Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Picture Expels Beseech

Role thou woodest to thee deeply in lead,
pants the shant is a difficult speed,
fibers to tweed factorial sheath,
the swept in puts sewn simply to Watts.

The sure of the Home of didst this provide,
complex I think know I easy the ride,
a sort of triangular in Ocean of hide,
it is a dimensional understanding in why.

After the usurps permission replied,
whoa it's so fitful increase with stride,
the wealth of the thought that the science does pry,
held to the Brain in cellular Tye.

All most a spool to wind in the eye,
sum does will feature the sheep in the pie,
a slice to the spider or willow in reeds,
not total moisture till the sigh pushed the deed.

School via watching a fickle in fried,
created the mastering of seeking the spy,
difference to thunder the light of my I,
don't pot the preamble it's roots have glides.

Prompt secular spoofed use to open in view,
the counter will favor the entry to prove,
the kilt of the spelunking the handle of jeer,
is to put back in place the Topper of cased.

Oblivious may be an explanation deny,
however the evidential speaks of it high,
be haunch in the total ore equal width sheet,
a glass halved fullest relief is a please.

Disgust makes me bile,
the churns in a mile,
the soons to the never,
I barf out the severed,
a natural in risk is much better than dished,
as I have seen to much of the kissed.

A taste for this came with a book and a Name,
two lift or in shingle does not keep hidden the mingled,
bathrooms with brinks the soap and the thinks,
an audible speech in shrieking while links,
flavor makes palatable actionable sync,
not to the bedroom in just a quick wink. 

Phenix Wry's

Twinkle, Twinkle little Store,
the by is make to purchased Roar!!

Vice grips You joints,
knuckle sand which,
grapes of Wine,
bottle corks screws unwind,
the Main Fit,
a Plum in Wit!!

Frolic lauder dowels to Sprig,
beef knots the wriggling Neigh,
ride the broader to horizon play,
the clippity Clop,
the rig runs up the stop.

The Writer asked the Poet gnash,
a Captain of the Speak.
Over Hail I due Pale,
a thought to every leak.

Excitement tends to bring the pen,
to ink the whole shill out,
now with know Mind,
creative lines,
the sit begets the well.

Great to Front the Strength of Lung,
the vocals are show stroke,
a change of clothes,
a Suit to Prose,
the seat of dens in tucked.

Growth does dime a quarter in lined,
the roll of coins increases spine,
the shiver of Chest appeal,
a tighter fit to t-shirts rip,
the belt of tracks in due.

Not to deny the easy ride,
mostly the lap 'rounds the facts,
I herd the Hoarse is Trued.

Length of spank to crops of Rank,
a heady sort of width in shank,
the curb strap in chaining back,
the bit to you're previewed.

Certain fundamentals,
spoken sundrys,
quite possibly the benefit of booth,
the do fret never,
'cause the clever,
seek know more than prey truth.

Wildly driven to Blunts reviews,
I witnessed this in second thirdly eye candy leuds,
not to ram it all at once,
but the Force meets the Punch.

Cool Happenings in Embarkments fly,
across the rare of the mids in lair,
clapping with no ready stair,
the curve of the Bannister is would he dare.

To Rush that Is!!

Warbler Vagus Kern

Body Talks Language Locks,
the I of the Beholder is a Frothy Knock.

Solitaire is a Card Game,
played on Computers same?,
know the Interactive,
the Clique to Out the Stature.

Register the 'til,
the balance of the skill,
think on the 60's,
the Apple or the Tackled.

See prompt to the Quotient,
dot in dot the I,
Meetings to the Board,
tables to the Scores.

Digits ream a leaping spline,
the kidney to the Organ theme,
pull out the plugs,
the Pipes don't ever Steam.

Grand to the Balwin,
keys to black and white,
harp to the guitar,
I knew a guy by Sight!!

Ole' Phar Lap was a Race Horse,
he was a friend that summed the lend,
speed envelopes rice,
the Hull of the Oat brand Vice!!

Lions sense Valour,
the coats of tends to colors,
a climb to any mountain,
the Hills are Alive in luce.

Draught the Word to Fountain,
the soda-pops the scream,
taste is in the flavor,
of your favorite dice in stream.

Rocks with bigger Glasses,
sturdy lots of Head,
the pore that cells the structure,
is kept in build the brain.

Smart the old's to Monitor,
recycle where'd they go,
is it so far fetched,
that Dumps become a POE.

Wild to the Flowers,
the scent of lavender,
the Feat of Natural Vassal,
will knot preclude the tasseled.

