Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Sup. Plant Ted I Dee Uh

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wind the Clock to Mechanics on the sanction of method to fake the Clatter,
down with the Swipe to apply the red light burning Brightly to saddle the Scribe.

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touch the Mustang with an eye to herd the direction without the Fall to slide a streaker to dashed,
width of 25,000 scout mark this Entry with a purr As Any Cat is Known bye It's Clause.

Spit Fire

Knock the jeep to bounce a back tailor on the shingle Shine,
in that the seat is a leg to the bass of creation to the delight of Mugstirred,
dance with a beast and get along little doggy its a Rhyme,
charge the electric to an Astro with the snot to a brine,
saltie Seas with the boats on crime,
oh for the glass!!

Drink it for the Hell of the Time in Clay,
mould a Potters claim with the diagonal Ripe,
pick a Harp string the vine,
wine is a tee Step to prime,
in an Inch of kind!!

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under the arm Deodorant to be the banister,
pork the bacon prior to a Cliff,
edge is the Master on the dimed,
quarter to the Dollar bill and what do you Grasp but a Talk!!

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there about the white line a Paint on the brush and a Bucket for Lime!!

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wheels of Cob in a pastel of the Logged to grant it the purse of the escargots cheer.

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in slow on the coil to Topical can'ts,
part the Cost to provide on The Knows,
that loss in the cast a scent of the band,
children still sigh whilst a dolt bundles Show!!

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Pots and Pans that Other wiggle on the sign,
lids smother water boiling the fig.!!

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carrot An apple for the byte is a Trick,
now on the sack to a Fun duct for the Scene,
tiger the taste to this Dragon for gate.

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the waste of the fork is the spoon corking joke,
to Fifty Touch picture the jade as the soot,
a cheese with the Whiz chars for the cola of puts.

Bubble UP

"Been Singing On The Street For The Last Few Years - - It's a dreamy, lonesome load - - Most Appreciate It, some think you're a bum." quoted on The Jacket Cover Of 'Just Love' A Chording to dg

Humanity sharks the dark Waters on the sumps of the Month on the Week of display,
in News Media Printables a joke ore on the grasp Sew truth with the card on a Cartons back,
that favor of a scene to the perpendicular of the pants on the shelf between the shred,
to ankle Hard desk to cover Lids by match light on the stick in Fire so is the flame.

Self Starters on the log touch the Campfire song,
travel the Bells of Whom it Tolls,
forget Knot to measure the Course of direction on the Moved,
in the Out of the play to dealt the Card of Aces in the Hole.

To ditch said with a paper jag to Fax at the Temple of gross Profits Who's is Owl`d,
trip on the Roast from the dipper Slice of apple Pies to fruit Cupped,
in that there is a place just above the knee to Thigh a dime Boned,
speaking absolute on the drink of Cricket to trunk a Public steel on the stoolie,
to count the Vapor battery to a Candy Vegan on the Vegetable of a Cucumber wrest.

Musical in the drifting of Chopin on Beethovens grown,
the sheets be Wild on the Note to Metronome,
as in the Trumpet a drum on the Crate is a box of Nails with Hammering clocked,
to time in the Fives on the Hour of the Nines its that Ice Cube tray a crib,
does the chill of A Shot bank the Flash on the bulb of lit,
this is no spread of spread the stirrup,
it is a lets see the Marvel on the supper belch.

Traditon charged to this Now as yesterday for Future stir Whipping the creamer for Half&Half,
that is this refrigeration to the Freezer burn in lip to Sip the Tug,
on the bay a ride in a like spoke with Louds to provide a voice to be heard in the mile,
as deck to boat Engine to steer as the Waters spell so does the aspect of Comedy in a shape,
counter that with Kids on the Cereal of breakfast in America,
it treats to October on the thirsty burst Parade.

Play stations cosmic Sun hath a hatch to door the crumbed,
on the Butchers Block it is the Truss`ting to Roofs on shun,
on that shoulder this Hi dun is posture Present & Flint to spoke,
spacial rockets that Plaster a barrel of pick Ups to Monkey shack will be a Potable flounder,
Like 'Gough Fish' it is the Reality of Accent on the decision that Once paved a road with role`ing pens.

