Friday, November 18, 2011

Death is not Taboo! It is a Date.

It seems it is the fear of Death that holds the tongue's of almost all Man.  It is neither a Taboo or a Bad Luck subject to either ponder or speak upon.  Yet, should you rise the question in conversation you will never be as shot down as you will when you mention this as a topic of discussion.

Our country, the U.S.A. is so terrified of Death itself, we have lost our ability to be able to die with dignity.  It almost seems a shameful time as it approaches.  Suicide is at an all time high amongst Teenagers.  I personally do not believe in Suicide, it is a personal choice.  I am against it for myself because of the fear that I have of being stuck in some half alive, half dead state for Eternity, either here on Earth in some Hospital or in the next realm for eternity. 

I will of coarse and would try very hard to point out to any potential candidate of Suicide that I ever ran across the values that life itself possesses.  I would try desperately to get them to a professional, but there is a point that I would step aside also.  I've been exposed to it more than once and I am sure that this exposure to these people is what concreted my opinion that Suicide is not for me. At the same time I have seen something in the eyes of the people that took their lives that made me very uncomfortable, it still causes me concern and stress within myself.  In fact, the look that I saw from the eyes of these victims stops me dead in my tracks today.  I would rather turn and walk away than to ever be that close to the taking of any life again, be it yours or anyone Else's.  What I saw was a Sin.

It is a decision that is my own, based on my experience as a child. I have the freedom to chose what is correct for me and the decision was made deep within my mind long ago not to entertain such a way to go from this place to the next.  It was made at a sub-conscious level and at a very young age.  As a Human Being I honor what has provided me with this wisdom to know what is right and what is wrong.  It is wrong to take the life of another.  Although I do not understand, the evil that I saw in the eyes of this woman as she made the decision to purposely take her life blew me away.  It was a sin and she knew it and was willing to pay the price, knowingly in advance of the act it seemed.  It was purposeful and meant to hurt who she was leaving behind. 

However, it was her sin, her choice to make or not to make.  I was to young to understand what was happening but I have a greater depth of understanding today of what I was witness too.  It is not our right to involve ourselves in the lives of people that have gone this far in their minds and made such dreadful and decidedly final decisions to harm not just themselves but the ones that they are purposely leaving behind to find them in such a disgraceful form.  Unless you are a professional and work in this field, stay away.  Only people trained in this field can intervene into such desperate circumstances, especially when they have gone so far and it seems these days that it goes to far before anyone person even notices another Human Beings mental condition or pain.

The purpose behind the book I wish to write about Death, is not to cause fear from within your core or in your minds.  I am writing to obligate or rather fill an obligation that I feel within myself. I have been compelled to do this since I was a child. The question of "Why" I would feel would be an invasion of my privacy and therefore is not for you to ask or bother me about.

The fear of death is overwhelming to most people and I have found that this fear has disturbed my life a great deal.  My thoughts on Death and the conversations with other people about Death are very matter of fact yet, I am treated as a Leper. And it seems that we treat Death as a disease.

It does not matter if you are good, bad, or evil.  Which ever word you would like to counter the word good with, there is only one concern you should have in this matter of death.  You should ask yourself in all seriousness only one thing.

Am a Sinner? Or, Do I Sin?

An Evil Being can be evil and never commit a sin.  A Good Being can commit a sin everyday and it is looked over by anyone and/or everyone because people in general detest or protest the state of being Evil and promote that they are nothing but good or Christian.  These Beings seem to believe that they are above the penalty of Sin or the judgement thereof.

To cast judgement on Evil is a Sin.  It is prejudice and intolerant to difference.  Satan the Highest Ranking Arch Angel in Heaven, the most Beautiful to have ever have been created by God, was cast out of the Heavens and into Hell over an argument or disagreement with whom was his creator.  Why then after a lifetime of service to his Creator and being taught only to Honor would he then all of a sudden condone Sin for all.  His condemnation to Hell was payment or banishment for the Sin he committed.

