Thursday, May 15, 2014

It's The Dry Ice Fires

The World will be Consumed by this Fire,
of an Elemental Source,
the color of the hue,
clearly will envelope scene.

The value of such magnitude,
will dry the Mountains to the Valleys bottom,
release the Oceans to the highest shore,
and churn the lands to the deathly hallows of the dead walk.

The vary of no concern to this impend,
drives the roaming Wind to the arid firth,
the minds of mankind ignite the moralistically drown,
Human Beings cannot negate the fry.

The richest of the oxygen to breathe,
will be the remnant of Mother Nature,
the meld to the glacier heated the ice to temperatures smoke,
the driest of the lurking beach.

Each Shore shall grate the Leaves,
as the health of people be deeds,
the negativity bleeds the brains,
caught by the belly of the Tree.

Now the understood Time of Irons Age,
the hottest chill for the rockiest lines,
the Coins will befall the Gold to shine,
no money will filth the cry.

A Note to the Abled shrines,
the Church will claim the type is dimed,
an answer to the sound of sealed,
breaks to the buried deals.

Challised to the Cup of Words,
each Post to Dine in Feast,
the setting in the table yards,
the emptiness of Life so marred.

Consumers enveloped scorch,
a lightening brought a porched,
tethered to the foundlings lorc,
a Torched begin to singing lend,
the truth a spoken tend.

The grasslands are the Moors,
a marsh revealed no mire,
the Ancient Stones saw the clones,
a chiseled upper stand.

Verse in changed to brand,
the form of a numbered ring,
to applications that were purchased,
throughout the Centuries blend.

Watered pots show traveled rots,
the mold of conscious laden props,
the Melon scooped the broth of Shoots,
to exposing roots that sprawled,
into the garb age scorned to end,
entered Iron Age a shin.

Elbow bashed by eyeing smash,
the blacker of the blue in tack,
a rope of training for the pact,
the horse that broke all planned tack,
in the Wilds of speared.

No breadth of knowing platters corn,
it is sunk with fleets of born,
the Fish left Floating Carcassed signs,
to feed the ever dying rides,
the birds whistled a tone to steeps,
nothing changed the burning sheep.

Following the crowding clipped,
the brink fell to owning tipped,
again the pocket of the clock,
did not ring began but counter clocked,
a shrinking came to loot,
the body of the suite.


To Embrace Myself As A Ray Of Success

Solidly I am a Warrior,
quite possible I have inspired in you,
the hope or the desire to be true,
to whom you believe to have been the truth of the lead.

As the Story goes,
odds are against meeting due to circumstance,
for that I say,
merely a Ray.

The shine I wish to bright to you,
is the unique sight of what such inspiration delivered.

Never would I have come to the determinations,
or had the amazing revelations,
not only about the religions of the World,
but moreover the relief that while suffering this existence,
I have not transgressed my own ideals of seeking the truth.

In the heart of the matter,
a most recent reveal,
lends the closure to a never knowing friend.

With this presentation of only 'Reality Bites'
it's really the dream that makes nightmares a better case,
for with dreams you wish,
nightmares are just repetitive reminders that the former is just a dream.

Not ever knowing Love myself,
I sort of wrote a book to map it out,
or quiet possibly, or, at least maybe, see it in real.

In spoken deed I only wanted to meet,
I felt that would have been a clue,
 to the primordial loss.

Although the Cinderella Story is wonderful,
it is really just a tragedy,
changed into the idea that should this and this and this and this happen,
life will be a happily ever after seen.

It sort of leaves you hanging,
 in a type of situation,
no movie has captured the ever-after,
 this being the reality of,
trying to succeed with such a fairy tale beginning,
cheers to a first!!

In the end which is now,
I say it is best to have asked,
 in simple recognition of another time,
than to run into the state of oblivion,
especially with the danger that humans present to me daily.

Keeping my hands to the key board,
I still have no regrets for my storaged,
it revealed much more,
it provided Innocence with an Open Floor,
to romance without disgust.

I am not sorry for me at all,
I am sorry for all of you,
you needed it far more than I could have ever expected,
 you have bitten into this for so long,
you outed yourselves with this message,
I heard it so loud, so clear, it rings with the deception,
however it did make known so therefore I will own,
I will never belong,
regardless of my song,
it's just life, get along.

