Sunday, July 5, 2015

Occasional Verse

I refuse to become discouraged as every worth is rare Human life is the unique introduction,
To the gifts and the talents in the passing of ages to Top the exit with joint on the pleasant,
To feather of boa a strict order by grown the Sky on the rain with clouds for the grain,
In the bough of the left there is right on the stage etched for the Aero on nautical lays,
Charge to the not bothered for the light is of plane, shining to lamps on the posts of the lane.

Provisions to boats the Sip of ships boots A Clubhouse for portion on the ladle in chutes,
Toward to the talkers the dead come to rock For all in about is the burning of route.

Raid the lister with a couple of Century terms clam to the puck in the galactic perm,
Curls for Solar the radiant cave in prisons of snot the Nose is okay,
Eyebrows for striping to color back in Or the makeup that doesn’t make-up anything ‘cause a sin,
Pain in the belly that ache for the fudge Cramping the anal retentive for shrugged,
Spark in the fire ask a log from tree punned will you just burn or sud-up the sung,
Like the hissing and spiting that wet timber speaks as the flames go to crackle a bigger in leap!!

Crown upon the shoulder for the colder get chills The Geese in the form of the Fluff over born,
Card to the post a good ole sing strong do not forget that a coin is important for the tattle of skit,
Shallow tongues art language the Needle in sew that thread of the shield as the lips pocket grow,
Those bugs that fill form intestinal shown creeping and crawling laying eggs of just stones,
The incredible cocoon in the belch of the lung inhale the anchor it comes from above,
Step carefully through the death of the pew As in the bent knee it’s the joint of the shoe,
To keep at the oddity of sunken for grave yet in the big picture it’s a curtain in raised,
From instant to lightening the Thunder of scold the breadth of the park is Rome by the bowl,
The Catholic work Pope without a singing reverse Wearing the clogs as the slippers of hurts.

Robbing more into the grace off a charge lifting with one stance smashing the paunch,
To grind in the scortch to the formal of priest is the recognition of the balance of reap,
Christians in the United States are found proud so the Row^Men rise in the pontiff by louds.
Gigantic chorus to execute proviso the Exorcism done in backdoor hotels,

With each of the findings the level field is blown with dynamite Christmas and children’s dead bones.

                `When I was a young lad,
          My fortune was bad,
                If e`er I do well 'tis a wonder.
          I spent all my means
                    Amid sharpers and queans ;
                         Then I got a commission to plunder.
               I have stockings 'tis true,
But the devil a shoe,
                                I am forced to wear boots in all weather,
          Be d--d the boot sole,
           Curse on the spur-roll,
                         Confounded be the upper-leather.'"*

*  Such a song, or something very like it, may be found in Ramsay's Tea-Table Miscellany, among the wild slips of minstrelsy which are there collected.

Reception Of The Spoken Word Will Soon Become Recognised

Trait sputters to the length of Span Yun on that is the worth touching the bled pocks,
in Me soles ore Poll lair a Blowed the sim Kneed to Vast the Potters rowl,
as to that is the presentation of that Star to a branson,
inch that hype per that burst on the Flaccid lip it is the Burns to the barrel of Streen!!

Product that Tape to Closet Hangers on the Ties in the Uniform of the Caliber knot,
as that is a Bunion on a soap box pre Var`d the basic in thread to a Niel in shagged!!

Bed at the seasalt the Table picnic,
checkered are the dollars to schick the side,
in barn to grass as Golf in the laugh it is the Field of the Pot Hold,
that dip in the Angle to express the Block,
a spade for the scale and those thrust that to Rasp!!

With the wrench to the Ply of the would in Particle board glue is of Syrup`d to the Maples of leaves,
in that is Also the Add Once park breezed so Quick to that Forrest is the invest left bank steed,
ride on that is the Saddles and Bricks mortar to Concrete the beat Route of bland,
so Ancient in basque the gathering Glad is top to the Tell as the Anchor to stagged!!

