Sunday, November 9, 2014

Write Sand

Should the ample run to tarry the Farce behaves to lost in Cold,
on the backs of flipping lathe the treasure is then bound by Ewe,
for on the creature of the add the Animal is sordid tap to only be control,
forth the loan to touch that Tact arrows are the empty place.

The shells of Clam in Pearls found the color is of Hue,
in that known to descript a bank account of roam,
to Zone the taste in prisons Waste a basket or the Find will grape,
from in the vines to barrels Time a Ticket found would bungee!!

Stretched at groan a shade to Comb thatch in a Tangled clone,
marching with the barrens stone a Mint to stalk the cell be tone!!

Charging factor to Tackle Beasts that Yoke will collar Leashed,
till the Snap at kit release for it is in recordings,
label Muster with an oyster Muscle is the stamp,
passing portions with the Ass for in the horses it is Clover!!

Four fabrics fancy the silk in plenty Jockeys on the Course,
betting heavy forces Win than the bags are bred beaned,
rye to Oats the soakings loaf a Hoof to catch the fodder coast,
steeple Chase to temple Raced addition joins the Sentry!!

Guarded post to Wires low trippings on the Sound,
inviting part to jump the Port and then the shippings rent seed.

Planters in the Field know of the disc to Tractor pulled,
labor on the Working hands remind the Callous learning,
teach a plot I saw the grave of the digging Country Trade,
the Fluff was up and toes were down as the boots were hanging jammed.

To negate the factor Wealth on the burrow of the stilts a Polar of the showered,
there it was clear as pluck a Horse without the rider loved,
Canons armed with silent stars The Feat of lost at see,
frosty are these Mugs of wars that did not speak of Heeding.

A Baker a Tumbler a Butcher with a Candle in the Made per,
syrups of the Tapping slain forgot to change the dates stir,
in this complex less a strain of Cattle on the brain,
for in digestion of the Milk the Shakes became to gangster!!

Prod Duct Development

It's Not The Swell It's The Angle Of The Breath

I walked the plank of Pirates on the ship of Time in the lives of many on the Ages climb,
in the mass of most concerned the journey reined the keep but as to the on worth I felt the forward do,
in score of the list to be on the walls to show the lead be lane to know the last of the ladder knew,
for on the rear of the Front to the lathered Sweat the brow controlled the balanced Falls to swear,
the oath at stop turned to wrap the bundle of the Hair in jars of wax the lids of dash fell dead,
in the Minds of sorting lots the drawn was guilt of gone Marching with no center for it was just a ball.

The reaper came in with grim a file with a Nudges Comb,
the pike between the Bun of sat decided not to Lo,
in the silent of the Heard I began to grasp,
that all the laws throughout the saw were on the Walls a Loud!!

Within the search on nothing perched I watched the carving Square,
with the knife of Jack the Night a day to each the sight,
in the place of the shine it seemed like reflections,
as the Sun would bounce from Frames that sat propped on the grounds.

In proper of the holding fees the tripod Scene was free,
than the charge ran to frank and Coins be grinds to miser,
those stacks did grow taller bye upon return the gold,
for on the time of gone and back the shelves changed into Pots!!

Sunk the weight on feather trace the Weights and Measures hard,
the tax that levied to the Tell in Inches of the Shell,
to task the Tape of centimeter the difference of the Teach, 
for one was Math the other Meter and it added on the Touch!!

To grid the gasp on Mouths and lash a whipping in the deed,
former to the space in blessed the curse ran with the Fleas,
hopping skipping in such spikes the laws behaved to spite,
yet as the path to grave and wrath the Overwhelmed dropped brass.

A Strange Chi

Horse Sent

The World accepts the sinking as drown The Swimmers know it to be work or a Channel,
in the sizing of the Victory to the training of the Feet walking to the shore and being not afraid,
the ocean rises to the Waves and systems for the Height,
in being taught the Watch the operations caught,
check The Marvel at the door and be familiar with Sand,
trickling across the shores is fantastic to the land.

As it is a value to understand the Toe so that as Being barefoot will always be a show,
loving all the mention of each to Ancients flow,
an Introduction Flashed in front the camera at snap,
the flower on the floaters is The Wreath of all the trust,
so as the story cores to basic on the floors be brave to fly the Soaring sighs it's really just a life,
turn your back should you chose for Humanity does where shoes but some of us do stop,
to make the friend for ever in knowing of the lot.