Cart of Hark to Harness of stoked Can the Will be of Gent^Tiled on the Tarp,
in blue to green as the Country of a lean talking all the balk by delivering a Caulk,
pose to the Spout of a dry spell additional savor on the Spice Trades,
breakfasting loose with a brunch on the Sun Days of know peanuts garden,
formidable the Tricks to trait on No edit version to the Speak Easy of the Hoe`st,
a bit to Piece with Cheeks that buckle the Crow`d at the brights on Upper toast.

Lyle's Golden Sir Ip 

The Pane Brought A Window To Touch My Sole

The worth of that drive to the cycle on the dones and the do's to calculate the dues is a trike,
On that three Wheeler that greats of that pause to a two Wheeler length is a brace to balance the Falls,
water sings as the rain sleeves the Sky to drape the earth with a beauty of Mystical or drench,
to give the tablet of Time a beach is to blanket no beach,
with every fire there is a tree on the lumber of the sleeve,
a coat to strip off the bark.

Trails on that inch to grove a Price miles while a pheasant speaks to the Feather oh be it Night,
in that the deers Eyes show a headlamp to reflect a stop,
with such a grace towards the left hand turn takes the way to a Path of careful,
the words of Timber wood my forest in a Groves shade,
the sway of a gentle remainder with the Crow on the telephone sayer.

To be of the foot Walkers on the streets of consider I tend to follow no particular script,
these writes come from the base of seed stock that Audience of a common as a child,
in the setting of a living to the eyes in a listen dg was a True blues picker,
he played the Harp as the sweet sound of the taste on this my brain would squall.

Storms in silence beseech`dd his tempo with Measure to quiet my stand,
in the journal of my Mind I piano the chopsticks of this Plan to the venue of just happened,
know coincidence required that meeting of goodbye to stretch my sorrow for the heart,
in bleeding the road drove my tears to a place that gave me think.

I, not much of a crying type boar the shoulder with a festering wound that bled my light to read,
the hinge to be a Breath on the ride taking sorrow for the hug in realization of the gone being heard,
slowly on the basic pram to the years of sadness that began to brace my tiger I spotted a stripe,
it was the understanding on the scope of brights surrounding my life with the air to fight!!

In depth of life a vernacular Wind breezed me my friend with no chase of a tornado just a Cyclone,
some may gasp at such tack but the Cigarette has brought a steaming trade to a slow boil,
importantly these raise`r`s for in the potted life of Pans that waist water will evaporate to soil,
this ground with a favorite authority by line and by form had hugged my life without the thorns.

So should the important information of my Tax charge your price full lives than so be it,
from shunned to scat I pigeon the note to ankle my bite as the fangs of my lettered truth,
fares be mild in fees to trace but in the Paints of art a Vernacular with bic Accented my patent,
in Owe beautiful the Bench and the crew I can only Mirror the optic Reflection with dialect and debt,
I cruise the Rear with a simple state of said,
it's called 'The Blues'

Blues & Lullabies
by dg

The Sweet Life, Hard Life Waltz

There's a love you don't find in the jungles
           too much these days, no
It's a sun where an earth and a moon go 'round
It's a word you can speak with your mouth
           but we hardly ever say so
We just turn our eyes, and drop our head right down

                                                             Sweet life, hard life, sunlight, shines on us all
                                   Sweet song, sad song goes on
                            when someone stalls

That family wagon rolls on and then hits an up hill
And she might be better than you at fixin' the wheel
She keeps you out 'a jail
           and gives you the freedom to be still
and you see all those wide eyes,
          wonderin' just what's the deal

                                                            Sweet life, hard life, sunlight, shines on us all
                                    Sweet song, sad song, goes on,
                               when everything falls

Rhinestones roses and rubies were never the key here
she married a dreamer--singing two Hank songs a set
She had her own, and you had your reasons to be here
It was a deal in life where no one would place their bet

                                                             Sweet life, hard life, sunlight, shines on us all
                                     Sweet song, sad songs goes on,
                                   though you want to bawl

So all you young cowboys and maidens
         have tales to be told
of wilderness wars that leave
              your heart full of holes
Short of beatin' and cheatin'
                        and then spittin' on rainbows
that old wagon just might need fixin' when you get old

                                                               Sweet life, hard life, sunlight, shines on us all
                                      Sweet song, sad song goes on,
                        when you hit the wall

'Just Love'
recorded at Trickle Creek Studios
Garberville, California

dg ink
copyright Don Garrett