Saturday, December 6, 2014

As Pandora Singing

The trust of my hand as it streams to touched blog inking each post with the digits of host,
in the capture of worth to the words of the Express the Train has been of Freight to the date,
in twilight understanding the reason of ride is to remember the purchase of the sake on crate drive.
the process of sentence to occasional quote is to calculate the book of the write on the wrote,
for the pond of the Puddles have been drops of brushes in buckets,
a place to put hoofpicks, sponges and subject.

For familiar on Oracle is the Sage at ring seer,
gigantic project just hopped on the deed,
yet on the calendar the mind would then creek down to the Mountain quite a leap of the See.

Cantered along with the voice in a strong,
treats to the brain as the remarks hit to catch,
a burst on the Jump was moreover at bounce stride,
as the Three-day Eventer would condition for Test.

Many books on their way in the inkling of share, Times of Creation and Universal declare,
an origin I am the purity of Fire, as only, The Flame, in the bellowing lo shore.

Beaching the technique to recall The Craft which is the Technical shining of keep,
from each a portion with much more to demand,
requiring that Concentration I wrote of the can.

Difficult to tremble be frightened despair threatened by simple is the best describe of this care,
the shower computations are barely get wet for the bath of the Ocean is more of the set.

A season force powers this tubular crest,
curtain a blink with the heeling on best,
good hands to the reins and the Saddle is Zest,
not stalling just curling as Ice is of guest.



Crawler the meal forks the fodder of smile in the chopper of the cut touch the mile,
solar art to tell of dance of nature on the bowl this system of a galaxy at trust Polar foal,
the sync trace of verse is nothing in compare ask the rapid mind keep shale on that fact,
the sleeve of role is matters rack to harness of the nose for facial recognition has been tossed to bin,
the trash is out to record store in vista of the spree, quick to pulse that nautical at compass of the steep.

Crematory is this thing that has come to creep in ever, on that copper hand it's up to only seed,
for as the ash began in blast the big bang is the fact,
to know that in the r.n.a. a coarse did simple stack.

Science referred the excess lack was junk in ole spinal crack,
to task that with the d.n.a. was troublesome for the mole,
in tiger stripes the Zebra pout was tsk humanity,
from the print I say put, to that, the pulp is in the hat.

Dolphin flipped sonar tripped echoed rite on that,
an ugly farm of public yarn put out the base of tar,
just then the dinosaur jumped the shore like a car driven with a fuel,
the fossil fell to origin, What, you ate the engine too.

No no I explained but then I stopped was the engine cool,
that moment thought of wow a got an Apache frozen tool,
the Ax I brought was Atlas tot no that can't be brought,
for that would mean the bean of tree had an apple stew,
minute bar the convert jarred a Pickle relish Candy lard,
the Pope stood down to check on shoe but those seemed a slip gone pew.

That parkway called the Field of sprawl talk Wildlife again,
tuned out Society said the route was not as miffed as Flu,
the scent parade hoped away for Catholics least had Incense while burning all the sealed,
however the jack did bustle, The Drill, life was on revealed.

Computers on the contrary were extreme with attention,
the pounding swipe of touch touch touch sex became a bench`in,
the enter button spoke like shift that Tab bar even arrows,
backspace was not all control but that Page up was chair owed.

To be of the say at percent really tweet was at more James Blunt and productions,
escape was spelt so funny that not one did think of scar,
screens behaved most of the time I know that mine is certain,
it spells the words like would a Thought that everything was work kin.

Advance Messenger

Shift conversation as the transition to the vexed is counter of the Bell at the blast,
to have built a Segway on the gargantuan solution is to know the divide on the daily bred,
for the flower of the ribbon is of textile at beast ink Too diction a library advance,
hallway convergence is the stop Valve at space in organized event of eventual of stair.

tor crib the base of construction on memory thought talking is that person of a practice to Lot,
branch of detail will enter the remind for on the multiplication the Tell timing climbs,
to stack the steady brick is to nod the Mortals clay with Chorus of the system an Operator say,
charge the conductor with a tip tip hold that Wand of the cork side is brow on list of still.

Yet on relax the fist is back to quietly retreats the facial bolds the grip in knit can Tambourine a jade,
the shimmer in the equal is the Violin on chair to set the drum upon the roll to stick the beat a share,
the Cello shows the Horn a section on the Piece at play as while the Flute is setting the Clarinets Trombone.

Grace in fact is over rack that Thought comes to 'till the work is on the Organ and the Plugs are of the steer,
wheels on mind in mend have scars that grooved the years,
to strengthen of the muscle loved that floss is of a near.

To graze with a horse that is Stalled for 'The Post'
a stable of the ground control is letter with a toast,
as in the box of Twelve by Twelve at lather can be kept,
walking of the Cools is normally a sweat.