It's a Hard Knock Life the aspect and the done,
but with all those Troubles the learning is the High,
to be of a Character that examples in the Kind,
a Tiger for the Avenue and a Lion for the Sign.

Roaring from the saddle born to gallop over plain,
a brush with the curry and The Comb for the fame,
in dignity of all the sheep that flock to only tend,
your missing the adventure of the run a way at send.

Glory be the Runner with the Wind under speak,
for in the storm of Twister the ankle can be weak,
careful are the Ones that take the care to bare,
for even in the crosswalk I've seen that tumble spare!!

From dentist chair to walks upon the sides of Union Square,
the parking lot to Petrini's taught a lunch counter of care,
all though the listen was the teach it's really in the share,
for lives of many are at reason to be examiners pair.


I feel the breeze of excitement in the Handle of the freedom,
as not a Trade to the placement of certain partitions rather The Storm of settlements,
in the branch of person to the grounds of the feet a walk to the laughter and a Sun to complete,
in this the olive is a special of the factor of the math,
the additional of compact to the thoughts of all the sacked.

In bedroom of the shape on Shadows of a take,
the obvious in learning is to simplicity the state,
in piece by offered division the equals are the greats,
in routes to know that method of the logical at taste.

To have been gifted with the process of understanding daze,
the station with a Scene in the eyes of all the Means,
a centered approach to Prospect the Mind with capables,
to know that I would process the problems to just prose.

Blankets for the warmth of hugging at the grace that better is to be the Opera of a base,
the symphony of life in source to comprehending grace to be a friend in every lend a blessing by the case,
tangles that Humanity just turns to let burn forward Onward is the text to Futures in said terms,
from enveloping each day as learn accepting all the lace,
a temper in the stitch of grain The Field of the Paste,
so glad that the sticky mess is not for I to chase,
as in the chains of cuff the brain I simply say to grace that letters are The Face.

Winner Shades

To speak stars in the twinkle of the night stairs as the atlas of the birthing of charter lights,
ask the quest of the journal to that touch down on earth should the measure be in the litter,
on the answer of known to the miss on purpose shall the band of the letter be certificate of delivery,
yes of course the pedestrian of life would remain in the temple of the Mind as a skit,
from the basic of test to the completions of escape the certain to the viable on leavings.

These counters of logic to the Chapel of the chose to mach the system over on the crest,
to shallows of the bog on the Moors of the hug it is moreover the trust of the Order,
as that being Said hello it's been sent With Love to the task thereby in the Miss,
charge it off to the The Continue as the venue of the standing that not everyone dies,
in belief to the innocence to the translation of the energy it's more like a birth dates surprise!!

So you may have been a bit short on the come Uppin's on the sort but better to be chortles,
in that pebble to the Brand it's the Flint Stones on the land that Park the drive to sparklers!!

Yea spake the Wheel on the Ages of the Teal as the bank of the Whale said it's Orca detail,
fishy in the sea swam dolphin in the Plan and at the shore landings I found that I could ran,
porters on the Outer skirts of Horizons biggest Shirts are foggy with the Compass of the slam,
dunk I mean in the Cookie of the dough is the sugar of the sweets that is the best of Band!!

You know the type that gets away on the portion of The World never believing the easy does it,
as performers in The Action of lives on The Explained it's just as nice as the Ices on the panes.

Like a Show without out the Star in the Moon of the far and A Way to the crossing the See,
take this simple Note and truth about the Folk it's a Tale that sweeps to be the Glides,
for instant of the Moment in the sentence on the law Theirs is clearly using soap in Washes,
as more the strand of the ladder in the cuddling of construction to the never of Great Expectations!!

A Bond Age

Silent Audio

Hear the hooves of the Thundering ride in with the knew out with the vibe,
on the drum of a Thousand Natures the land and it's Night a barrel for the Monkey it's a slide,
in the print of the sent of an actual believe the honest Our of origin and the element is sheer,
in the slip of the glance to the Straight up offense that belch of sunk in the eyes of the lunch.

Bell to the broken ask the Tailor for a Shop,
walking on the boast is the Naked of the host,
a cobbler in the shoe Laces for the stool,
pub a country to the drink and Pubs are with a fool!!

Trance the statements deep in side as the lanced have had a take,
photo for the Tea at Four in the pretty Ball,
on Opus of the calendar to as the window sprawl,
grab the sheets to the wind and know it is a shawl!!

Cloak the closet to the handle of the oppressions mile,
in that Press upon the stop the Singer just goes smile,
snap the picture gas the suite to float above the crowds,
in the Audience I saw those Hats that do the Flint!!