For Cornered Keys

To be blunt is honest,
although it seems a trip,
to speak on subject matter,
that leads to mostly Rip.

The character of spacial sip,
is knowing that you're placed,
with the birth of slavery,
that comes from family plays.

To never be acknowledged,
by person, place or state,
than to be blunt directly,
tells of reality spake.

Story is not in different,
the many of this walk,
buried back in thrifty,
as the Country stalks.

Written on our Foreheads,
so easy to just spot,
as if the carriage shapes,
the value of the pot.

Preyed upon for vital,
the energy provide,
sapped to fill the rivaled,
no stop to this decide.

Stuck in Mastication,
of the mental lie,
nothing more than spending,
a bit of time to die.

Nudes of pleasured skirt,
this eve of such imply,
no bravery is seen,
as stationed girls do fly.

Tapping into stream,
is easily inside,
take one look at sample,
the simple is the Scribe.

Upper Case Scenario,
deprived for best of my,
cannot lie to springing,
the cage of which is sty.

Don't worry for the chapter,
the book has not yet sent,
the pages of the latter,
have so far yet to set.

The proof of what is ample,
a Mind the whipping Kind,
to pick-up where the care becomes,
the interest for the buy.

Eventual numbers crunch,
not to press the Proper,
in release of knowledge,
the facts present the least.

For sake of nothing hidden,
the Mind retains inspired,
imagine if the real,
of Men did hug the Case,
instead it's Face the Space. 

The World Needs A Match

The truth of isolation,
the force upon my life,
the different now has seen,
and sampled all the spite.

Named an Album after,
accomplishments 'We' made,
even 'Songs' do capture,
the value of the plight.

To have an experience,
this Country is so trite,
that the 'plays' of evening,
have opened up the bright.

To nothing lost in gaining,
the feudal done to skype,
not only is this service,
it's a funeral for the Might.

Crushing Human Beings,
for betterment in reams,
shows the Age of Iron,
is backwards in the fight.

Interesting seeing,
I'm not the only Being,
that's trashed for what is valued,
Freedom and the Rite.

Never forget the World watch,
it sees by no mistake,
the numbers in the taken,
are valued by the stake.

Thanks to James Blunts Keep from 12/24/2008 On His Webpage Titled 'A Gift From The 5th Dimension'

So many people write or speak about change. You may find yourself thinking about change in your everyday life, I know I do. Some people wait their entire life for something, anything to change. Mostly, they seem to leave change to fate, chance, religion, God, other people are a popular one to choose, or they just leave it to any other reason that they can think of and believe will initiate a change for them.

The question to ask yourself, "Are you the person waiting for change?" or "Are you the one that will make change happen?" Be honest, nobody is listening and the only person you would be fooling is you. "Are you a mover?" "Or a shaker?" "Are you a motivator?" or are you barely hanging onto the present. I think that one is me every other second of the day! Are you afraid of what is around the next corner? Do you believe that good things happen to people who wait? Or do you believe that good things happen to people who make them happen? Do you run from a challenge? Or to a challenge? Do you face a challenge head on? What do you do? Do you have an answer for yourself?

I would venture to say that most of us are terrified of change and usually it does not matter the type of change, we will be terrified. The change could be in your employment or romantic relationships, getting a bigger house or a different car, change in responsibility or a different creative idea. It may be a change in any number of these areas or any other aspect of our lives, but change is change no matter how you slice it for yourself. However, at the urge to yearn for change, we will fight change the entire way. It would make no difference what form change arrived in; the battle against change is on! In fact, when anything changes at all (in this world) our entire world is turned upside down. Strange, don't you think? Especially when everyone around the world seems to want something, anything to change.

Have you ever met anyone that fits the above description? I know I do, hence why I am writing this blog I suppose. Other than me, do you know anyone else right now? What have you said to make them realize that the very thing they complained about not happening is also the very thing that they are pushing away when it is offered.

The closest comparison I can make would be a promotion at work. People want to make more money and would like to have more responsibility, generally speaking. In order to achieve this goal there is a major thing that must take place, CHANGE! Change of position involves more responsibility, more money, it involves changing the way that fellow workers looked at you, this could be good or bad I suppose, but it will most definitely be different. The biggest change of all is usually the degree of accountability you are now responsible for when accepting the promotion.