Sway with the 20's a Waller to Strut in With the Wholers and Up on that Crib,
is the Method of reality in difficult pad to berry the Vine as if the Wine did not bad,
is the grape to that Technique in suds round that Cork,
is Wiskey the Vodka at the Scotch to touch Bean!!

The string of Many on the Coats of the Skins fingers in the Foot sole to smashing a Clean,
is that the apron that measure to Corn a simple wire that Talls to missed plate,
is dinker on the Donger a belt or the Horn,
is that Ocean of Graph the Firm or a Tore`N,
is that touching Picking the Cab Ur Neigh,
is that Ire on the Fountain sulfur to Floor`d,
does the Volcanic Ash of the Mountain on Scene,
the spur to a stunned or the Realization of meadow,
is the road that is walked filmed with rocks to knock brain`d,
look to that heap and the Valley will purr!!

Yet in that at Maple that Tap on is Barf,
like the Wood of the Tree is a Manzanita on Dumb,
is the Live Oak a Debtor or the Parrot on phrased,
is the Singer of Whistle the Swan or the goose`d,
is Not the wicker in Woven to chairs on the Swag,
swoon to the Front Porch to enhance the read Paint,
is the Cool of the Widow black or Made Rag,
is the Clothesline that pardons the sheets that rang Swine,
is this a lesson of the Wind in the True`N putting to T-Posts the Would in Snot,
a park as the ex Ample has brought to this rein,
an opportunity Canter to basic The Walk.

Mercury meteorite among world's rarest rocks

Nov 26, 2013

From Mercury to Morocco, and onward to Yale: a meteorite’s tale
The magnetism of the meteorite formally known as NWA 7325 exactly matches that of Mercury.

( —Talk about a precious stone—the largest piece of the only known meteorite from the planet Mercury has found its way to Yale, where it is now on display at the Peabody Museum of Natural History.
Known as NWA 7325, the fist-size, greenish space rock is a rarity among rarities: there just aren't many verified planetary meteorites. Scientists know of about 70 from Mars and, until now, none from any of the other planets in Earth's solar system. There are about 180 known meteorites from the moon. NWA 7325 is the first believed to be from Mercury.
"If it's not from Mercury, it's from a very interesting place," said Anthony J. Irving, an expert in planetary meteorites at the University of Washington, during a recent appearance at the Peabody.
The meteorite's chemical composition provides the strongest evidence that it came from Mercury, a rocky world that is the smallest planet in Earth's  and closest to the sun, Irving said. He noted the object's high magnesium and chromium content and its low iron content are similar to those of Mercury. Also, the meteorite's magnetism matches Mercury's magnetism exactly, he said.
"It's like 'CSI Solar System,'" he said.
The NWA in the name stands for Northwest Africa. The  was found in fragments in 2012 in the Moroccan desert. It is estimated to be 4.56 billion years old, about the age of Earth. The piece on display at the Peabody was sold to a private collector in Germany, Stefan Ralew, who consulted with Irving.
The exhibition, "From Mercury to Earth? A Meteorite Like No Other," runs Nov. 22 to Sept. 2, 2014.
"This is great excitement for the Peabody," said museum director Derek Briggs

You choice the path you want. Which ever one you chose, leads to a road and you must take that road to begin the journey of a life time.

But let us now, like soldiers on the watch,
Put the soul's armor on, alike prepared
For all a soldiers warfare brings.
                                                         JOANNA BAILLIE.

Observation to the touch detail on any portion to the between of the why,
Question a balance and ride for the seat of trust communication as a rein,
On the horse that is saddled the back is of difference to the felt,
To go bareback the thighs of the leg are in relaxed as this is the comfort of knowing,
Shoulders up eyes forward steady as the fountain of engagement roams.

Loving beach rides the crashing waves were always a cause for attentive,
The pricked ears to the all force scoot is the expected on the unexpected shower,
The mist of the spray on the rush to the shore is weird when you are on board,
To look at the sea as the movement is motion a bit on the dizzy Horizon has lotion,
The rushing sands pebbles and clams the cliffs to the Winds gale ports stand,
Walking along to an immediate move the ride is exhilaration just sight of the vibe.