Pirate on the Plank oh how the Peter walked,
felt the doubt of all the shout and bridged the Crow to Wall,
in the kiss at Wedding blissed a process for the Call,
envelope beach with Hugs and leaks than Speakers crawl The Stall.

Bank into the Ages for movements have a Systematics paced,
won to gone also dawn the days that rising brawls,
in inch to foot the better slough is knowing to the edge,
for all do path to desk and backs that Topper of the icings Track!!

Score the C.D. listen to hysteria in Clap,
the germ of rat upon the raft in gallops off the Pole,
telephone to Coppertone the Sun in all the blast,
gathering in drifters bag the pack of all that stream.

Ridge to cliff a Note or tiff it is the British Cyclo grift,
a Crow for turbine the Troubadour a standing in the Throne to store,
scepter tot the break of Rome to be the Chapel list,
march the games with lots of strain and surf the vocal Shore!!

It's Whom not what the Knot is tied in depth of realized,
for on the earnest of the sever it's the Words of always ever,
from sealed with the bond of glimpse to gossip on the lip,
that cheek for count is counted Nose unless the suite is zipped.



Yesterday is History today is presence tomorrow it all wrapped up in the mystery of,
on the base of the cool to the chills on the bumps those Classical Prints to the blast,
on the wash of the sense to the drink of I got thanks for the barrel the Rifle was lust,
to tales on Malice in the system of grown Theirs is the past my is The Zones,
chart the Scot to the Kilt and the pin as the under dress drops to the Sake of the best!!

Uniform on note to Tank of the graph Whom needs a Title is the teller of crops,
march with the Strap as the ankle in dow for the Owner of the self is a teacher for the felt,
in the guts of the belly on the chatter to the Tell makes bakery of laughter and life in Hell.

Chant if you want to prey to the spread call upon demons and angels of fled,
in the flights of the crane to the landings of the lane Inking turmoil for the Vortex,
on the grazed pasture led a funnel in the fright Banking to the brush is coinage in Thrush!!

Sing to the barrel Pickle on the marrow Rich in the bread is the Yeast of the rise,
on the City of The Dead the lines are in the Read,
flags that checkered Wrath are nothing to that path!!

Down in the pour of Pitchers in the More,
starch to the mouth for the dries are on the byes,
ground in the thick of the sticky and the miffed,
grapes to the ripe in the Pickers on the fight!!

Bus the Menu to the Upper in the lip,
serving Punch and Passports to sicker in the Flu,
illness from that portion of gruel atop the fudge,
sugar to the Candy and wrench to the lug!!

Gears that Auto mechanic with a Write,
in the stream of the Known to the timbering of shite,
bake in the Credits as runners on the spite,
for the father of Mother in evolutions is The Lite!!

Bic Moors


Mark the Time & Place the Mint in the Coin of A Sups lope,
the soap of plenty to the Wash on the rent of body Tossed,
for the form of Dali Lama has been round the route of gone,
in return to Mountain Home the cold is just the sents of born!!

Transfer birth to certain earth the designation screams of fates,
that length of time in Hell is gave than the echo is a grave,
on the Tomb of ride the Storm round about to know the torn,
shot by blankets Warmed by fire in Eternal the Flame is Shire!!

Atop the found is Head of knowledge learnt by instant on the Solids,
turn should the World make the squirm of that than Shark the stern.

Keep within the Mind of Win as the Tour is a lend,
from balanced Seat to ride the Feat,
measure distance as the Peak!!

Charge to Barter the corner Sheep,
in the Pen of paddocks lead,
at the Race of the firing smoke,
look to Amber in the Pope!!

Administer Priest by Collars leashed,
as the robe is Tasseled speech,
for the bangle on the Ankh,
bring the Staff of Arm to Staunch!!

Prisons of the station rents,
parking lots for lots of Tots,
drawing kind to type the Blind,
in the Hide a Flashlights gots!!

Believe if you Want too or shun as Ewe have,
for from the Flock their is a Have,
in been of simple Complex by slain,
the rifle of the might brain!!

Shall the walk be of Chaos,
than slow the pace to know their trots,
in the diary of the choke,
it is the ever After soak!!

Speak an Ocean know the See,
in between you'll meet the be,
as this is not an Echo sheet,
the write of wisdom is the Feet!!  



Barn to stable bale to straw theirs is Saw dust in your eye,
blinking branch to reach the farce in the Facts of theme,
on those counters of the Bell seals break and Wax goes Hell,
ink the scene to search Tattoo for on the Beast you'll seek the Soon.

