Sunday, June 15, 2014

Where Does Being

Town the latest spreads to the Open divides in the lived,
professionals are delivering speeches in/on topics,
these specific mentions are the letter causing Law in flights,
the drive in locative to restore the broughts to the torn!!

The crave for the lift in a natural undoing is counted with cares,
the force of the Outs by persons name McCullough dished scares!!

The creep in the glide of the delivery lied to displace the form from the tack,
by exacting each phrase to a particular in dazed the Mind will leap,
the timing of the verse in the empties of the trace leaves,
the witness to the testify is the shooter of the skeets!!

To charge it off as misunderstood would mere to the gamble of hood,
once the action has met the traction the thread barren fact eeked knack,
by instructive detail to the history of whale in precise to the verb in the nouning,
pre-set to the drive of the ripe in the Mind,
an Invitation delivered the rape of the litter!!

Cause and Affect in the eyes on the News gave Real a look,
in such a took the a way was done,
now the shrug is seem as a dumb!!

Counter that Scene with the Youtube in Means,
the Man of the Speak was different in the body of language at the leap!!

The aggression so obvious with no Lots for standing in the seat of the stood,
watching with careful the barrel is loaded the worth is the show of the power in throw.

To have had so many be present of plenty,
the ever in after before the Life could.

Interpret absolute at nothing proved for the old is a tooth that has better in moves,
trusting the Central locale of the keen the basis of done is over to strung.

Sewn captions to greats makes 'if's' even worse for the call of the dial is bringing,
sense such belief in the Self at a Being in lost at the brinks while body still links.

To chain the captures  to a heady in laughter the certain in happened did,
with vast in experience those lanes are like bi-ways with many in last,
waiting for Any as a Call to the Keep that can point a direction like me!

As public discards this type of Hards the psyche in fields discusses in realed,
by discounting the lost as varied to cost the directive to find will sit in a bind!!

Science can wander through Thoughts or Ideas however proof is in had,
the hands that once worked with creative inspire have dulled to the brights!!

One look at dimple that shine in what's gone just is the evidential adding to laced,
almost but not the same as the walk of a Zombie in talks nobody's home!!

Fire Fi Rites

I certainly can truth the Being to the witness Testified that the bounds,
of the Mind in total and complete Questing is firing to exacts,
in the traveling of the done in the synapse of the brain,
in the length of the zing to the bings thrusting definite bangs.

From doors of the passing to future in long width the multiple,
in the bare of the no doubt that the journeys are most usual,
sense to the timing of the relation of connect,
the decks of the reasoned forms interest of peering!!

The double tracks to the tripled Thoughts as the compass,
in the pull of magnetics pressing the force in the am,
puts reason growth wheat in the fodder of Lot!!

Nerve as the basis in approach of the Ports,
to the counting in division to addition of scopes,
the river of ores to the volcanic erupts,
the ship built behind goes the sweetest big bucks!!

Ride in the treasure of All that is Scene,
the solar in systems to the breasting of booms,
the Crests of the Spacial in Geographical why's,
a school of the educative in spherical lusts!!

Treading to lates in the infinite writes,
the never challenged baiting to the circle of lined,
a rhythm that leads down the brakes to the fence,
are only electrics from the Most Ancient of Lasts!!

Do Math to the Order in Set of the Match,
the fire is flaming an Elements bust,
design by Nature and Evolutions lead trusts,
that Idea's Art to Calculate that Ball breaking Cusp!!

Drink to the toast of the knot in to the Cap,
hips to the grind of the Mind that won't dust,
study the terribles as rare to the must,
over the top in the Vale of Just!!

Friendly shots of lovely to erase all the Ask,
as answers believe that Men still the beings nut,
the character of done would simple the crust,
as the greater the Que the bigger the cuts!!

Charging to Gates in the doorways of Range,
the kit of the tooling is treasures to tucks,
like the dive off a dreary to the search of the lest,
farther the further in a wondering brush!!

Charter these mapped for the roams are just rides,
originals all ways become the rig in spoke roughed,
belief seems a given that B.D.S.M. is now Up,
the span of It running amongst the Wilds in the Guts!!