So, the assumption he would promote that which he defended against is quiet the opposite.  Instead, he would try to rectify himself in his belief to answer for himself and pay for the sin that he had committed in the Heavens to accept his judgement for his infraction against his creator.  Accepting his punishment and the banishment from his home, he would then accept what took place and continue on in his new found surroundings of Hell.  This is my assumption, my experience, my truth and what seems reasonable to me and my mind.

For thou that whilst not rising,
shall find that the truth is the Rule.
A Sin committed by the favored,
is penalized with a heavy hand,
for the Eternity of Man.

Eternal Battles within the Realm.
A dimension, not a consideration,
should cause you fright and deliver horror.
Not comfort you, promote your lies,
it should cause deplore within your core.

The care it takes to speak,
is the only communication I need.
To order about, to only tout, to condemn with doubt,
shall produce nothing but the poor of mind to shout.

A "Sin Board" accepts the reality,
that your blindness to such is surreal.
You light candles for what is real,
yet, scoff when offered a deal.

Interfere in Celestial Wars,
Battles, arguments and more,
will scar not only your life,
but expose the Con of the Light.

Mere Man speaks on behalf,
of what they assume to translate.
Books written in script that is not known,
yet Ministers still believe they can profess what is best.

Disgrace will befall such accord, what a mess.

No proof is required from any one man.
For any one Being may speak or be mean.
Forbearing, and Tearing, Accusing or Musing,
what the book of King James may be saying or doing.

To stand as I do with Freedom from you,
I speak with a Truth that is new!
My Credentials I've written,
and study I have, with a life that was sought and not bought.

Questions and Answers deliver to you the truth of my word.
You know or assume that Natural cannot be true,
remind yourself, remind your soul, cling to your heart or your core,
without Jesus Christ you would be dead at least twice.

This Man from this Earth, his name was a curse,
Jesus Christ, he was crucified, suffered and died.
He spoke words of wisdom as words of advice.
He said without question, he said without guise,
"I'll die for all Mans Sins, go Sin no more."
This was his verse, and dying breath he used first,
to cleanse all your guilt, not placate or place filth.

Yet, hang on you do too,
a miracle or two.
You hope he, J.C. returns, just for you to get out.
To wish for him, to die once again,
for what is not even his sin,
is gross if not a Fen.

Due you are to announce your scar,
forgiveness comes hard when you are not so easily barred.
A "Sin Board," not a valve, you have no worth,
get a clue, this Man, Jesus Christ has already died for all you.
For what you did due!

Try to make charge, in Life you live large,
but Dead he is now, or at least in Death he will be,
after so long with all he is stuck and all of thee and your muck.

Reason will wonder, practicality wins all,
for Crucifixion is illegal and Treason is out,
for what I am saying, or, for what I may shout,
there is no punishment that you can pass out.

I will write 'till you know,
'till you get it through your thick minds
or until such time you understand that its mine.
The Ten Commandments you say are written,
in stone they doth lay.
Made in Gods Image, you preach to the crowds,
our minds may improve or decide to go foul.

Religion shall falter,
this News shall persist.
The Mountains will whistle, with voice and declare,
it's natural to question, to reason, to say,
I am just making noise in verse to prey.

Stand not to my side,
Your Sin will abide.
It resides in your mind,
discreet and not kind.

Speak out or testify,
you may want to shout!
But what you need is, to work yourself out.
Be private, discreet and know from below,
they watch and the listen, to see with intention,
if you lie or just pass this state of detention.

The punishment for one Sin,
is more than I know.
For I am so Evil, 666 is my lord.
But, Sin free I do know,
that I am and remain.
For I am a Good Girl and I know their names.

The Court of Death is a very real place you will be, it is interesting to me. Upon your passing, whether you believe in Good or in Evil, Demons are Spirits that will come to guide thee.  Dark Lords they do listen, exist on this Earth, they walk amongst you and speak to be heard.

I remain with myself, I work to be true, to be honest and without the temptations from you. I live with such stealth, to stay safe and list well, all the things that I must, I feel compelled. To speak with such candor and not run away, I watch you each day. I write what I see, it comes out so painfully, now you can know how far off the path that you go, you are so far from whats known as "Good Will."