With the brethren from the Church find a knee and gain a perch,
for the fish at the feed in the groupers you'll get lean,
ask the singer for the Olive on the Pop-Eyes is your Spinach,
for the Force in powers Norse the Tribal count is Up on Course!!

Map oh Wow the Atlas know on the Hammer is the throw,
down with the Ages drinking prose for the Posture is a Bow,
at the arrow Aimed in Sort forges are the Armors court,
land the I in middle port for the byte is bow lends smite!!

Bridge at rainbow Pots on soil is the Mint in spotted spoil,
of the yes in brass of case Crumbs of natural origins base!!

Element to Air of sent Stands the message in the lens,
blink the Raw in sky mall terms got a seat as all does learn!!

Burns shot brown to sudden sound Acoustics on the palm of sand,
grits to tongue the porridge holds A Spoon for mix and Nuts in told!!

Add the oats to Meal the sense on that growth its delivered hence,
trait of Self to Ancient bents Now the trailer on the Fence,
of cycles Ages ions gents great to Text & written pens,
scrolls to arbor for the bridge,
in the trolls are ringing cents!!

Make the Quarry build of block,
for the pyramid knows the rock,
carved with talent aster light,
in the Stars the simple Sight.

Mere to chill the Colder burn is the whisper on the Fern,
quest to journal answer worm,
the start to Finnish dutch the stern!!

Shoes to lace in eye wares chased,
can't the Cellar grand the Face,
nope replied the Winner of the barking days,
from Sincere to Yore's Truly graced.

Gold Finger

Love Bond

Sprigs on the Vat are the celery plaques that measure the earth with grown,
in the stalk of the route to the touch of the start in the dawn of the glow,
as the green is to Tack anchors oar roots telling the Climbers of minced in the Meats,
for candor to speech in that Technique of the grip it is the Chalk of the ridge to leaf.

Powder to rouge inking lip Sticks to cheek but in the Vapor it's oxygen week,
breath to a laugh in the sucking of sat relief is the Work of the out on the sail,
nest in the Mass for the Temple of Vat fact talking Math in Arrows of shaft,
chimp for the Ape in orange in that pat so to the Digits of learning to Task.

Scratch at the Pimms for drinks are forgotten until the Times in The Apron of wrought Sends,
iron the purpose with The Will of desire than the lift to the anchor is all but a daughter!!

Trouble this with no bride's groom in quit,
as the Teller of language to the Towers are branches,
to the jungles of Jaguar or the father evolve,
the Spear of destiny is the fates in a Fall!!

Creative in designation to the Mind on the duty,
former introductions to the slough of the sturdy,
filling with screams from the ears to the prick,
listen it's Watch as the I phone in Bach.

Skate with the Mi Mi Mi on the singer in Verb,
for the counter of lyrics is 'Still' in it's Herd,
flocker for bounced to the read balled at Win,
to teach of the measure with the opposition at Hymn!!

Pass in the port to the shaking of limb,
many a cost ink the Price of the dot,
connect to the Matrix of simple or lock,
the key to the Pad is in keys of the docked!!

A bus or a Train in preparation of Rain,
the cyclone of Goods in the plenty off Hood,
ceilings to Paintings the brush to the Vase,
in each of the every Y the importance to Cased.

Spacial recognize is reality to ply,
fork at the dinner of the knife in the High,
carols to sign those days Christmas lined,
a day to gift in the Box ribbons lift.

Within the capture to that Card of boards Note,
is the professional wrapped or Home grown for the wrote,
in absence of error to the Public School chair,
the time put to taught is given at stop.

For the hands of the Professor or the logic in Pram,
is the push or the Pole of the cycle on land,
imported with Accent to the Cockney of Pig.,
that those greater to lessor invest in the Ridge!!

Graced with a Mother that kept me close to her side,
holding my hand making life not a vibe,
in whether explanations is agreed or denied,
it is the balance of Family that seats dinner to Time!!

Candles for lightening the dimmer for switch,
the sit to the Task as the food is a hitch,
seconds at table to gain the good rich,
is the conversation of real in the heavy of thick!!

Than to the visit of Grandparents breast,
the driveway I raked and the blackberry nest,
canning those glass jars with lids and the boil,
in the wax of the ring learning seals can sing.

Holding to called by the tomatoes on raw,
the kitchen of laughter and the popcorn for saw,
many words silently spread with the talk,
for the drive to the A&W reality rocked!!