Black and White and Read all Over,
the Examiner Herbs the Cane,
the print is now the packing,
delivery still shakes wow.

Equate division to Reveal,
a Job or a Keel,
the rougher of the patch,
says the Arc did find  Attached.


Scooped For Copy Frauds

The Eight years passing through grates,
the shiver of a chilling stretch creates 20/20 to date,
westing thee flea rumping tumpets to takes,
make words to hear belief is the steer.

Fred a ask in the question a past,
painting a picture to emulate a bath,
the wash wets the clothes thoughts to pre-stills,
a furious reaction in quiet approach,
the dimmer switch nailing,
the plate Face in sale-ing.

Steep such a proposal,
exceptional to knowledge,
bedded to rival of basement times shirks,
the bales of hay in the blocks of pay,
carpets rolled over to bolts of such colder.

Times X's Marked for the Present in spun,
take a Photo and Shop the gun,
until I is able to speak in the lark,
a walk-way distributes a picture to Part.

Real viables potential plus nark,
looks so similar I understood in quick shark,
teeth great to plenty value piped to Propped,
the dungeon, the alter, the subbed in a cart.

Took straight to Mind,
no thinking behind,
reality production for varied unkind,
Scene to the Corner,
market to store,
preventive of What?,
I still strange that Door.

Put to the bag the base hit so too speak,
lessons opportunities death is a weak,
torture collection blacks mailing trucks,
couldn't really be fair if I was the buck.

NO, NO spoke the talent of no dumb luck,
stairs to the Venues will prove it in Menu,
Price of the Pixeled you've got the shift full,
it's just an offer brought as a sneak.

I spot that in loud and better in leak,
slammed know foot just the mouth of the speak,
drink this up to blood sucks,
where'd you pick all this up,
don't bother I No and you're a tick tuck.

Tools Sparked Trades Patience Played

The travels in certain circumstance,
lead to a particular View,
the Cast of scene working Team,
the Vest an Insignia of scheme,
worn through the Ages,
the work a character of coming.

Sat in state of no fright,
just had lefted a discomforting spite,
tells of which exhausted Sight,
a belly felt the stet.

Piles firewood intention sped,
a sort of short-cut to my bed,
a wait to skate the do,
occasion bought me proof.

The Scene of effective Learn,
the breath is offered stern,
prevail the romp to burn,
places whence these brings will key.

The Hasp to Understanding,
the patience to detail,
a board of comprehending,
the skeet shoot in the Mail!!

Busy as serious Lot,
strung cables of recording Minds,
no chapter in the Mist,
the Real is fact of where.

Not seconds nor minutes passing,
the time to no avail sheer,
the speed of such success,
required eyes to Spree.

Heavy lifting no dead weight,
the Chocolate Factory Tale comes to be,
a pretty healthy cream,
to the deeds completing tree.

A gain to comprehension,
from I spoke of it's longs,
the interest thereby accepted,
much like hugs with strongs.

No essence to the lazy,
priority to the small,
a threat in balanced honesty,
created for this prompt.

Thorough due to first in part,
a birds scoot to actual,
the skirt in what was anguish,
brought Professors short.

Width of progressed,
a walk I saw a bridge,
the hand rails seemed in place,
it just was wait implores.

Continued romp up craft of ride,
difference obvious,
to shake in quake,
these things did not plague care.

Happened sort gets good,
the look came in the fact,
take a number stand in line,
the quiet seemed so still.

No thought did ponder I saw these persons,
a blank stare describes the lying eyes,
as if the story hold was practiced an therefor told,
just moving in the motionless of .......

I stared to find a stool, 
conveniently in scribed plaqued names,
the gaze beget the recognized,
I headed straight to be,
the student of another spay.

Reminds Of A Drawing Though

I stood in peace the Manzanita spoke,
bark is red look to boke,
the Chest is Red to imp. the Fed.
just than I questioned this strangely sped.

Of Course in immediate conformity,
a Robin breasted met with deed,
popped about pecking seeds,
than disappeared in the Forestry.

I have two outdoor lamps,
meant to light with burning stamps,
filled with leaves I just say heed,
must go to the Store for Batteries,
in thus spake I've thought before,
but have yet to meet the Thor.

This A.M. matter of oddly chattered,
the peep of the equal bird in latter,
squeaky We gee not the Board,
for that freaked me out long in Score.

Never to touch curious not much,
similar in the flashlight wic,
the Candle must be the stick.

To burn or melt the liquid fix,
if it rains the flame is tamed,
not really out just resting same,
as the water is the spout.