Tis Conch

'If' I said for instance and You bale got,
than in that exact I'd venture to thought,
indeed the example would spoof to the clear,
a hike in the speed of the breathe dot to dot!!

In the Mind of spake Central the Piano grands play,
should then the moment lend to a tend,
in the Vast of Afar to the Temper of Real,
suppose that the Journey was clevering lots!!

Spoke to the Race in thus Human forms,
could the leap to the Synapse span to from,
the spook might than perform this to caught,
in such of leading the thinking is wrought!!

Upping the ante to I gamble for tape,
than the real of in different would have to prove it in brought,
should the evidence only be the theme in a beam,
thus the Tale did not do any of blame!!

Streak to the quick and the faster in knots,
to say that no notice did spike with the lane,
a sign to the yield never seen as excused,
the trip to the Ever would justify propped??

Card deal the Ace to the Avenue wholes,
to Park in a Stake the Destiny rates,
to chord to the throttle may deserve the be broth,
however the Class taught a Learn that's most`ing the turns!!

To performance of what I now know exists,
in value of playing the Viola must sake,
that spotting the Bow in the rosin of slide,
than the would be the treat and not just a spy!!

Busted for nailed in delving to straits,
the thresholds no benchs to see that would caught,
to simply rake tracks off like a broom,
than the barn forwards Stable as a Returned!!

The Venture in OUT&ABOUT up on Days,
a Sage may speak Seer in complexity Waved,
the tidal of Looks passed by for the neigh,
could not than hold central as the stall for the Ray!!

Lowering back to a Moore of the steal,
the query formed Ask in the Questions of Heel,
a leather Wares booth in the learned of Life,
to pick the lock would be eased to dee loved!!

In the so instance of claiming such Goods,
the Cast much to Crew remains in the Stay?,
forward to Past in more Future like Way,
might shell the Orb to the Claming of Say!!

Galley Kind

Crickey the Knot to the atone in the Steel,
Kent chance thus wrought ask the dicey in topped,
decide to the general of the Question of Lot,
the quit cast appeal 'cause the dish is a Yaught.

Each in the Ports of the Dialling of Mork,
this is the Outer Realms of the lists,
change to the twig the Mind is a grape,
plumb to the simple in dance oft to straits!!

Door the Gate of'ing How in the Quelling,
hands dusking rise as the equate shoots the barred,
quick to the Feat in the deaks gage a clocked,
timing behaves as the Ordnance caughts!!

Suds eek truthed charged from the blast of the Spock,
beams on the Hood Cause the Clipped grounded plot,
travels due lend the focus of gots,
binocular Vision to the extreme in the Hots!!

Cane to the Sugar the breathe reads to brought,
Keep in the Dungeon the increase equals Sum,
forward to Seat Scene the Brigs of the fraught,
in the well-tended the vibration won't stop!!

Pate As Ticker in the Brakes forth leaps Walk,
a perfectives in treats gross profits in keyed,
locks that don't prick as Apple seems Fabled,
to the Columns of Steam in the Oracles loaned!!

Kettle that bead to the Vapor of Frames,
to See would enhance the Means of 'Just' Men!!

Trip on a spread of riddles in beds,
the sheets relieve the aren't you Baul taught?

Level the flow to the slam of the Save,
a Being will try to escape at all costs!!

Back to the Dungeons in the Lairs of the Beep,
the handler can see the flee before spot!!

To challenge the Vase in the painted in Red,
the bring does go central to Teak out the Met,
hand in practiced skill from the Barrel of Lines,
Heritage Bred the Kindle dukes Prime!!

A Mortal replays the depth of the Leads,
ayes can speak volumes in pictures of deeds,
like the fist of the Pear in the sprig of the bunched,
the Seed to A Plant is the prod of approach!!

Glide to the breeze in the Winds of the leaned,
to say to the Score the schemes are a shore,
the swing of the latter too free fly the Oars,
creeks to the streams in the Scape of the Sakes!!

Powder the Moon as the Sun brights the Shined,
rainbow the present as the slide of sublimed,
quest as the Mead for thirsty is Life,
to Ve as the bottle in the Champagne of the Cork!!