Day by day, I am so struck by the words that pour out of people’s mouths. For instance, I actually had a person tell me once that if I would only threaten him with his job that then and only then would he be capable of working better. All I could think was wow, this person is not only afraid of changing his mind set toward his working environment but he would like to dump all that responsibility for that decision on my lap, so it’s all my fault that he will not change. Do you think that he was afraid of change? What would you say to him? What should you say to him? How could you change this from a negative to a positive situation? How can I put the burden of responsibility to change back in his lap?

Why do people yearn for change and then run from it? What can you do to help them realize that change in your life is exactly that "change?" Is it possible to identify the people that are afraid of change? Should we be wasting our time to help them identify themselves? Should we be offering up idea’s, position’s, promotion’s etc., that will require or initiate change, even though we know this to be their trait (fear of change). Can we be that selective? Is it wise to be that selective?

The definition of change in the 1959 Old Webster’s Dictionary,
1. To progress from one state of being to another, as a grub changes to a beetle (a grub is a worm-like larva of some insects, as beetles and yes it really does give that definition)
2. To become different, vary, as the colors of a sunset change.
3. To pass from one phase to another, as the moon.

As you can see, it is not a small feat to ask for, receive or recognize change. For some it may be exciting and for others it is just plain terrifying. This world is afflicted with the disease of apathy. No matter what you believe apathy is not good, not healthy, not prosperous, not growth, not anything at all! Freedom from such an affliction will only come to be through change. I believe that the people who choose to make a choice will be standing tall in the face of the unknown but they will be standing not watching. For it does not matter what you believe, it is only a matter that you believe. The loss of belief in ourselves has been disastrous for mankind and created a world that is screaming for relief from the pain and the agony which surrounds us.

Do not ever forget that people are the most incredible beings, it is all a matter of the choice’s that we make for ourselves each and every day. The ability to make a difference begins and ends with you and me. I will not quit on you. I believe in everything, I believe that I am here and I believe in me. I believe that believing you have a choice is key to overcoming the wave of apathy that has swept over our heads and our country. Believe in whatever you would like to believe, but believe in something because once belief is gone, choice will go and then we will have lost hope and hope is the innocence of all our belief’s.

Referring to the 1959 dictionary again, belief is defined as follows, the intellectual acceptance of anything as true; the act of believing; a faith or creed. Syn. Assurance, confidence credence, creed, faith, reliance, trust.

Do not knock another’s beliefs because you do not agree, it truly is unkind and cruel. Worst of all, when you do such a thing to another being you are on purpose shattering their soul with your words. That to me, is the definition of cruelty.
In closing and to combat what I have seen in my life, I am writing down what I believe for all of the shattered souls and hearts in the world. I would like to see those souls, hearts and minds healed and better yet, I would love to see and hear them sing again. This is only a structure that develops belief. What and how you choose to accept or use this is for you to do with as you please. I hope that it will ignite a fire in each of us as individuals, then I hope that as an individual we choose carefully every step we take and that we impact the world with change.

So here you have it in black and white, funny or not, it is just my understanding, the 5th dimension is not just a rock n roll band. The 5th Dimension is the transformation of your own consciousness to understanding, not just knowing but truly understanding, what you know. This is known to me as mapping, in order to achieve a finite equation of what life is to me, you must map your own heart, soul and mind. I would like to share with you how I see this in my own mind and since it seems to all be a math equation anyway I thought that seeing might be part of believing;

(F{[Da(5)=dm(m/o/s) >- dm(m/o)=(dm(o) ><>-(27(9)-24(8) divided by 4(4)=M(8) Co->-{Qf(1)=F(5)} 

actually the equation is simply, You!

The perception that it truly would only take your own mind to be set or find the understanding to decide that "Independence" is not separating yourself from the crowd or the World, but rather achieving "Independence" is actually joining the link to Humanity. The mere fact that we can be independent of one another in our thoughts, yet we can stream together as one in our actions, is or shows the imaginative capabilities of our minds. It also shows us the explosive natures of our thoughts when created into pure and positive energy. Talk about protection and the ability to feel free of fear, now we would have a heat shield or a magnetic force surrounding each of us, put it all together and I bet that the sparks would become the enlightenment of the elemental source everyone is searching for independently.