The dunes to the mountains dependent on trailer those steep trails with the seasonal brew,
Up to the bottom of the peak on the store creeks with a sound that lakes would adore.

Puddles in winter the rain grows with slipped a real environment with nature at hand,
The journeys a trip for the next big shown dip is never by made up its wild romanced,
Your heart beats to pulse of the pound of horse breath that big blow out that moves all the ribs!!

Sigh in the gallantry of Horse and a truth that the only reality is that perfect in slide,
Smooth to the groom all effort reward,
Shining with love as the blankets are warm,

Minds that meld to nuzzles that form A lasting relation to the shoulder of Form.

Stain Less Steal

________whose voice was heard around,
Loud as a trumpet with a silver sound. WAVERLEY

Drudge of pull is put swivel to muzzle velocity of spread tongue worth,
jeer is rallied at taunt in the Human Global steer until the earth of moved,
crust to shell divide to prime meridian the equator with a bulb,
shifting swirls that balance read ask the curl on the Y at intersective freed,
the parallax clatter to investigate mortar is not mud the clay remorse.

A paradox to equal lines Side show Sides that tip the Thought in plural,
to quote Parcae destiny face is green in blue brought figurative loop,
in contract card of flip the pour is moon bind moon in doubled broom,
the paraphernalia in Ancient carve is not the seat rather discovered by parcel,
the body holds a hi percentage to vast the multiplied by veins,
in the deep bone know muscle tone is performed by each a voice,
vibration water on grounds touch parch drinking lies building art,
mark a fort with arms for dropped the feet at parted,
the splits of heels up on shaft will ring the greater gaft,
population not a raft question of the chapels laugh a Religion on the chapter math.

The gym lives are floor familiar with both uneven bars And parallel,
the balance beam to spring board theme the bounce to execute the landing,
four corners path a permit pass the run is striking the shape of approach,
in this current medium cloud global human beings on fact in their twilight sleep,
anchor that with turtle neck the melt is burning from the bloop,
apple turnovers with Turnstiles the ticket inches pews to fight not brink.

Edge on over the stage is growing with Snow and Rain the flood of strain,
cork a thought to bearings brought a Tusk in clover Calls the Quarter to never add the same,
noise of buried news on dead the quick to change the subject brain.

Feng Shei the Orient practiced in the Home is a bridge in body ply of deck,
although such artistic cars have drove it is the function of the text in living to a tone,
dial the arch to the foot in tow of most the stews at roast which is the casting burn,
within the store of belly world a structure musters built to the cuneiform of Text as cloak is only corn,
rice to path in breathing shore is not the beach inasmuch as Storm in blazing brighter paths to Crane,
called to furnish station mental is Human being a based or equipped to create Grace by cultivation stretch,
in abstract sink the run is paved than smashed through take & grab,
a curling stone on Ices short is in explanation of described by egg drop soups,
a ligament or Noodle rinse the hock in swine addition bean to tongues that swallow urchin.

Spiny select with ribbets pet is told to stool the partitions stop with Clam stealing the grit,
no pearl forms without just time in active work on bottom line to stand the jaws of shark,
rowing oar in Ocean bar is understood by bay leaves sharp to Tidal Wave in steed.

Height on crowd is head tack neck the arm is course of crew with hands in holding reamed,
cell phones talk the place apply with regard to rolling sigh yet on these maps its cheese,
the lime of whine the work not signed discounts the rhythm not said rhyme.

Dumb bells waist the working taste a less to gain the More’s by came,
rib truth snap to count a fax Junk D.N.A. is used to frack The Drill of sonar tells the last,
in first of ring A golden string spun From calculations sing with poring method fast,
high heat Hotter meld the shirt tucks in to blue jeans the logic of untied in sweep,
straight knocks herd to breaking nerve fires Forge the caliber perk Coffee teaching tea a burp.

A Feather Edged Shoe

To Date the tempo of Time in the scheduled court is next vibrant to first parters,
ocean is a grand bake of salt it rinses the scenery with pumps that circulate sand,
moving about the world a bottle delivery on score is the show-up on distant shores,
finding a piece in the riddle of such envelope will tend to brought a gain to tides,
particular charts fling upon the core a system of operation that dial to land.