Drawn Life Too Outing Banes

The Looks to See the Doors spot Rares that blew to Opened Lots,
the grass no bench to Stop the pinch a port to brink the Styled Chute,
to blast Woods be the Splinter leaves a Chaliced Sup to Brink,
changeling goes to Know the Tau As virtue is the Quire!!

Infinite travel journey Crown the Can & Will fro Geared,
a ship that Mask in Broader tasked shoots to the Time of Years,
billions Ask Millions blacked the Sun in Moon of Venus dued,
speak of Pluto as a Fast the quickened traps the Universe Math!!

Future Hits on sip the Lipped graces from a Reverse in From,
bricks kelp knashed the speech of last that Pike the Rite as Zenith,
Toll taboo as climb a Move a Music Came to Grand the Keys in looped,
to swing away the batter say to Circle Lines in riddling Vined!!

Twist the Cased to Creature Dates the Ages as the Rhyming Laked,
a Pond of Prose to Kit the Tooled forthwith a thereof State,
vitality counting calculatives vastly the candies in the form,
Place of press release the Frets as Storming to the gore!!

Flute the Pan as Pandora Land a Mid in Revealing span,
paddle handle to the Ore get drive to Pedal in abashed the stripes do whip the Keel,
a scoot to soar the Solar Lar to system stream as just plain feigned Knotted keens,
a Clever was the Core of Laws returning Onlys as it 'cause brew Vibes,
que Sense to Loss in Flounders fish the reel in the kinds!!

Vocal Braids

As Rocks do Stand in Temples Land the Granites bones to Real,
now the breathe of a Staff that slams the gullets clear,
the throat of deepened in the Sage a Seer reads the Mere,
to chisel scene as Live is Means that begets a Spear!!

Pass to Ancient Taught for Chest the lid a Crown of Mind,
intellect will bride these lines to Wording Worth the Biers,
a grip in Vat the Vase of that It charged to Message Lents,
the Creature of the Flighting lier shant Land the brothing Pier!!

Shelve the Jet in exhaust of Sky the trails of the trade,
a Cloud may give the Clue to Bigs in banging silent lay,
the creed of doctrines in sew teach that death is tolls of geared,
showed the difference in Completes that Tongue will Languish deed!!

Usage Watts to Ac/Dc eclectics travel kept yes trued a fact,
Mapping lest the sparks of Thunder gallant to the Theirs,
in said Might a gravel shites tisk disciplined Inn each a Tight,
verse the Sentence as the Penitence competing equals nears!!

Kitchen blocks to sharper Knots that how the Cuts laid Kiers,
dye the gross as ready Roast the Prime Rib sprouts cast rear,
a Pool of Known to Buffalo bean Roam the Past Hands a Sake,
the destined sip of glassed in held yips Cross with Whips not Fear!!

Nail aspect to expectations that nothing begets the streaker Cave,
rolls in rounds of piles in louds the wooden crate of digs that Cake,
the Hot in Air at Places stare Ware Lair kept Scrolls in Dryer Times,
Ages Central brings All a Heave that Scribs did Learning pree!!

Sat to Tablets the Awl did Swen that hammers prod to Ink the Play,
role the foundling get the groove desire Cots as Bedding Mats,
the shift of shadow too Echo racked the pine could show the bamboo Lot,
belt the Said to Canter ran a gallop trends to an escape so Old that Man has Plan!!

Curve flown Grade at Degreed a Graduate in Archaic cools,
the brig a ship for fullest longs in length of Wings in Crops,
the mulled in Parts to Joint at Sea an Ocean of the driest Keep!!

Luke chilling fire to flaming Cryers the Wedge of Wine to Tale Times,
Set to Gear of Zero Den the Dungeon Peaks the Climb to Leap,
in playing games with Verse and Reins the slow treats at X,
globe the Race in All Ways to Beak the Armor is a Veer!!

Straight those Narrows to clever Sparrow the Warbler whistles Sing,
gage the lettered to notes that talk from long past in a Tone,
forward Present as Now is fluke to treat the Futured leading be,
the Mostly free ticks to Ski as Sphere does mention of the Feat!!

