these claused seep in central to phone song sacked,
melody of birdy play monotone and length the steer, 
untie the knots of stranding clear with smalls in choiced with no in veer.

Drive the field of grounds to seethe react to rifled as a die,
sprawling gets fishing lined wired direct calling crime,
grating use the shredding nines stuck at four or fright the Mind,
never age you'll forget to remember to forget sewn to memory in the store.