Intensity does rumble with the gallop of the find,
increased with A Pitch become the labor down to sub.,
beginning on the one worth file is the favorites coal,
a warmth to engage the Mile makes learning all the mug.

Count to Three as number than reduce the sound,
at that point of no return explain the math to route,
on a mouth in a key reverse to explain,
forward to the tendency is Pie on 'X' Orion.

"If writing pretends to develop an idea logically, be sure that the reasoning is sound."

Economy In Words

Dobbin action is of the built to Construct not Cart nor wheel for Growth is conduction of Hark!!,
and lo And be Hold is a foreign branch of Humanity as the rink is not even Ice but Fire,
off shooting sands to just enough pasture that the grit is not quite a Pebble but wad Stoned.

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moss is of spree in Kelp on the heat to that ferment of cycle port ages in slim to charged for Shim,
armpit deal of flatulence by deed in tongue burning the Nature of propane to fuel the cleaved.

Congress on communication locks on shell the Clams bite the dust yet the water is listing,
the Jackal of incredible jaw is bone crushing with a tempered lion on the bay called,
at scream of yip with Nip a bit dipped Heeling is the frame of the Force at thee Tartar.

Grass shacks swaying with Wilds on singing breeze with storm moving tongue,
the sharps on the plain in english of lane Accent to that roar I knew a Reality of Cats,
at street California the 'Black House' addressed in scene the shingle of such similar turn.

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a groovy attire worn for the smile on other the LOOK is a touch on the grip of struggle,
to classic of difference in that Horn of delight Coffee in memory the hat for the Night.

Staff the sender with Tender Relieved than on the Morning Christmas has heaved,
back to the brumbie of calendar Sleep is the back of the basic in the Mass of a torn,
to have The Hammer made Simple it is in the Hands of the ink as Nails in settlings are Cloaks.

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preparation as Fork Most to the Placement of Cork the cloth Fancies table as the Seat is of Sort,
to riddle this Signature a practical Snare the trapper of Snapper is good Sense to the Care.

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the simple of design to the complex of the line in a wrapping of gorgon but reason to rhyme,
pact to the vow of the vow to the Vow in the vow of the vow on the Vow as a vow the only lead to have vowed.

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go to the starter on The Gate of the pork in the swindle of pigeon the Crow is The Black,
score with the Changer and know of The Wise as in that Creation it's a formula tied.

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to corporal system in Operational seams is not the candor the britches of genes.

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to plug on those straps and drive for the Price is just as the time on the clock of the Sings,
in Up on the fortified to Wonder of strange the tug is of Curtain till a girl hits your choice.

The Write Work

Select words which precisely fit their contexts in meaning, attitude, and suggestiveness.

Selection of the right word for each job is not easy.  Knowledge of meanings is fundamental in defining.  The choice usually is not a simple one between tow words, one of which is wrong and one of which is right.  Words are more or less expressive, more or less precise, more or less instinct with the power to make the reader see, hear, feel, or understand.  Words should be chosen for many qualifications---their sound, their associations, their currency, their meaning, and many others.  But meaning is of first importance.

The "meaning of meaning"

Strictly speaking, no word has a meaning as a physical object can have length.  The bars of metal in the Bureau of Standards, for instance, which determine our inches and feet, keep the same length at a given temperature.  They always have the same length, whoever measures them, so long as the measuring is accurately done, but now words are kept at a controlled temperature in the Bureau of Standards.  Words exist only in people's minds, and all minds are different.  No word has a "meaning" which it inevitably calls up in everbody's mind.

Theoretically, then, Humpty Dumpty is entirely justified in telling Alice, "When I use a word, it means just what I choose it to mean---neither more nor less."  There is no authority to keep him from using the word glory, as he does, to mean there's a nice knock-down argument for you.   Practically, however, Humpty is not communicating very accurately or economically.  Words do not have any mystical connection with a particular "meaning," but communication is possible only because at any time in history by common agreement people associate certain words with certain thoughts.  We can communicate because we agree, closely enough for practical purposes, to let certain words symbolize certain ideas.

The writer, then, must attempt first of all to choose the word which will most nearly convey to the reader what he is thinking.  the selection is not always easy.  Many ideas are so complex or so subtle that only careful thinking will discover words to convey them exactly.  Some words are so vague or subject to such varied interpretations that their usefulness is limited.  But care helps, and this blog and words usage are always available as guides to basic relationship between words, actions, thoughts.

Word in their contexts

Mechanical reliance on dictionary definitions, however is not enough.  Dictionaries list various meanings for words, and no word conveys meaning except in its context.  Words affect, and are affected by, the words with which they are used.  Consider, for example, the following sentences;

My love is like a red, red rose.

