Wednesday, July 31, 2013

To That Kid, A Girl Like Me!! Believe

The blast of the hour is mounting,
within the being of existence,
you have dumped upon the human believing,
that faith is innocence and that life is trumped.

So listen to the Horns that Trumpet the sound of,
the seat that the Four Horsemen ride to not brake,
but gallop a patrol,
be bold.

The Seal of Seven,
the theft of the blest,
will be the announcement of the drum,
it has begun.

The way back is for the lost track,
of what you came for,
to find that it is the swipe exact,
your mind, your body and your soul,
this is the Christian toll,
'They' have rolled the script of loot.

Charged at Mass,
this is the Why,
to collect for the future wipe-out,
of any that speak on difference,
or venture to Rite.

The boomerang of thrown comes back to you,
the memory keep is a simple store to Remember,
you have been before and you will Continue,
should you Chose to do this with who you are,
not whom the Christian teaches as art.

The balance of the Universe,
swings to state that this is just a place to start.

Speak with the brilliance that you maintain,
inside of each and every brain,
is the ability to train,
prepare for this doom,
it is the bomb that is blown for you,
to renounce your very selves.

In fear?, Stand!!,
in fact, the proof is evidence,
the music plays the notes are hear,
the lyrics paint the pictures of near.

Should the time stop on the minute hand,
know the hour has passed,
the seconds due knot mount,
too past.

Deep and slowly know you are Well,
the confines of thought are for the week in a year.

Days will meld with the blend of lear,
turn from the equation and no plight shall take you're number,
for the Sake of whom shall be,
the few stand and the problematic deed.

Wish for nothing,
in everything the how is the lie,
the keep is the hide,
the whips are the measure,
the cross is sew bold.

Much long after and a micro-second before,
the door will slam to threaten a band,
do not panic,
it is the play of a dealt hand.

Poker my game,
the cards are black to jack,
and Satan to brand.

The purpose for reason is the grand intrusion,
upon the words that encourage treason,
first they come for the....,
then they come for the...,
then they come for ....,
I gamble to bet that this is Set.

Relax to know,
people hate themselves,
but not enough to change their decide,
so to the Plenty, to the Man, to the WOMAN!!  Stand!! Walk!! Run!! LIVE!!,
survive this is a fucking Shive.

Once you see that the power remains not to be seen,
embrace yourself,
if your lucky,
embrace your TWIN SOUL and SAY,
I am here, and I am ever so brave,
for all the way to NO grave,
I will be the ignition to fire so that whom is left,
will be RIGHT!!

Soar into the best,
take what you have and know I'm glad,
whatever you believe is a relief,
is a love,
is a friend,
than fight for them,
because sometimes it is all they have,
but it is enough,
if You are Them.

30 Seconds To Mars Sings.........perfectly!!