We truly are the most unfortunate/ fortunate gifts to ourselves, yet, we need to be. I am assuming at this juncture that it is this way, in order to progress with firm and positive convictions of ourselves, Independent of each other, yet reliant on one another, 

I began to wonder if I would ever be clear with myself, because which is it? Or is it both? Maybe not! The reason I found for myself was I do not want to stream with the negativity and yet I find myself wrapped up in it again and again. I get so mad at myself for being so stupid, falling prey to such cruelness, I kick myself as I try to heal myself from the pain of the words of another person, that seemed to just fall out of their mouth (and out of mine). 

The person has no care or concern, just blah, blah, blah and rambling on as they speak so fluently this language that shatters souls. They must be some linguists, because it is always over before it seems they began and they seem to just turn to go on about their day, they don't even look back.

There I am, left in a big pile of crap, that two seconds ago I would swear was my soul. Now it is unrecognizable, hurts like no other hurt you have ever felt. It is a pain inside your physical being, yet ice, aspirin, pain killers, heating pad, no drug touches it. It just hurts, as if the words were an actual pointed spear with a point of unimaginable poisonous strength that has the piecing explosion of, well I cannot think of what to compare it to but you never saw it coming. The repair of such a fragile and delicate part of yourself is beyond difficult, it is nearly impossible to do. 

The exactness of such a strike is done with such expertise and experience that you are certain it was done on purpose, the shards are still felt, as the razor like wounds begin to bleed inside your very being. Help!, you cry, plea and scream, to no avail.

Well, I believe it is done on purpose by cruel people who have become soul hunters. I believe that cruelty runs rampant and that people embrace this perceived ability as some new found power play over humanity. I don't want to be one of them, I want to be me. Being me is strange, weird and really difficult because being yourself always is really hard. So, make sure when you pick up your own Spear, that it stands for what you believe and know that wielding anything can be dangerous but it can also clear the path for the Old you to make way for the New found you!

A type of short story to go with the above:

Blind sided in a quiet field, a peace that was found, blown away by that moment of reality. Recovery is something we do to survive but as we begin to stand I become nearly stifled by all that surrounds me. How can history repeat itself so easily? Communication and sharing are my own weakness's, trust is my enemy!! My own heart is buried in a deep and dark grave with no marker for fear of recognition. Afraid to be born again, yet dreading at eternity of loneliness. My mind is in a whirlwind of disastrous proportion.

This is all voluntary! The secret of the universe is "choice", to do or not to do, this is one of our choices. These are thoughts, idea's and beliefs that are scored on my very being. Choice is a freedom that provides Time the opportunity to determine the outcome. To remove the freedom of choice and replace that with destiny or any other absolute will only, in turn, allow Time to deliver an outcome anyway. The outcome will reveal that the presumption "to know" or have knowledge and understanding of any specific act is only ignorance and the allowance of such will perpetuate it. The understanding and belief in the freedom of choice will be subject to the same determination and outcome that "time" will provide. It is these provisions in time and the the acknowledgement that the unknown has become known and the fact that dreams have become reality in the past. It would stand to reason that our imagination's are the key. This understanding will provide our minds with the ability and nourishment to grow. Our continued growth and ability to change has proven to be the key to our success, however we seem to be embracing a total domination of our minds. Understanding that self pity, hate, anger, love, purpose, passion, doubt, negativity, are just a few that I will mention however you can add in what ever will bring you to the understanding that these are innately part of our very structure as human beings. If you can accept that than you will accept that the answer to questions in general will evolve at the rate of our ability to ask the question. Just as in a mathematics's, a problem is presented that will need to be solved, a solution is required. This allows the understanding needed for our minds to be able to realize that it is the actual problem that will deliver the answer. The equation in whole is simply time. Then an approach to understanding and a solution will present itself. 

Nourishment throughout our lifetime is required by our bodies to grow and then to maintain us in order to function at any level of activity. This is nourishment for our minds, thinking, believing, imagining, I am only the mind that is delivering a message for other minds to have more specific stimulation that ignite the fire of compassion, understanding, forgiveness, belief, convictions and so on.

In a constant to thought...

