Thursday, November 21, 2013

To Whom It May Concern

The past month or so I have been under an increased amount of stress that has caused me to become extremely run down both mentally and physically.  The last accusation was the nail in the coffin for me, I just reached a breaking point I guess.  To have my ex-husbands attorney write in court documents that my Landlord was affording my housing due to what I will refer as a "Uncle/Niece" relationship and than proceed to say that if he was being paid that to date he would have been paid over $50,000.00 in this case.  I had to stop and ask myself, " Is this divorce case pro-Bono?"  This was the first and last step to what has ended up being an extremely serious and possibly dangerous health situation for not only me but for anyone whom has been in contact with me, hence this post today.

The accusations, insinuations, the lies, the emails, the phone calls on random days from Government Agency's have not helped but pushed me over the top, stressing me out so far that my health is now broken.

On Tuesday of this week, following my Court appearance in Sacramento, California I fell 'ill' and subsequently to my  concern for my health I did go to the Emergency Room but not until the following day because I do not like Hospitals at all.  It seems in the past when I have gone to the doctor for a cold, I end up being admitted for something far more serious.  My last experience left me in the hospital for more than a week and it took over a year to recover.  I turned out it was not a cold but Acute Ashmatic Bronchiitis brought on by stress.  At the time my doctor sent me to the hospital, I apparently was suffocating and did not know it.  The test he did in his office showed that I had 10% oxygen in my blood, hence the suffocation.  He was an extremely kind physician and without causing any alarm to me, just saying I should go to the hospital for another evalution.  When I arrived I was bombarded by the staff, put into isolation where they could begin to treat whatever was causing this problem.  It was not until I hit the hospital that I realized how sick I was, with that being said I feel as if I am on repeat.

When I arrived at the Hospital on Wednesday afternoon with my son, I went because the pain was to great, not because I felt sick.  Turns out, yet again, I am very, very sick. I have MRSA and Facial Cellulitis along with a slough of other things that make no sense to me because it just seems impossible to be or to have this many illness's at once.  Of course on a lighter note, when the staff at the front desk asked me why I was there or what I thought I had I said, "Encephalitis."  I was told that was impossible cause it would be much like that movie 'Contagion' with Matt Damon and Cameron Diaz and I said, "Yep that is the one, I have exactly what Cameron Diaz had in the movie."  The staff said I would not be walking around still, I laughed and said, "I know, that's weird, that is why I came in in today 'cause I don't feel good about this."  Well turns I was not to far off in my diagnosis and due to current events I still say this has been brought on my 'Stress Itself' and I know that this is contrary to popular belief.  It's Mother Nature saying "enough is enough" the kid needs to come home.

I went back yesterday and have to go again today, the Emergency Room Doctor wants to keep tabs on this or on me so we know whether or not I need to stay at the Hospital so they can administer more frequent doses of antibiotics.  To date I am taking two types at home and being given I.V. boluses at the Emergency Room, all to try to avoid a stay in the Hospital, which I really appreciate cause I hate hospitals you can get so sick in them.  That sounds kind of dumb now but oh well that's what happens when you have......well you know my diagnosis, LOL.

So keep your fingers crossed and with a little luck and a positive outlook I will cruise in there tomorrow and be cleared to recover here at home.

Should this not be the case, than I would to say;

Dear Rebecca, Kathleen and Lauren,

"I love you very much and think of you often."  

To Mr. James Blunt, 

" I am sorry that I was unable to meet you thus far and I would like to wish you the best your future appears to be dynamically driven.  Keep a stiff upper lip and don't forget to laugh, it is the Nectar of our Life.  I love your new album.  I bought the Album in a pre-order venue on the Internet and it was delivered a week or so ago.  I love the 'Book' it is just like the one I imagined for something I wanted to publish, very 'Old School'.  It seems that you and I have a common way to express our ideas and by your notes and/or illustrations we jot things down much the same, it was really cool to see in person."