The love of money is the root of all evil.

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

Friendship is Love without wings.

The score was forty-love.

Lord is love.

The word love appears in each sentence, but its meaning is different in each.  The context, the company the word keeps in its sentence, indicates to the reader its meaning.

The writer attempting to select the exact word for his purposes must choose with the remainder of his sentence in mind.  Even synonyms cannot be interchanged at random.  For example, dictionaries list exonerate as a synonym for the verb clear.  In a sentence like In the trial the ex-convict was cleared, the substitution would not serve in a sentence like Mary cleared the dishes from the table.  Words must be chosen to convey exact meanings in their contexts.

Concrete and abstract

Nobody can photograph unhappiness.  One can photograph a woman in tears, a grim-faced undernourished child, or a workman contemplating a notice of dismissal.  Through the pictures one may communicate unhappiness.

Unhappiness can be called abstract; the woman who can be photographed can be called concrete.  Thus, the word unhappiness can be called more abstract than the word woman.  Roughly one can say that abstract words refer to generalities or to ideas and that concrete words refer to generalities or to ideas and that concrete words refer to things or objects, but the statement requires two qualifications.

First, the distinction between abstract and concrete is relative, like the distinction between general and specific.  Compare the following:

There was something on the table.

There was food on the table.

There was a bowl of fruit on the table.

Food is more concrete than something, bowl of fruit more concrete than food.  The ideas become more specific; the words become more concrete and increase in exactness and suggestiveness as they do so.

Second, just as the general develops out of the specific abstract expressions grow from more concrete ones.  Color stands for a thought which could be expressed only with considerable indirection if we had only more concrete terms like red, yellow, blue, green.

Both concrete and abstract terms, therefore, are necessary in any writing, but often specific words clarify an excessively abstract style.  Consider the following sentence proposed by George Orwell to illustrate how some writers might translate a passage of the Bible:

     Objective consideration of contemporary phenomena compels the conclusion that success or failure in competitive activities exhibits no tendency to be commensurate with innate capacity, but that considerable element of the unpredictable must invariably be taken into account.

The sentence exaggerates, but it suggests how abstractions piled upon abstractions can obscure ideas.  Compare the passage from Ecclesiastes which Orwell has "translated."

     I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all.

Instead of one general statement, the original uses five specific examples; instead of abstractions like consideration, phenomena, conclusion, success, and failure, the original uses more concrete words like race, battle, bread, and riches.  Almost always, clear and accurate writing uses concrete words whenever possible.

Blunt Freezer

In bright to Port that portal of thought be neat the tunnel in the tremble of scotch,
block ice with a chisel lot to grasp that barrel of pickle,
in the briny wash of face to taught is the blanket News to Paper to Spot,
on the idea of the formal treat is trick form in varied national storm,
rain that is no wind shield rather the blistering of the castle of the mind in that torn.

Ripping out the back of the full in thus the bladder is the sink on the corn,
a stomach matter in the cramping of flown to the deathly shallows of slain,
shall the bright touch a clock on the acre of range in trade for the barbed of the fence on a lay,
does the Cow of the gate trample the church or is the respective bull find,
gather prospective is inspection of heard to wrangle the doctor of ole Mother Earth.

slight in difference yet Vast are the scores ask in the wrist it's an Ankle or hand,
that slap on the Rump of the movement of sheep is a Flock or the pound buffalo sounds?

There on the Plains of the Most Hello of A Mountain the shark in the see is Mankind on the bleep,
talkers that scramble the channel of mind with 'This' 'That' even on 'Timed' for return,
quick in the sand is the swamp of apt Land shall the torn be of grates And not of the sand,
blocks of the muddy think is an arm that shoulders the breakage on stay on the Farm.

Alas! the quote is in the Big Sky formal with 5th dimensional Vote,
quest to the long ago on the post find it to Will on James Blunt is a toast,
cheers to the reason Wisdom from tot reading a Sixth pen & running From shot,
James Blunt is a curtain that blinks to his crotch With nothing on sum kind of lots,
but even in clamber the length of a trait Muster is I calling out that found Shade,
in that birth to the sail of words on His site Aye find the teaser it's been in & about.