Hardily freight is ferried with excitement the weight or to heavy sinks on tabulations theoretic,
until the sea shrinks leaving brick Salts as castaway speak,
treasures of ships once in the float do not rise but become exposed to draw backs.

Sheets under the water in maintenance by corrosion are in condition of depth touch air,
at the dry in exclamation a lake of fresh starch is often brittle unless gently barned,
stable made to bark a Petrified Forestry is Ancient by sandy coverage to the shank,
yet birds hour wild in the bough of grace that growth of smalls to the reef of an Opener.

Marvel the wave with a breeze dehydrations conversational menu,
shallow with fish out of pond to Trout in rivers upstream,
route the bear grounds with Grizzly a source to season in the red of rows,
clause to take pause in life as the rushing floss is teeth to shark bites,
ankle to lead in riding the Ages throughout our history the lessons on relationship to Teak,
Tiles of 'hey lo' to the falling star.

Twilight is both Beautiful for the cliff of Nature and telling of the shower of course,
spanking the verse tack on the words is playing marbles with planetary bars,
A-wash with goods finish to the shine the gallop across a Marching Field battle sharps,
learning as the crowds stick the paste of a stuck manufactures repetitive factions to swell,
tot found a gravel in deed no more reality was the cold of the cement slab icing me.

In turn that separation from self to stop stair body was quick in shire yet slow in scout,
as rent to flesh in blood flowing bones this energy of exact to since the same without a mirror,
the ride of bounce in structure was self in self to take stock in self on floor of self still.

The tax of cabby on the vehicle of halt Had a grim look at lung in rent,
startled to sepia in grave stern the academy of eyes worked the frame as I stood,
not lost nor sound rather reality of ground the chill only left for it cot ended an alarm.

Sift equals timber a bed forms the raise in acceptation,
as the precept to a rule is the blinking loosed by the sitter at whipped,
to not have chosen such exit to knowing the entry is as if to explain the leather sailed to talk,
in brusk to case a greater face sat to chapel the response as furious to ranch,
yet on the balance a return was not inevitable but action of reaction touching branch at reached.

Startled abruptiveness is arson in life as the belief of no belief is in itself passion of belief,
the doubt of Put tells Alleviate that bother is indeed the Castor of starry filled,
a crown within the simple is corrosion shall the receipt be frozen to thought,
fires snap that crackle wraps lit with snapping a nose to spite the face that is landed for scents,
to negative the stay with squelch is the turn of the deeply seated to the complete stop at cropped.

Taller than done at action of leap the eyes perceive the calculations as mathematical to age,
in set on the chalkline of a port The Mind brings forward the actual of remind, the picture,
in absolute these impossibles proven by science do not mimic dish but expel the system at quarry leads,
Many a body story to rounds on the shaft at chimney route to roots foot with a bound,
sentence with expression can often vibe a bounce with coloring books by shapes and tooks,
whether the design by worth lines in direction or drawing Arithmetic by diamond,
the inspired shore the call to exact as the litter on the flush of the ocean to a repeated shores dial.

The ocean patterns great ports via tides on her trust,
too familiar of the same landing lane is not determined but finally understood as the captioned,
the amount of timely Multiplies question but does not discount the actual of the journey to trips,
in the partitions of brainwaves today people carve out the nature that balances these reals performance calling trashed,
yet Human Beings example that nothing is trash for we Smalls are serendipity recycled not,
we are real person first Handers in experience of rounds that Flight of Death in live.

Therefore our dreams, our walk, our very tempo of expression will bright the role to realities toll,
not cast down the fax that cycled a split of span in a fraction of the second to the first of the stand,
no counter of rebellious condemnation of the death to tax our heads to our bodies by laid,
the global force that needs the proof should party the experience if that is the shall for such scoop,
for as the beach that holds the collection of the toys goodies and insurrections You must see it to believe it,
the totality is the changer, Word of mouth is the range, And the active is a remainder of a fact.

'Critical Ancient law suus'