Back to the Hardware Store predisposed,
I wonder to Cyborgs also Vic,
the Record Player Needle nicked,
the scratch of vibrance in a spit.

Get a Long little Top the Sherry crop,
a cup of Cider Martinelli's rider,
to clip the wrought to back a thought,
Physiology has a trot.

Fi ~ Fy ~ Fiddly ~ I ~ Owe,
much to the disaster I say I grow,
down to the mountain of the Pier below,
the Seals bark and the eye-glass knows.

The fisherman of the Pelican sway,
dock the talk to stingrays walk,
a few green benchs the Park is put,
the Deer do graze and the Eagles prey,
all in about the breath of day.

Glide across the speedy trough,
the Ferry clocks with business locks,
upon the ride the decking side,
there is a Bar with drinks inside.

Chips, Cookies and Candy bars buy,
the Cokes are cold and it's a chilly nigh.

Through the Gates to the Island skates,
the Ice of the Glacier by no mistake,
much like the Bay but slipping a state,
the Croft of the Boat is a Shipping Pane.

The waves are so choppy belief comes from leave,
I saw something strangely on a difficult stay,
some several years ago in past,
went to the Beach at Oceans ask.

Round the Bonfire no pun in blast,
the truth often delivers a bitter last.

Return to my Story of the built Fire burn,
a few people huddled the down was worm,
cuddled up close not like sexual boast,
it was just freezing here on the Coast.

Next thing you know a guitar and a show,
strumming a tune I thought "oh how so cool,"
until the verse spilt and reminded me again,
you're Beautiful I could not believe,
and no it twas not him.

The Sheets of the Weirds Story Strongs

Leapin' Lizards It's A Hard Knock LIFE

Query to the Shark in the Web of a Net,
to speak of the Fence I think it's a Tup,
the whence of clever says I don't erupt,
more like the Weather it's guidance of shoved.

The blast of the Twister to twirling Pines,
a whipper of the Will in the tweet of the lines,
the birdy of the Kanga rues to the Street,
the garble speaks as Charlie Brown has a Seat.

Mr Ed had a Barn with his very own Stall,
Wilbur would talk and Horse in Call,
the giggles to the Little House on the Prairie locale,
it all seems so close like the Westerns of Wow.

My Name Is Nobody the Spaghetti to Now,
Eastwood like Clint but more like Fire,
sparking indifference with pounded out dire,
the duvet not on a bed but the where's of the day,
would flip the flap back-over that shoulder of a Lap.

To the six-shooter or Colt forty-five,
the revolver of doors in a San Francisco lie,
the St Francis Hotel a Presidents spy,
the Gift Shop amazed the trinkets were dye.

Remember the date the 5th of November,
the movie of V strikes a deep chord with read,
the Actress so loved she still makes me wonder,
her acting was nearly almost as sunder.

The staples of Events Our in the Record,
of Mind, of Body and I am sure in your More,
the thick of the mast a symptom of this,
same actress the Movie 'Where the Heart is"
close enough to I know we all live.

More to example of particular Scenes,
like the Singer and the Manager addition to Jeans,
minus the disaster of the Train and the seems,
I am fairly certain jumping backwards is sting.

It really is in the effort or FACT,
that James Blunt should come to the Tack,
of the saddle that placed the GIRTH for the RIDE,
not to point fingers at particulars in LIED.

As I too prefer this Singular tune,
of never Asked, never Lied, 'cause it's not on Me to be the Questionaire of Key,
however moreover therefore albeit whereof I see it,
the acceptation to the rule of,
not If all I have is Time,
No, it is the timely scry that says Popcorn and the Time is,
5:16 A.M. Pacific Standard Time at the Beep.


The time is 5:17 A.M. Pacific Standard Time at the Beep


The time is 5:18 A.M. Pacific Standard Time at the Beep


Oh my how time flies in the air of the skies like ... ships in the night....fog horns to sight......the impending........

The time is 5:20 A.M. Pacific Standard Time at the Beep


The Date Is Not The Time It Is The Day of WHINE!!!!


No Judgement Just Conceptuals

Coffee in Hand,
sugar & cream,
to the Porch in the simplicity,
the Air is Still,
not even a breeze,
yet, the Horns on the Bay are Echoing in Say.

The fog, the misting, the guidance to be,
kept to the Lanes of filling empties,
shots in the dark to guide what cannot be seen,
the mechanics made by mankinds theme.