Dimensional Understanding is totaling a fascination and not impossible to understand if you take a moment and consider a dimension as the next continuum. Being nearly countless and relying on the fact that it truly lies in understanding is based on factual information today, however eventually science will be able to capture the mathematical and by then elemental, which would change; logically, I would think from an equation form to a measure of space, time, element and then adding in the fact that understanding could translate to quantitive knowledge. I bet that at that point we could actually move these dimensions at will. Almost as if a space, time continuum could begin development by men and then eventually be or do mans bidding. Understanding that no matter what is created or when, by whom does not matter because by the time you meet again, (if you will allow me this small freedom of thought to explain) it will have commanded itself and regained itself to the probability that it is searching for itself and at the point the mere volume of understanding communicated though a dimensional view would be phenomenal and absolutely a diamond gem for a scientist to find. 

The thing is that I believe we are or could be at a similar juncture for reasons of probability and age of the universe it seems improbable that this would not have happened. I was actually thinking about this morning and comparing it to air flight. When you are flying from the U.S. to the UK there are time lines which are crossed and these in a similar deduction could be rerouted in your minds thought for a moment to interpret them as a dimensional crossing. Thinking along these lines will bring to a conclusion; mine was that we are already translating time, which means that two dimensions are touching or we are collapsing another smaller, maybe not as recognizable dimension at the moment we cross. This may not be plausible in your mind but if you slow it down just a bit I bet that it is possible that we are currently doing something similar elsewhere in the air.

78l @34 & % jdi@ ((853ll +08 dji+>7823<7812jdl a="" am="" based="" but="" different="" don="" down="" enjoy="" for="" from="" fun="" give="" go.="" here="" i="" is="" it="" its="" lol="" me="" mine="" most.="" my="" not="" occasionally="" on="" quite="" right="" span="" t="" than="" these="" think="" to="" understanding="" which="" writing="">

It could look something like this or not, I don’t know. It is hard for me to put what I see in my mind on paper sometimes. English is actually a difficult language to communicate anything of any merit; it is limited in the numerical, measure and hieroglyphic symbols that are needed to be able to do any of this properly or with accuracy in accordance to my minds eye anyway. 

I love the topic Freddie, thanks for the post it really causes my mind to excite itself. Thanks again for your supportive posts, they are treasures to me.

In full-body convo please see link here...

Mainstream America

My past directly reflects the right turn as left,
the base of meant to be,
the solve to a saluted speed.

Gaffled to great example of perfect spree,
the people lie to steal the breeze,
reformation creates to entice,
the Tree of All Ready to Device.

Not in Use,
perforated in abused,
the opinion of only do's,
to capture the rapture in a daily stature.

Remove the inspiration by forced out of Country,
the obvious decision was made before revisions,
to remind the paper that contracts are for takers.

This would serve to remind,
that the most recent smear across the dear,
spoke loudly,
 clearly about how the why of makings prowl.

Live T.V. in America can spree,
such hatred, spite and violent light,
no wonder to the absolute,
of the demise in every nude.

cliched as,
'A Candle In The Wind'
reality is, you publicly condemned,
in constant of trend.

Wrongful Actions Never Prosecuted,
not only accepted,
 but sold as the truth was covered,
 running lives to death.

unnatural causes,
 on film without a doubt,
 to whom the Credit belongs,
the Public is Spout.

The Web Is Controlled By Spiders and Pulls

I had more than a Few Posts that Google +,
at more than 49,000 plugged in to the InterNet.

Over a short spanned the very same Writes,
reduced to Zero in my Site,
could have happened as Individual tights,
likely mistake was impossible take.

The best Number of All,
a Set Gear to have Called,
is the spin of every wall.

Meaning of would not imply,
the proof is in sides of lie,
that each and every person,
would have had to undue,
 the original deed puts to loose.

Collective to the News,
it's rigged to the values,
of whom is who and what is fact,
is left to write the sampled spat.

Engage the pop to even rocks,
the grained of sanded bed in stalk,
not the garden of the talk,
for that is evident upon this chalk.

Erased in measure of shared in read,
entices flavor to know the lead,
not belonging to those that own,
'cause the contracts have been blown.

Heavy lifting pulls such strings,
in passing years the open brings,
monitors of click to running stings,
makes the first the second spring,
leaving third to true absurd.

I lost 10,000 even square,
upon the Stats that show the Paged View passed,
in one moment of this rare,
it was changed the instant spared,
to speak of difference and not share cared.