Ink Tatoo the Facial Proves crowd Sphinx que Mount of Prims,
the drink of Life gowd fountain Dow evolutions spokes to Creations dear,
handle bit to cheek of Strap the Fee increased the Bee sting meet,
group have Men while stairs do bends the Bannister in galactical Beers!!

Poured to smooth or shake the Head the stride will froth or just fall bled,
a tap to Knead that Look in Binds for boating through a oop's,
built by Design sent by Blind the Hide is Elemental,
Crew the bound bile the barks as groats and not the Band!!


Not To James Blunt

The Address of Breaking News the flash is Instance of the Thru,
in the Actuals these Importants pointedly shoot towarding spunned.

Humanity held against the a repeated stir,
by Means of holding with on Factual just leading in the do,
as proof to capture proves release,
the base was sorted upon the deeper nude!!

In the Now said Men will walk with regard to not about,
in the lift of breadth to Stay the mind may vary for it's care,
the wrinkle in the Give is the dike of aid repair,
the foot steps ripple to the sound of terror in stun!!

Jerk you're Value to the Ever in the Members of your brung,
said to be the differentials as the gage to up and come,
should a Choice envelope chose the broth shall temper in the Leeks,
showing sped as gathered flocks to reach a fast to quick locked!!

Codes to droning as a Character in the back in basic shone,
charge this off to Ancient Lend as a Message from a whom has skin,
if the worth of the bitten trouble Self the bothered strobe,
in the over Sky in Looks the decisions will outlay the plumes!!

Boom these thrushings as fodder feeds to grains of smite,
each move creates the questions answered with the increase of the brill,
filter Thoughts from greater knows that push to Know before begun,
hards in flounder flip to beach the Sandy Snores.

A desert spy to Environment buy a bottom low as pits will blow,
traiting raids with Life as Made the Hourglass is shaken thrown,
louder shatter does not Create the destruction meres to found,
a shroud so worn that black is Tented and Faces loan!!

Profile smite as tiers to be the strength of greater long,
basic read in blowing give grits its shore to ready Wills,
chart this Map grow the Knack communicate with silent gum,
the stick of Crow shant land a Moon but Scene the From!!

Process Informal to the Writes of Chiseling lungs,
like the Waltz of Walk in Halted returning flavor speaks the dungs,
if Idea is grown encouraged than you'll sting,
the Mass react will not be tied but shredded doned!!

Not for Rite in the Left as Leaves to Falling Trees in pluck,
the roots of Mead in a Central qued Locale as stop the grunge,
oppose the delivery that whom shall keep the ever rung,
Ask truth Paradise the Palm fill Falls as Springs in Strum!!

Digits key to kiln the crept to March in completed Lettered loom,
the laced appeasing fronts the woulds as it will end wilst begin is one!!

The bank of the River Ware rocks are plenty to graveled crumbs,
the Wine not Drink in Water flowing to babbling black,
in the calm of the churns the top is quiet whilst the tow is strong,
but take a flat and throw across the skip will smooth in bouncing punned!!

Taliesin Starks

Digs the Moon too the Sun in Why,
counter the Earth in the birth of the Now,
crater the Mountain to the Valley High,
in the River the Oar will door!!

Cross the sonic to the Universal sphere,
burrow the climate to the Heat of the Biers,
charge electrics in the vast of the ride,
equals value the Measure of the ply!!

Grand a Road to a Canyoned Whale,
the bone in the toss is the rib of Sale,
check cross at the Central to State,
in the broth the stations rail!!

Track that forward to the passing Vied,
the width to distance is in division,
multiple crumbs to the tardy lai,
the turn counts timing as the charm of Tale!!

Journey West as North is depth,
deeply buried in and Way,
path that roam to the cobbled lay,
an Oracle in Stone is the Hinge today!!

Crack thus Egg to a fact three dones,
dozen over in upping tonnes,
wait the query towards the act of stung,
the bee hive keeps as the string is rung!!

Usurping trust as concrete believes,
in the Sight of See the Feats,
clever hasping to the combo locked,
spin the numbers to productive Lot!!

Mind Lanes