The answer is with the Question not asked,
the give in the saying why is it me in a task,
I see the funny face my Mother did have,
when she looked at my Step-Father his face in a mad.

She would quirky her smile to a strange sort of glee,
love pouring over in her Mind of this be,
I would stare not to wonder the eternity,
just the weirds of a Life that so terribly fights,
to interest the Freedom with a smile of Mights.

In obvious I did share these same sort of bares,
the difference so shown it's skipped with stones,
moreover the stand on the River of land,
across the water skip, skip, skipping curr plop,
to sync once again to her decision when,
the meet was the first and the second did sin.

Even that did in front of me ayes,
silence rewarded 'cause I knew in her tries,
those beatings that drug her up those stairs,
ripping the roots from the base of her hairs,
a scalping in real was not very fair,
it was the payment of Siblings whom outed our where.

Lies of course to attend their course,
the act of the older two for the door,
more attention, more prevention from liberty to well,
a life of such misery I could always tell.

Like the days in defense of them going to hell,
sent to their bedrooms they'd underwear delve,
you'd hear in the wall to thin to prevent,
as paternal did spank the base of the bed,
scream and cry to the beat of the I,
so your Mother will know the rough is the show.

Never did I turn to say so,
no that's not true I shrugged and said "Oh,"
I see how it's done the whip and the gun,
the terror or the horror it's just saving for more,
claiming to training of the real in Crow,
the Window in that Oregonian side the Churchs home.

The snowball fights the banks at brights,
the walk to the store,
each step is a lesson to where us of chore,
a Cadillac approach to the News of a Coach,
my Grandparents Castle was the Mind of this rattle.

To A&W the frosty-mug drink,
the same in so similar my Nana would think,
the disapproval would show for the slurpy of spoe,
but the brake would just seal the doe.

Up to the Drive on Beulah relied,
swinging the wheel past the Chinese Buffet,
all in the wonder of Nana in a day,
the reason I where this Fur Coat to the may,
because I can comfortable stay in my house dress, oh May!!

It's these private mentions that smile me make,
the sit on the couch with my Papa in stout,
in quiet repose he'd never shout,
I think that it's his smile I do wear about.

On this same day with my luck it's May,
to swing to June or July would be duck,
a ride on a Greyhound Bus to the stuck,
just to sit back down on the couch of to much.

I looked into those Irish Eyes smiling,
I said in serious I have a delirious,
if I could only know all the things you have seen,
to know the actions of all in complete,
as if I was you in carry over feat,
than I would know most definitely and not have to repeat,
just side the days or the ways that offered no leads.

Irish eyes really do smile,
twinkle in that see,
a smile in such warmth,
it felt like a breathe,
just a peaceful sort of seed. 


A slough of information that I have not pared,
events happening to particular exacts,
decides to hold as I watch to lacks,
choice is a simple decide,
in this fashion I spare myself the pain.

Journey's are an aspect of a Life that panes,
acceptance of such scenes an understanding rains,
the afar be it forward or back the present reminds of tack,
the actuals in or of Humanity and the People thereof.

The World is a Global spherical round,
it was not always the going sound,
clocks rigged for Ships built to search not destroy,
swam the Seas with the Ocean breezes electricity.

Shores a many beaches the signal Clams,
grass, Palms, coconuts, sugar-beets,
food vs water equals this Skeet shoot,
white sand, pink sand, Coral Reefs,
the Fan that slips beneath while snorkeling,
the underwater trees.

Black sands are not always oil slicks,
the broken down particicles of Volcanic rocks,
bits grained by the grinding Nature of explosive life,
molten lava alive burbling to create,
a heated power by no mistake,
the Thrust of the Earth in massives Display.

The round pebbles rolling that coverage,
the Wares of Killer Whales,
to itch that scratch Tale,
to surf in the Hide of the Wave by it's side,
in silent song he'll sing to the Family strong.

Communicative Creatures, Mammals of the Deep,
do not speak with the words to breathe,
advice to the Minds needing proof for these briefs,
the evidence is the doubt and the hate you preach,
leaves falling in no particular order,
still understand we call this the Autumn of a Land.

Colors expressive to said per times,
Tribes that had Creation so dimed,
the Staff of Evolve resides with learn,
not the capture or the burial that Christians churn.

Respect is not a two way street,
it is a multi-layered comprehending lead,
to the Narrows of Presently,
all People concerned don't appreciate the diversity in Energy,
it Moves independently,
as the outcrops shard to water car,
Wisdom stands the Bow,
Calls to the Now.

It is not the Echo or the How,
it is the reason for the loud.