Friday, August 30, 2013

The City of Said

The Chamber of the Dead,
held in an Accord,
Centuries truth called uncouth and yet,
the direction of the path or added math,
is a guide to realize!!

In death we are alive,
in such a flight meet the might,
worshiping is fright as too many sew too like,
this is the demons delight!!

Spirits knew and just like you,
summed returned to exchange,
 the dampened light now in Sight,
 as if we did invite!!

Deeply woven far below,
the road is walked and therefore stowed,
often black the Air is Wet,
as if it's set with a wreck.


Seeking Sense most do mince,
their Words just build a bigger fence.

Stone-Walling anger as rage inhabits,
 the Sentence belongs to what's unraveled!!

Facing down past lived lives,
 the rent and structure is our guide,
as if you could but never did,
account for such or think you would.

Sought from fright the law of trite,
looking-up you Site no light,
the chilling of a Being in plight,
this Place is 'All' a darkened Maul.

The language spoken as the Mind is tokened,
translation fast enhances Wrath,
the patience shown in your new home,
the words are spoken made evident,
that much is broken!!

Lies run rampant through the bliss,
in history and knowing list,
blink those eyes and realize,
you are in a certain rise.

In an earthly realm of now,
discounted are instructions marred;
What too Do?, Where too Go?, How too Be?
success does seem Eternity,
the calculation of the total deed,
equals more than faith in read.

Stolen Verse as channeled learned,
the Other-Side is at Death's thigh,
the clanking chains of that which Reigns,
the complications of whom remains.

Hand in Hand and chained to rant,
walked for Sight in Darkness light,
no escape of this strange State,
the action of permeates above.


The glory of what has been shoved,
I embrace and know this Place.

Tell of truth's in this known Life,
past, present, and, future lives,
the understanding is complete,
although it is a difficult Feat!!

In the statute of such an Audience,
time is plenty for different entries',
 the flight of Sentries',
recognition fails to so many.

Movement of furthered love,
Death Court Closed it's been subbed,
the Judge did hammer with gaveled planner,
 that Nature's due a Spiritual View!!

Total calm in destructive throng,
assumptions wrong as Left is long,
the death of billion hear,
it's all so very near.

Eye has Light and sum's for distance,
stand for reverence an active resistance.

Made for Levity,
Being's have longevity,
the truth of innocence,
is minced with repentance.

The sound of the beat as the thumping repeats,
the drumming of bore the horns of restore,
the ballad of known has already shown,
the door of what's death,
out rides this home,
a complication of an Eternal throne!!

With Myth delivering wrinkle,
iron-out your Self to simple,
tighten grip to know the quest,
is a journey and not a rest.