I watched in disbelief,
as I was sitting in my chair,
when the Event took it's dare.

Name equals truth,

The Music Of The Lyrics Hear ~ A Lasting CD Mind

From the Start the Hand did Thrust,
the pointed truth a sword of dual,
the doubled edge to express,
every River has it's Let.

Not one side nor the other,
the balance is the dividing suture,
a Canyon knows this Flow.

Deeply rooted to this it's rare,
for in the grain of salt,
the flavor is to shake,
spicing up the meet of which,
people feel the heat!!

Flare to spoken frames of spare,
the obvious would be to tell,
a Radio is much like Bell,
the plays have gone straight to pave,
only what is tuned to spray.

To listen to the Stereo talk,
changing channels so I can Rock,
finding that the Stations wrap,
the exact same songs to tap.

Weird to believe that Verse can't deed,
so many Singers with Songs that lead,
not down a path of ever bleed,
rather instill a good old-fashioned breed,
of Music Lovers not basic covers.

Know notice to the board of scan,
discount the merit for it has a plan,
the measure of this dignity,
expires with no humanity,
the morals of the stories spell,
that nothing is lost in tell.

Creation Said It Sew

The loss is not mine in felt,
it belongs to the Populous whom dealt,
the Cards still speak of All the Leads,
to lives that make better deeds.

With out the Face to Face in meet,
the World will only haunt the Feat,
for in the Question theirs is leak,
to the truth it drives this peak.

Plato happened and so does width,
of Verse, of Lyrics to every speak,
the aspect of the proof at hand,
is the fact that people stand.

What will make crazy the Minds that scanned,
a Singer or a Bloggers plan,
is the very itemed can,
separate from each others land.

To formalize a duty bound,
the silence is the telling sound,
to have been told 'round to 'round,
that dreams are dished for icing crowds.

Innocence knows that in the pose,
history speaks for those in noise,
to mention what has ready said,
would be to state the ready fed. 

We Are Not Alone

Streaming whilst sleeping stunned,
in the midst of life as-pun,
no secret kept the very string,
correct in attachment of all that's being.

Harbored value with dancing Moon,
to see into the eyes of whom,
might believe that lives are moved,
through the truth of what comes soon.

The written lend is a supporting spend,
the misfortune is now ours,
for in the wealth of written words,
the sentence is to prose the turf.

Viably known that not all stone,
the marker is the beast of tone,
know carry is original send,
in times that did recognize him.

The Man whom walks and talks of Case,
facts and figures removed his base,
the acknowledged Captain to a State,
never gave to placate,
the order of the same in space.

To team against a going trade,
information is all but laid,
the path to prowess or light to sped,
in directional route a bed.

Harvest thought to only brought,
so much more with present door,
no worry will beget this thor,
the guillotine of even more.

The Cast was Cut from edge to trust,
encouragement is in before,
the during between the aft of lore,
discovers endless thresholds hold,
the hand that is the brand of gold.  

A Line, to Circle, the Infinite was Being,
the Human is mere to such a leading,
the grasp is to know it's happening within this Show.

Look About

As countries war for what is here,
the belief will out the chill of fear.

Ignorance to think,
 that these things will not happen well,
as the World today,
 is colding life for thrill.

It seems to be a way.

The confidence to push aside,
is simply fact we do reside,
in a place where all is tracked,
by whom the questioned lingers.

The air is flown with more than drones,
intimidation often bones,
to fright the site is clear.

Once that bullets flying,
the guns already hear.

Even now our County loud,
spouts about these needs,
albeit on the News to feed,
it's Christians whom push to deeds.

Whether casting primordial reads,
or stating it in open bleeds,
the coming Age of everything,
has brought a truthing ring.

To gorge yourself in desperate delve,
importance still belongs,
to whom will be the better lead,
to piece the coming rage.

Even that will equal spat,
'cause gain is loss the former clap,
but proof of such needs life itself,
and who knows whom is where.

Today the venture is the trap,
should going visit other states,
be eminent to map.

To forget the Ones in land,
the Natives to our turf,
as Custard did wipe away,
the War is still the Pay.

More or Less the Values test,
and Arm Dealers still will build.

The real weapon of the frill,
is knowing and not pushing thrilled.