Friday, August 26, 2011

Knot life!! Just trouble

I write the things for you to read,
so that you know its real to me.
I turn from you in ready, heed,
to say "I won't, there is no way."

Do you see that you should be,
much more patient with all they need,
the story tells of Hell, not she?
Can't you just believe in thee?

Enlightened soul or heart that's free,
just don't actively take a knee
before you know who worships who,
and your stuck in horrid need.

Don't forget and then just let,
anyone guide yourself or debt,
into places that do not help,
to gain your sense of what is Hell.

Be careful death will take your life,
and it may cause tons of strife.
No way out! No way to see,
there is know God for you or me.

Caution warrants these words I write.
Careful study every night,
do not rush to find the light,
you will miss, become uptight!

Respect, declare and know their dare,
in these places over there,
you will be challenged to do, not stare
at what intimidates in that lair.

Dungeons, darkness, of this I share,
for reasons why? I spent time there.
I was killed and left for dead,
repeated times, all by Ed.

First the Senior, then the Junior,
following in the family way.
I'm not related to paternal side,
I just know, I'd rather die.

In the end, I did not sin,
I just came, was born and then,
I was hated and beaten too,
to cover up the sex for you.

Adultery is not so good,
even if you think you should,
the pain you cause is not your own,
you must cover all that's shown.

All alone, in this I've grown.
To know, to walk inside these zones,
that most are fearful and afraid
to go or speak the words to say,

"Hello, this is a bright new day!"

Karen Placek

Critical Need

To know that there is more to see,
that which you are blind too, Be!
is why I exist for you not me.

I already have what is bad,
I have been sold to the old,.
My mother signed the very deed,
and the contract, it was Me.

She will take you to the dark.
She will speak to your heart,
sparing nothing but your death,
she seals you in what is left.

A void is where she does reside,
in a place you cannot hide,
know yourself, know your birth,
she will take you from this earth.

Temptation to know this lurid verse,
she preaches nothing but reverse,
of mind, of body, of soul do nurse,
you are now also perversed.

End your pain and end the vain.
End the ones who do complain.
Of all that holds their life, Proclaim!!
To know that they don't speak your name.

Be wise, be well and do not compel,
the dark, the evil, the judge of Hell,
to be the one that brings you life
for this is only death or strife.