Old fellow, how would you render that field of wheat?---JOSEPH CONRAD

Time is very interesting. Our lives are made of time. Nobody knows what time is. You go in one direction and you gain time. You go in the other direction and you lose time.  Airplanes now fly so fast that time stands still. A Plane can fly as fast as the earth revolves past the sun.  A baby born in a plane flying in the right direction could theoretically live its whole life of many years without living through one day.  It would have a long birthday.  Its whole life would be its birthday.  Suppose the plane should fly faster.  The baby would be minus an old man.  There is one place in the United States, and there time is different in every direction.  The time belt follows the Snake River.  The river makes an ox-bow bend.  From within the ox-bow you shoot a long-range rifle north, east, south, or west.  The bullet will land almost an hour before it was fired.  The ox-bow is completely surrounded by another time belt.  Time is all anyone has in the world.  It is fluid.  Nobody has ever found a good way of measuring it.

drinking salts

Storming into collection the horse on rein The Bit of drive directions counted sand,
in the footing on the breach of All in shock Mankind began to jump The Fence,
sword of forge The Lake of mind in settle on the stride for at the canter a gallop broke,
on the track of Set the Pace in balance on the Trail a ship of cents became the sleigh,
across the satellite the Fell of origin on The Flew from hugging stress to Streets of desk,
dust on the counter said that minds did not Thought as thinking in the gave be lime.

Octopus from inks at purse the Pore of the beast at brackin' that candy of a reef,
bubbles spoke to pop release this Ocean on the sea,
schooners sale`d the kettle boiled And steam began to beach,
the arid shock of roof on tops were overcome with Sleeve,
hot whence`d warm for the Scene did beg the curse at leave,
to come the find was all but rhymed the sender with a keeps,
sentence framed the worth of language at irony of signals line for light house was Rock.

Therefore Shed the tools gone Read in party of the drink,
scout spoke keen The People mean that coincidence is Starch,
that introduced the Iron Age in time of clocks Computers jockey silk.

Ki forget the digit fret so Spiritual the body let The Sever of the hand beget a wrist on cell of sear,
stick is sludge the mental fudge A Siren in The Fates alarmed that I landed on the sorts,
with chance around my bell so rolled that nickers wore the yarn.

A spool of thread misunder bed The Monsters came to sides of dread,
not portion of the gruel was not the porridge but The Fool.

Cards be gamed as the Flame kindled on a Note to pane Up on the sail of trued And killed,
death did open not one gate as the threshold was a Cook and that made for the entry in this severed sewer,
in the kitchen of the brain the broth be Ran at Century same as hours were Not Minutes but seconds On the claim.

Wrapped like blankets but was snug for the fit was on the dubbed which made for the Cauldrum,
in the stirring of the spoon the additive was dumdum,
the pacifier sucked the Mouth that all the nails rubbed a mouse (wrong,)
the law so leather it went glycerin and acid rained the perk dorm.

Turning quick to mile the Rick my Uncle was of great storm,
yet on the learn the table lay was of the fastest said torn,
ripped out the heart to settle start The Beginning of the lending,
pages booked to chapter Rooks thus the chess of beast in shook.

Until the boots walked cross the Countries nothing was the battle,
than in the bomb of ole state song the memoranda came with courts that guns could not saddle,
shoot from the hip stirred are the clerked by this in dictation,
race be saved from all this hate as cowering was the dead zone place A Constitution ankle chased.

It's puzzling work, talking is.---GEORGE ELIOT

Alarming Count Of Particle To Consider The Few

Tread lightly the ear will turn to the substance of attention,
bang loudly the listen will vibe to a dance,
waltz with life learning the foot is work upon the place,
thought is a Mind in the action of a Nimble practice.

The rain is of the skies company at Cloud,
that collective of restraint less it pours,
earth is the receiver of the solar shower,
how is the part not a Sphere.

Upon the run of scatter four corners box,
the direction of the grid in seat,
limbs that station the compass,
North south East west to Peers.

On the equator a divide for the Round,
in thus a girth that is understood,
substance is land Ocean And Sea,
lakes Ponds the under of the lease.

Rent parking Mountain at the valley Floor,
streams the River of a cork to buds,
pebbles of snow by ways of Hail,
the measure is the Cubic inch per say.

The sum of troubles came from ignoring the signs,
as the Muddy Thoughts of all whom joined in Mankinds,
that separation from the few to the Mass,
sharpened the Flats from the Plains as the edge.

The corker of the raft shook the Ceilings roof,
shadows entered note to touch the length,
on the rise of the Sun to announce the boom,
people behaved to the text on the soon.

Control became a Subject in eased by the shine,
no favor of the thought as the ring dials chime,
bumping to the skip the recording bleeped a trunk,
the tree of a curl in the trials of the Tum.

Arch of foot the cramp in must a fire is severed,
no smoking of the signals asked the rein for the cow,
stones like rocks did encampment And the woman screamed the cry,
tears of the cheeks did not soak a thigh.

Person place a perpendicular at the taste,
salt was recognized but the pillar was of .........,
galaxy put cosmos too shared this reckoning,
question whom made the dry erase of people in the Shoe.