Know Tenants

Hell Of A Signature Piece In Clamped Not Only 'The Saddle' but The Bridge

All whom are of Interest touch the Ancients in walls of Verse to the textile reality of Truth,
in oxygen the breadth of death by proxy known to the spacial recognition of inhaling decomposed,
the Tree to the Plant of expresses the lungs to Breathe,
in twitch understanding the Vast divide of Scrambled on the Tribes,
Clans to Pharaohs cats to Sphinx the World to knowing the Upside down to the Beans,
gross are the prophets to Telling the Scene in the blood of the drink to the eats,
hearts on exposure of the Chest in the cut that Taste of the brain in the basic of such,
ask the Singer so blunt apropos for the Name in the Venue and the barf by the dose,
swallow the songs written to the toast butters that did come from the Milk of pouring posed.

Plato to the firm of ground by the Sea,
cost to the table by the Setting of the lead,
salt tasking Shoulders as the chills do birth the Spine,
jars in the dirt to Organ Grinders crimed.

Pull know stops ask Halt at X for the sky is the Turns,
grids to Stars the sample bars the recordings on the Urn,
ash to smoke to vote the subject as Volunteer is best in rub it,
as Blunt has been the Evil send and I chose the Loved sit.

For on the vocabulary of the simple in the eyes of those that dimple,
smiles are the mirrors of sharks that understand these complex plans,
to have been and to know that I am The Child of the Guild,
the trip ore journey with a boast is to bring the ladder lands.

Shall the force be in the toe that piggies for the Sow,
yet on the Atlas of the grasp the Tower said it Lo!!,
should the being be brought by lean in Voluntary keep,
than The Replacement shells the Clam that pearls for the Aisles Span,
the execution of such book to Also for the Chaos hook is baits to baskets crammed,
for the beast in extra Feats will boom to The Expand.

Since the value is to measure and not be of the Hatch,
the hasp atop the bahut wrought is lockers in the slant,
a combination with a Spin spoke of dolphins on the lend,
an Orca Whale to the breach of the Cells of sand.

Seals barking from the shore to settle in a swim,
the danger from the brought to Come is patience for the slung,
priestly duties as the sake inks of alters for the shakes,
scat that birds to slip in made are best familiars slam.

The poop deck on the can knew spread of Times in Ages of the Fed,
an open to the closed in sleigh for Hell is in the Planets placed.

Stops to create the bercut Face of recognize the Energy Race,
press to sprain the stains of bled are curtains to the blinking shed,
bodily organs or the flesh is yet the food of all the rest,
tanks of trough to guidance Maut the Anchor on the Moon in Shot,
trades nothing for Volunteers that mount to Stand with Elbows here.

Settle your command of prey to know that each does have a day,
with shallow fills the rain still smells long before the Scent of kills,
so 666 is a number and this I know the dialing calls well deeply in my seated,
but change the time to UP and real the Cause for Evil hear the flip is Lipped.

All Caps

Established Recordings In Song

Aye awe the recapture of the Satellite to the most grand of the Theme in birth,
transferred to this Mortal girth the equation of division in The Conquer,
training while the Sun in that bliss of the bright sight of explosion,
the radical gain to the superficial loss as grids to Graph have collared.

Tidal of the knowing cast in The Shadows of their own containment's,
bodies to the Seven Year Itch the blankets to Babylons glaziers,
cycles on Ra to the forwards of Future back on the heels of cruise,
shall the balance of Origin be seen my mere boarders than Flame.

From development to Rape from structure to design,
the worth of the minds that school to logic,
brake the backs with the brace of spelling,
in the carriage of strength life is Hard & in Extreme of Said!!

Par Nun to the flight of priest by the way of grass in sale,
speak of Course to the banks of the most Ancient of execution,
harvest the Facts to gamers that grasp the Ace not the smoke,
for any can light a Blunt to the capers in the Olive of egg.

Scammers have held my life by the bells since my birth,
on the path of Sums that simplicity does hum it is really more the catch,
should the Thief in the plaster be filling the Cast while boiling,
than the Pans of fraud are the Ables of Cain and that is a tsking in the Flan.

Skirt to the dark and match the Candle to the Wax in the eyes of pupil,
skate the Terms of taste to the blessing of the based the Earth of the gamers Fable,
short to the seal in the obvious Con Tribe it is the tunnel Vice that breaks Nautical,
for with only the Ass in the arm of the scab is the Picket on the fence of the post in a Rinsed.